Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Good Reason For Bacon, Grits, And Eggs!!

      I needed something to keep me warm! :-) Bacon, grits, and eggs seemed like the perfect trick!...and it was! I'm all nice and toasty and ready to talk now! :-)
      It is F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G outside!!! O_O We woke up to minus 14 degrees! It's risen to a balmy minus 6 degrees now, and is suppose to get up to the heatwave of 25 degrees by this afternoon! Brrrrrrrrrr!!...

      It's a good thing we have sweet memories of 86 degree weather in Bora, Bora Tahiti on our 'virtual date' yesterday to keep us warm still! ^_^ The music was good, the food was better, and the company I was six-foot tall, dark, and handsome 'drink-of-water'...was the best ever!! ^_^ ...

      I'm still hanging out with 'Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome' today...but only because he gives off good body heat!! LOL It's so cold that even the car wouldn't crank!! So, his plans to be running around, doing banking and stuff...NOT! :-0
      Me?! soon as my 'tootsies' warm up to a reasonable degree...reasonable enough to tear myself away from my human blanket warmer! ^_^...I'm gonna get to work on some crocheting!...It looks like I'm gonna be working on another custom order. This time it's gonna be a wedding package! :-)
      As of right now, it's a groom's boutonniere and four tiny lapel groomsmen pins. I'm still waiting for the bride and groom to discuss colors though. A certain 'toasted almond' thread is on the table right now...We'll see if it stays there later! :-)
      In the meantime, I'm watching "Ocean Mysteries" with Jeff Corwin, and also watching the black and white woodpeckers, with the little tuft of red on their heads, out my backyard window at the feeder. :-) {They seem so comfortable in this freezing cold weather!!}
      I know!...some of the things I talk about of my life sound so boring! ^_^ ... but 'trust me' when I tell you, you don't wanna hear the gritty real of certain parts of my life!! ^_^ And, no disrespect intended, I probably don't wanna hear yours either!! LOL Some things should be done...dealt with...and real life only! Not online, where you can throw people into a deep depression and not even know it!! ^_^
      That's why I keep my good eye on my 'tall, dark, and handsome' one! I have to make sure that the depression I throw him into is escapable through love and a lot of laughter!! LOL...And heat!...lots of heat!!!!! Brrrrr!...

      Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)

Blankets Of Love

I make blankets, in my own time;
putting love in every stitch;
I let no one rush the process;
I'm not concerned with getting rich.

Crocheting brings about a calm
that nothing else quite seems to do;
I get such joy from choosing patterns,
and from choosing colors, too.

The more intricate-the better;
that gives me much more time to think,
'cause I slow down, so I can read it
keeping brain cells in the pink.

Just the steady, jutting motion
of my needle's in and out
makes me remember who its for,
and what the pattern's all about.

I made a blanket for my sister,
with kittens crocheted all around;
and another one, for a friend,
with her name written up and down.

I made a special one last year.
(made lovingly-to give away)
It marked the 20 years of love
that we remembered on that day.

We threw a party for our friends;
We had good food, and dancing too;
and on the blanket, it was written:
'Roses are red, violets are blue'.

That was a special blanket;
but special is always what I say
'cause I put the time into them
so that they won't easily fray.

They are blankets made with love
that I'm proud of-from 'chain one';
To watch the faces of receivers
is, without doubt, half the fun.

So-if I ever make a blanket
for your anniversary,
or your wedding, or engagement,
here's the thought you'll have from me:

That 'I love you very much,
and making it was fun to do;'
and that 'with every single stitch
my every thought had been of you!'


  1. Wow! Compared to your kind of cold, we are dealing with spring time temperatures! Stay warm!!! xoxo Silke

    1. Ha! Ha!...I don't know if I would call it 'Springtime' still, Silke!! I saw that the Atlanta area is gonna get snow today!!! O_O Nope! There's no snow in Springtime!! LOL...You stay warm too!

  2. The cold is heading our way too...we had about 6in. of the white stuff Thursday but about 10 more is coming tomorrow night. The temps will dip too but fortunately a heat wave of 27de will be here by Wed! It's all perspective isn't it? Stay warm and safe!

    1. Yes!...I heard about the rest of the snow heading your way! Ugh! We're gonna get some rain later this afternoon...but it's gonna fall as 'freezing rain' because the temperatures are gonna be below freezing still!! So...a slippery go, if we try to drive in it! O_O Enjoy your mid-week 'heatwave'...Ha! Ha!...I'd still wear my thermals for the heatwave if I were you though!! ^_^


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