Thursday, January 2, 2014

♫ Stuck In The Middle With You! ♫

      I woke up with this 'Stealers Wheel' song (♫ Stuck In The Middle With You ♫) 'stuck in the middle' of my brain this morning. ^_^ Why?!...That would be this 64,000 dollar question!! LOL Who knows why stuff gets stuck in this 'Wug' brain! ^_^
      I have some thoughts about it...of course! ^_^ And one of the thoughts is that maybe the song is stuck in my brain because I'm stuck in the middle of a snow storm right now!...The snow started falling yesterday (Wednesday). It will be falling all day today (Thursday). And won't end until tomorrow (Friday)! Therefore, I'm stuck in the middle! :-))
      It also could be because I'm stuck in the middle of my house with a husband who is looking for things to do to keep him busy, so that he doesn't get bored...and DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! LOL...There's some good, and some bad about that! ^_^ The good is all the good food he's cooking...lemon cake, pinto beans and ham hocks, bacon and omelets, etc...YUM!! :-) ... The bad is all of the questions...about 'every-little-thing'!...while I'm trying to write and crochet! Ugh!...And all of the clutter after him pulling everything out of its well-placed spots...because I don't answer his questions fast enough!! LOL
      Oh Well, whatever the reason...I'm stuck in the middle. And now YOU are stuck in the middle too...with me! ^_^ So, I might as well share something with you to help you stay warm! :-) ...

      And something to help your little one's feet stay warm! :-) ...

      And something to help your little ones' hearts, fingers, and minds, stay warm!...

      And now that you're all warmed up!...let me share a couple of interesting, non-snowstorm related things with you that I found on Etsy!...(below) You can't wear this hat on your head, but I'm sure it'll get people scratching their head when they see it sitting on your desk or shelf! :-) ...

      And, speaking of 'shelf', look at this cool shelf! :-) ...

      And just in case you think that this 'white stuff' is putting me in a 'stuck' mindset, look at this ring! (below) :-) ...

      Clearly, Spring and flowers are never very far from my mind! ^_^ No matter how much it snows!!!...

      Have a good day, fellow 'snowed-ins'! :-) Be safe, be calm, and be warm!! ^_^

Massachusetts Weather

Wind and wet, fog and rain;
Nagging joints and aches and pain.

Massachusetts weather fare.
Is this the weather everywhere?!

On real bad days it gets to me;
This 'weather change soliloquy'.

Look out the window, shake my head,
pull up the covers...back to bed!


  1. Cool ideas and interesting finds!

    1. I agree, Carolyn!! :-) Thanks for stopping by to say so!


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