Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bird Wars...On Pancake Sunday?!!

      Apparently the birds in my backyard got a memo from somewhere that said that more bad weather was on the way...or something!...because this morning there's some kind of battle going on for the remaining suet in the feeder...Some kind of bird war!...Boy, are they noisy this morning!! O_O
      I'm in here trying to enjoy my breakfast...without the pancakes...(long story) and outside my window 'Chubby', 'Pouchy', 'Ze-cap' the woodpecker, and 'nim'...^_^... are battling for what seems to be something like a 'this-may-be-my-last-meal' territory space!! LOL Oh, if only I could writing...the voice-over conversation, that hubby and I just did, both of us representing one of the bird players. ^_^
       The conversation ended with 'Chubby' telling the pushy woodpecker, 'Ze-cap', that he better back off or he'd "put a cap-ful of bird food in his tail"!! LOL...What can I backyard bird crew don't play!! LOL Well...they don't play in 'this' kinda weather anyway!! This is the kind of weather where you have to protect your stash...AT ALL COSTS!!...I understand! Grrrr! I have some 'fiddle faddle' in my stash right now that I have to keep my eye on!! LOL
      Anyway!!!!...needless to say, hubby and I are not going anywhere this morning! And our meeting is not until 3 this afternoon now that we're starting a new year! :-) ... The temperature outside is 7!!!!!!!!...SE....VEN!!! O_O That makes two days of ridiculously low temperatures here in our area! And...yes!...I know it's been colder in the mid-west...I'm sorry. :-( I have much sympathy for you!
      These are the kind of temperatures that make men start talking about things like 'meggins'!! LOL Even my husband was talking about them this morning! Ha! Ha!...At first I was confused. He said: "I think I may have to get me some meggins." O_O I said: "What?!....Who is Meghan?"
      He said: "No! Not Meghan! know, men's leggins!!"...Ohhhhhhhh! ^_^ ...{Between you and I, I thought maybe I was gonna have to take some attitude training from the birds in the backyard, and figure out how to 'put a foot in a Meghan!' LOL...Sorry......the bird violence is getting to me!! ^_^}
       I think it's time to go back to bed! LOL...after I eat my breakfast I mean...'s not pancakes...*sigh*...I lost the pancake battle with hubby this morning. :-( I guess I didn't have enough attitude!...or I didn't speak up fast enough (considering my 'Yes, I'll have some!'...'No! I don't want none!'...reputation of late with the pancake situation. ^_^)

      Whatever!!...I'm good with bacon, breaded chicken pieces, grits, and eggs!! :-) ...

         Besides....they taste like pancakes! :-)) ... Happy 'Pancake Sunday', Everybody! :-) Keep warm...and well-fed. :-))

Waffle Snob?!

I love the way the pancake runs
right off the side and down my plate!
But on a waffle it just sits
like sticky blocks in a crate!

I love the way a pancake looks,
like it's soft to the touch.
But that thing with lumpy grooves?...
I mean a waffle, not so much!

I like the way a pancake
almost melts in your mouth!
But a trip across my tastebud with a waffle?
...heading south!

Buttering a waffle
 is like corn on the cob.
The ears are perked up,
but it's a messy, slow moving job!

One day I'm sure I'll like 'em,
if they ever stay warm enough.
But for now, let's just say,
Waffles get my nose rebuff!

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