Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shhhhhhh!....I Don't Wanna Know Yet!!

     Okay...nobody tell me!! O-O Ugh! I hate when this happens!...I stayed up last night to see the tennis match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. I had set my clock to wake me up in 45 minutes...because there were going to be 45 minutes between the match with Dimitrov and Nadal...which my 'baby boy', Nadal won!!..and the 3:30 a.m. match with Roger and Andy!! :-)
     It would've been better if the first match had went right into the second, but seeing that Nadal was having a rough time with Dimitrov, I'm glad it didn't go another set! There might've been a different...more unlikable...outcome! :-)
     But now I have to do my blog, get the local weather, update some things in my shop, etc....all while playing "keep-away" with the television commentators, and computer websites, that are determined to let me know who won the match!! LOL

     The 'Tennis Channel' is replaying yesterday's matches right now. The match between Radwanska and Azarenka is on right now...and looks like it's headed for an upset! :-) In fact, I KNOW it's headed for an upset! I saw this one in it's entirety last night! ^_^ Congratulations to Radwanska!!!!
     Okay...for the next few hours I'm eating breakfast, having some green tea, sniffling and wiping my nose...*Sorry. Too much information? :-))... I think I'm fighting a cold or something. Ugh!*...maybe taking another nap (with the alarm timer set this time!!), and waiting for the match with Roger and Andy!!
     So, don't try to tell me who won!...even if you already know! Shhhhhhhh!...I wanna pretend it's Tuesday evening in Massachusetts, and I'm just at home watching a little tennis match with my hubby! :-)

     You see!...all sunshine and flowers!! :-) ...

     Have a good day, Everybody!...LOVE! ♥

I don't feel like talking

I know you won't believe this,
but I don't feel like a chat!
I don't wanna talk today.
That's just not where my head is at.

I'm not all giddy gabby.
I don't feel like spilling words.
I wanna sit and watch the weather,
or the clock, or maybe birds.

My non-communication
only happens now and then,
so enjoy the tempered silence
while I keep a quiet pen.

Tomorrow may be different.
I may talk your ears right off.
You may not get a word in edge-wise,
so today...go play some golf!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. You need your sleep! sure to catch that match!! I don't watch it, so I can't spoil it for you! LOL

    1. Hi, my friend! ♥ Thank you for being so loving toward me. No worries though. I did indeed get some sleep!! :-] And I enjoyed...immensely!...the tennis matches too! ^_^ I avoided all info until it was over! LOL And in the meantime I lowered all of the prices of my boutonnieres and lapel pins in my shop! :-) All in all...a good day! ^_^ I hope yours was also!!


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