Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cookies.......Suet........And Other 'Good Stuff' To Look At!

     These oatmeal raisin walnut cookies...No, biscuits...are not just for show. They're mine! ^_^ Well, what's left of them! Hubby made them for me, from scratch, yesterday when I was craving something sweet, but didn't want anything that was 'too' sweet.

     They also had a few bittersweet chocolate chips in them...Well, a few of them did! ^_^ He only had a small amount, so most of the cookies had to go without! :-) But a few were enough!...They were delicious!!

     They were more like biscuits, actually. I found out why later! Apparently when hubby was measuring the flour, he did it over the bowl with the batter in it. And he over-measured the flour by accident, and couldn't remove it afterward! Sooooo...we got oatmeal raisin walnut chocolate chip 'biscuits', instead of oatmeal raisin walnut chocolate chip 'cookies'! ^_^

     Biscuit...cookie....Whatever their name, they were delicious!! ^_^ In fact, I think I like them better as biscuits! They were crunchy on the outside, kinda soft and chewy on the inside! :-) 

      Why am I talking about cookies today?!!.....Uhhhhh....why not! ^_^ I mean, that's what came to mind when I saw the birds at the suet feeder! :-) 

     I was thinking how frozen their food must be out there in that 13 degree weather! Brrrrrr! And how good the little blueberries and nuts and stuff looked, even though they must've been frozen solid!!...

      That made me think of my NOT-frozen-solid cookies!....and the rest of this blog post is history! LOL

     It's all about eating and looking at 'good stuff'! ^_^

     And just in case you don't care about looking at the good stuff me and the birdies are eating, here's a couple of things for YOU to look at! ^_^

     Now I'm off to get a nap before my meeting. :-) More good stuff for my brain!...I hope you have a good rest of the day too! ♥


Flipping, Frying,
Flambeing, Filleting,
Burning, Browning,
Paring, Pureeing.

Boiling, Baking,
Mixing, Making,
Simmering, Scaling,
Sifting, Shaking.

Cooking, Crackling,
Cutting, Coring,
Sprinkling, Spattering,
Patting, Pouring,

Broiling, Battering,
Steeping, Steaming,
Timing, Tossing,
Cubing, Creaming,

Slicing, Scrambling,
Turning, Toasting,
Melting, Measuring,
Rinsing, Roasting.

Dipping, Dicing,
Skimming, Sauteing,
Poaching, Peeling,
Mincing, Microwaving.

Gathering, Grilling
Basting, Barbecuing,
Hacking, Heating,
Scoring, Skewering.

Standing, Stirring,
Rough, Tough,
Kitchen, Ditching,
Had Enough!

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