Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Toasted Almond Never Looked Better! :-]

      Let me start this post with an apology to any readers who were wondering where the blog post was earlier this morning. :-) I'm sorry...I know I'm reeeeeeally late getting it up! O_O My excuse?!.....Ummmm.....Uhhhhh.....distraction?.....busy-ness?.....Gone temporarily crazy?...How about some of all of the above!! LOL
       Distracted because I was involved in my Etsy activity search 'room' I always am! ^_^ But it was a wonderful distraction! Look at what I found...first being those beautiful hearts in the header photo, and then this!...

       The cutest hand-painted brooch ever! (above)...And the cutest lunch bags ever! (below)...

      As I mentioned, I was also busy...Busy crocheting some new things to put in the Wuglyees shop! :-) One of them being this cute flower owl necklace!...

      I'm not sure if this one will stay mine though. I'm thinking of giving it to a certain sweet little girl that sent me a hand-drawn, hand-colored, 'Thinking Of You' card....Well, not a card exactly. It was on construction paper. :-)
      She drew hearts and flowers all over it, and...with her sweetheart crafty self! ♥...made me a little floral bracelet too!!!! :-) The bracelet was wrapped around the folded letter/card, sorta like a rubber band closure. ^_^ I love it!...And every time I think of her, I put the bracelet around my arm and smile at it....and at her thoughtfulness. ♥  So...this may be heading her way...

       ...Or this brooch pin I made...

      I didn't want to assume she likes pink just because she's a girl. :-) I'll have to find out from her mom. ^_^

      Anyway!...NOW we can talk about the toasted almond!! ^_^ Toasted almond is the DMC embroidery thread color of the new wedding boutonniere and groomsmen pins I just finished! :-) ...

      I wasn't sure how it was gonna look when it was paired with the white, on the boutonniere for the groom...but, I have to say, I really like it!!...

      It's like toasted almonds and milk! LOL...

      The customer preferred the clutch back pins, because she wasn't sure if the groomsmen suits had buttonholes for the fold-able pins. 

       And here's where the crazy part came in!! ^_^ What would I give the customer as a FREE gift?!...I always send a free gift to my customers, but what do you give to a couple about to get married?!...Hmmm...I didn't wanna send them any of our freezing cold weather, or snow...even though we have plenty of that! LOL
      And I didn't wanna send something with a bunch of wild colors all over it...especially considering the fact that they chose 'toasted almond' as a wedding color! O_O So, I had to make something....FAST!!...

      I made a matching keychain! :-) I figure...eve though they're getting married, they'll still need to have keys with SOMETHING! LOL And now they can hook their keys to this flower on their wedding day, and still be matching!! ^_^ ... Matching...and not locked out!! LOL...Hmmmm...that sounds like a good motto for marriage.....Maybe I should've written them a poem!! ^_^ Oh well, what's done is done now!! :-)
       That includes this post!....DONE! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

New Bride

As we all see you walking
down the flower covered aisle,
we won't be able to stop crying,
as we sit there with a smile;

Because we all will, by then, know
not the what, but yes, the who,
turned your fears of being single
into hopes of love that's true.

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