Sunday, January 19, 2014

'White Stuff'...And Reality...Always Here!

      Yes...that is snow!...alias, 'the white stuff'! O_O It started falling again yesterday afternoon, and it kept on falling all evening!...In fact, "let me look again", yep! It's falling still this morning!...

     In fact, just standing in the backyard, and looking upward, you get a face full of the 'white stuff' big flake-fuls!!...

      I know, I know!...I complain entirely too much about it!...especially considering that I really don't 'hate' it 'that' much. I mean, it has its good, for instance, how pretty it looks on top of the flowers, plants, and trees after it lands on them in the backyard. :-]

      It truly makes for calmness...outside, and in my mind. :-) Both of which I'm thankful for these days...

      It's been an emotionally tough couple of days...but I'm starting to recover a bit. I know I am because I find myself wanting to take care of mundane day-to-day things again, like balancing the checkbook, making a grocery list, and updating a few things in my Wuglyees Etsy shop.
      Other than eating, sleeping, and watching tennis, I haven't wanted to do anything the last two days or so.....Thus, I think I'm coming around. :-]

      Is the world gonna stop because I don't feel like playing?!...or because one of my best friends died?!....No! So I just have to find something to smile a peacefully calm snow-covered backyard...and get on with it! :-]

      Other good things include the fact that it's 'pancake Sunday'!...even if I'm not eating pancakes this morning, that's a good thing. :-) It made me wanna eat something comforting. So I did!! :-) Hubby made me fried chicken and grits for breakfast!...And yes, I've already eaten it!! LOL
      I woke up hungry this morning...surprisingly!...and hubby was 'all over it'!! He made me a smile-able meal, with green tea, honey, and lemon following it! :-) And....uhhhh...a honey-dipped, warm donut too!! ^_^ Sooooooooooo GOOD!!
      Tennis News?!...Congrats to Li Na, Flavia Pennetta, Eugenie Bouchard, Novak Djokovic, and Stan Wawrinka in their Australian Open wins yesterday...And especially to Ana Ivanovic, for taking out Serena Williams!! WOW! What a surprise that was!!...and a really enjoyable match to watch!
      Okay...I have a meeting today...and some other mundane things to get back to as well. Life!'s always right there to smack you back into reality, isn't it?! :-] Well, I come!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!


Wooden, with an indent.
Sturdy, aged by the sun.
A place to rest when you are tired.
A stop when you are on the run.

A slatted back, for resting shoulders,
and cemented to the ground.
A wrought-iron rusted swirly arm-rest,
and a place to put bags down.

A place for you to catch a bus,
or to feed a hungry squirrel.
Where good friends can stop and chat
about the big news of the world.

Alone and beaten by the weather,
chipping paint, long past brand new.
Almost like some people we know,
who are inconspicuous too.

So reliably unnoticed,
all the benches that we pass.
Sitting there, just waiting for us,
if we too run out of gas.

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