Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Pause....For Some Other Stuff I Like!

       I'm taking a pause from tennis...Australian Open tennis...WOOHOO!!! ^_^...Or I should say, I'm taking a pause from talking to YOU about tennis! :-) I saw a few things on Etsy that I wanna share!...but! :-)
      I love that bag (in the header photo)! It's such a great sentiment. Especially for someone who is having jet lag...without ever getting on a jet! ^_^...because of changing my sleeping pattern to watch tennis. :-) Yes, I could watch it during the day. They replay all of the matches on 'The Tennis Channel'. But I like to watch my tennis LIVE!! ^_^ So...3 a.m. to early morning....I'm on it!! ^_^
      So, before I go to bed!...LOL...let me show you the cuties from Etsy!...

      I could find a place in my wardrobe, and house, for every single piece!! :-) I'm partial to the watch and earrings though...just case my hubby is looking. ^_^
      Pause Over! :-) Back to my regularly scheduled viewing...without the talking....for now! :-)) Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

A Crafty Group

T-Shirts showing pictures,
and the pillows with some too;
Artistic framed creations
done of vegetables and fruit.

Beaded wire-made bracelets;
Things vintage and brand new;
Penguins on a lunch bag;
and, of course, there's flowers too.

Plushy toys and hats;
Kittens, pottery and rings.
Painted yarn and thread;
Priced for paupers, fit for kings.

Reusable, recycled,
some refashioned, now called "green";
No plastic for the landfill,
Just some bags fit for a Queen.

Men's ties that now are 'handles';
Star-shaped soap, a purse with birds.
Wood crafts all hand-painted.
Retro T-Shirts, done with words.

With all the crafts and talent;
place-mats, quilts, and lots of fun,
It's a group of happy people;
every daughter, mom, and son.


  1. Nice finds! Enjoy your tennis today and your rest too! LOL And don't forget the coffee....FIRST!!

    1. Thank you, Bead! :-) I had an appointment this morning....AND tennis! :-)) But coffee?...I never got around to that. LOL But I will!! ♥


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