Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Tired...and Tahiti Bound!!

      You probably can't tell from looking at the picture, but it's still snowing...STILL! That makes 3 days now!! O_O It's suppose to stop somewhere around noontime today...but I'm not gonna hold my breath! :-] I'm gonna just go on with my day, and with my plans to 'skip town' tonight!!
     We have a 'virtual date' Tahiti!! :-) ... (Thanks for the suggestion, Sam! ^_^) 

      Does Tahiti sound like something better than Massachusetts in January?!!...

      Uhhhhh....Yep!...Tahiti sounds like something much nicer than what we're looking at out the window right now!! ^_^ ...

      I think that even the birds would agree!!! LOL...

      The snow has even covered their food!!!...

      The birds are much more tenacious than me this morning though. Can you see the woodpecker in the tree, waiting for hubby to stop taking photographs?! ^_^ ...

      He was looking at hubby and making noises at him. :-) ...

      But...interestingly...he didn't fly away!! :-) In fact, as soon as hubby stopped taking the close ups, and backed away from the window a little bit, he flew right down to the feeder and was just hanging there eating! :-) ...

      I guess his noises were not intended to show anger...but just to say: "Hey, Buddy! Wait your turn!!" LOL Isn't it just like hubby to not be aware of proper etiquette, and to not stay within the appropriate pecking order?!! ^_^ 
      Well, I hope he leaves that impatience here in Massachusetts when we head out for Tahiti tonight! ^_^ Nobody wants a pushy hubby elbowing them through the water, and eating all of that yummy Polynesian food out-of-order in the grass hut!! LOL Although I would have a good 'virtual date' day even if he did!! ^_^...Have a good day, and a good weekend, yourselves, Blog Readers!! :-) And please forgive my sappy poem today. :-)

Real Love

There are many folks in love;
Many share their lives-and stuff.
They can make a lot of claims;
But they don't  have a thing on us!

We share one heart-in every way.
One heart whose flesh can share one mind;
One wife who loves her husband,
and one husband's  love-in kind.

The earth can shake and quiver,
but we'll  stand on solid ground,
as each other's  firm foundation-
A place to put our problems down.

But the softest place to fall
is a foundation firmer still;
In two arms of reassurance,
and a love that's safe-and real.


  1. Save some of that Polynesian food for me. Sounds yummy!! What a great way to escape the cold and snow!! Enjoy!

    1. I'll try to save some for you, Bead!...but you know 'Mr. Pushy Elbows!' LOL ♥ Have a good, safe, and dry, day, my friend!!! :-]


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