Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes!...My Stomach Still Can Take It!!


     Let's talk Tuesday, shall we?! ^_^ ... I'm saying that because usually Tuesday gets a 'bad rap'. Tuesday is not Monday! ^_^ Monday being the day everybody has something to talk about, because they dread Monday so much after a good weekend! LOL
     Wednesday, the day following Tuesday, is also easy to talk about, because Wednesday is right in the middle of the week...'Hump Day' and all! ^_^ ... But I don't wanna talk about Monday or Wednesday, because it's Tuesday! :-) And I just saw something on Etsy that will make me think happy thoughts about Tuesday from now on!...


      It was the words "Taco Tuesday"!!!! :-) ... Who knew?!...Tuesday is taco day?! ^_^ Says who?!....Uhhhhhh.....I don't know! :-)) And why didn't I know this?! O_O ... I saw a lot of items on Etsy that proclaimed Taco Tuesday as something special! So SOMEBODY must've thought it up some time or the other, and apparently it wasn't this morning!! LOL It's just that I'd never seen or heard of it before...'Miss Oblivious' speaking! ^_^
      It's too bad that I didn't know too!...because I love tacos!!...


     ...And I love Tuesdays almost as much as I love tacos! :-) ...


     In fact, I love tacos so much that, in some circles....Uhhhh...the circle of me and my hubby. LOL...I could be called...


      ...the 'taco whisperer'! ^_^ Hmmmm...and seeing that there is a pinback button with the words "The Taco Whisperer" on it (above), I guess I'm not the only taco whisperer in the world either! O_O WOW! The revelations I'm coming across today!!
     Anyway!...I'm called the taco whisperer...affectionately, by my hubby...because I never met an item a taco wouldn't like!...or a sauce that a taco couldn't use! ^_^ Imagine a pork chop taco, with egg salad, fresh ripe tomatoes, and fire sauce!....YUM!!!...I call it my 'Fiery Eggo Choppo Taco'! ^_^ ...


     I could tell you of other combinations...involving meatloaf, french fries, boiled eggs, and country ribs!...but if you're not a taco whisperer like me, it might be too much for your stomach! LOL My stomach...'wibbly' as it is these days, can still take it!! ^_^
     So, I'm off to think of taco concoctions for dinner, and other stuff to make me smile...I can use all the smile-able stuff I can get my hands on this week! It's not gonna end with a smile. :-( {You know what I mean if you've read my previous couple of weeks of posts.} But I'm smiling today...and on a Tuesday no less!! ^_^


     I think I'll include some crochet to smile at...and maybe even some music and dancing! :-) What are your plans on this grand 'Taco Tuesday'?! ^_^ 


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace for it,
while it flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes, and dance of joy,
happy dance, and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!


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