Friday, January 24, 2014

You All Know How Much I Love.......!

     First, let me say to all of you who commented so encouragingly about my pricing issue on my blog, and through my Etsy shop email, THANK YOU!! :-) I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know your stories and experiences, and helping me to feel that I'm on the right track! ♥
     Now!....Yes...I'm actually awake enough to do a blog this morning...albeit late! ^_^ Late, because I went back to sleep after the Nadal/Federer tennis match....WOW! Was it good!!! :-] And I'll stop right here to say congratulations to my 'baby boy'...alias, Rafael Nadal! ^_^ He was fantastic!!!
      I was worried that it was gonna be the end of his Australian Open run, because of the foot issue...and the blister on the hand issue!...His serve was very hampered in the prior match he had with Dimitrov. But this match, with Roger, brought out the best in him! He served magnificently!!! :-) In fact, except for one visit from the trainer to reapply a small bandage, it was almost as if he didn't have a problem at all!!
      Anyway! I said, I'm awake! least enough to talk to you for a few minutes. ^_^ I wanted to share a few items I saw in my Etsy activity feed this morning...starting with the pretty and colorful frame in the header photo! :-) What a great place for a toddler's photo...or the family pet, huh?!

     And if you need some new walking 'kicks' (shoes), how about these new....but old vintage...ones (below)!...

     How I love a shoe that looks good coming and going! ^_^

     And, as a rule, I don't use machined appliques on any of my crochet items, but these two below made me think twice about it!...

     They're so cute!...and flowery! And you all know how much I love lace and flowers!! :-) 

      Along those same lines, you all know how much I love an interesting button too! :-) That's why these magnets caught my eye!...

     Aren't they cute?!!! :-)

     Last, but not least, you all also know how much I love words....written.....spoken....quoted....sewn on.....etched print.....or cursive....etc....etc....etc....WORDS!! :-)
      So, words on a napkin?!.....SURE!!...

     Words on a napkin could almost make eating more fun!! ^_^ Although, if my eating gets any more fun I could be in some real trouble!! LOL Speaking of's time for breakfast! ^_^
     After breakfast I've got to get packed and get to the 'virtual' airport! Hubby and I are heading off for a loooooooong trip for our 'virtual date' tonight!! :-) In fact, we may be in-flight and out of earshot of anybody for the whole day!! :-] And then...we're heading off on another leg of the Australia, for the women's singles final!! :-) Cibulkova versus Na! I can't wait!!! ^_^
       Because you all know how much I love spending time with my crazy, loving hubby, you probably also know that we're gonna have a great weekend! ^_^ .... I hope YOU all do too!!! :-)

That Something Different

I like things that are different.
Things that somehow catch my eye.
Things not quite 'Just The Same'.
Things that make me want to buy.

I can't put my finger on it
as to why they move me so.
They're not whimsical or gory;
And not lavish. This I know.

Sometimes it's just their color.
Other times it's how they're worn;
Or Sometimes it's just how beautifully
they're painted, sewn, or torn.

With 'Different' as the gauge,
it could be almost anything.
I guess that's why I keep on looking.
Hoping for that 'Different' zing.

When I find that 'Something Different',
I'll pay cash or click or dial;
Or I may just show it off;
(Like I just did) and sit and smile.


  1. Glad you're awake this morning my friend! I was a bit worried, but I should have known about the middle of the night matches which evolve in late morning sleep!!
    LOVE those shoes!! I could and would so wear those!! Those magnets are adorable too! Actually all your finds are great today!!
    Enjoy your trip today and your weekend too!! See you soon!

    1. Yes, Bead...I'm awake...for now! ^_& I think there may be a few naps along the way...especially in-flight! *wink! wink!*...And I agree about the shoes! Soooo cute!!...Enjoy your day, my friend! And make sure you know where your snow shovel and blower are!! LOL

  2. Great finds! Thanks so much for including my button magnets, they are so fun to make!

    1. It was my pleasure sharing your button 'babies', Heather! :-) I love them!!


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