Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sometimes You Have To Listen To....."YOURSELF!"

      I'll just tell you 'right off the bat' that this post is dedicated to.....ME! ^_^ Well, not 'me' so much as valuing 'my' thought process...Yes, I know you don't know what in the world I'm talking about!! LOL
      It's a simple thing really. About this time last year I was selling my crochet boutonnieres 'left and right' in my Wuglyees Etsy shop! In other words, I was selling a LOT of them!! And I was a very happy girl! :-) But I listened to some conversations on the forums that were talking about 'valuing your work' and 'pricing correctly'...and I decided that "Yeah! I need to raise my prices and value 'MY' work too!!!" So I raised my prices.
       I didn't raise the prices by a lot...except for shipping. Ugh! (The post office decided to 'value their work' at the same time I did! Grrrr!) Long story sales have been bottoming out ever since!!! It's been slow...sporadic...and aggravating! Not to mention 'pocketbook depleting'!! LOL

      So, for those of you who are concerned with me not valuing what I do, or maybe making it harder for other crocheters to have their work valued because of pricing my work too low.......Shushy!!!!! LOL

      Meaning no disrespect, I say to you: "It's all nice and good to have your work valued...when you can afford to not eat! ^_^ But I have to eat!!!!" ^_^ Therefore, all of my boutonnieres and lapel pins have gone back to their original selling prices...$10 for boutonnieres and regular brooches...$9 for lapel pins...$11 for 3-layer brooches.

      Hopefully this will bring some 'cash-flow' back to my shop, because lately the only fun being had at 'wuglyees' is by the 'silence inducing' crickets in the shop!! LOL

    Yes, I still value my work!...but right now I'm a 'starving artist'! And I need to get some 'actual' value for my work! The kind of value you can take to the bank and come away with lunch money for! ^_^

     One of these days...maybe!...^_^...I'll be able to hike my prices up to some ridiculous 'brand name' kind of price. You know, the kind of price where people wouldn't care what price it was, and would pay anything simply because...."Oooooo! I have a Wuglyees original!!!!"...and where other people would ask: "Ooooooo! Where did you find it?!!!!" LOL maybe I've been losing too much sleep, getting up at unheard of hours to watch tennis!! ^_^ But hey! could happen!!! ^_^ In the meantime, I won't hold my breath!!...I'll just keep watching to see if my sales come back!! ^_^
       You YOURSELF...have a nice day!! ♥

"I Love Me!"

I love me.
I love the happy me.
I love the fact of me.
I love the silly me.
I love me.

I love the confident me.
I love the cooking me.
I love the sexy me.
I love me.

I love the cuddly me.

I love the caring me.
I love the beautiful me.
I love me.

I love the supportive me.
I love the sporting me.
I love the giddy me.
I love me.

I love the quiet me.
I love the talkative me.
I love the pensive me.
I love me.

I love the sensitive me.
I love the thoughtful me.
I love the world, with me.
I love me.

I love the patient me.
I love the stylish me.
I love the smiling me.
I love me.

I love the creative me.
And the one who created me,
because he helps relate to me
why I love me.
And I do love me!


  1. I'm sorry it's been so slow for you my friend. Crickets are becoming swarms I believe. I hear them too. I have good weeks and I have bad weeks (in a bad week right now). Hopefully things will pick up soon. Those spring weddings will be starting soon. I've been spreading the word for you too. Keep your chin up!!

    1. Ha! Ha!...You had me laughing about the swarms of crickets! LOL...And I think you're right!!...I also hope you're right about things picking up! :-] Thank you so much for spreading the word for me. I appreciate all the help this 'poor' girl can get!! ^_^

  2. Deb, sorry to hear that business has really slowed down. I truly understand what you mean about valuing your work and pricing to that. I have learned many years ago that most crafters do not earn their worth. I have always priced my items to at least make a few dollars more than I spent in making them. Yes I have always been told that I am under pricing everything. Well when I do a show and can come home with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket instead of dragging my crafts to show after show and only making enough to cover the booth space. I'm also not needing to find a place to store everything. Some of us do what we need to do to survive. That is who we are. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs

    1. Hi Velma!...Thank you so much for the words of encouragement about my work. I know you 'do' know about pricing your work, with the cute cards you make. :-) Trying to get as much as you know your hours of thought and creativity is worth is almost impossible! And I'm with you about doing what we need to do to survive, and inventory, and everything!...So I'll keep slicing prices until my shop is empty!! LOL Thanks for the vote of confidence...and YOU keep up the good work too!!

  3. Really sorry to hear your sales have slowed down. I know that you enjoy what you do and if your happy selling your work at the prices you agree thats brilliant. To me thats you valueing yourself :-) have a lovely weekend. Dee x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Dee! :-] I appreciate you stopping by to let me know your thoughts. I guess I'm on the right least for now! ^_^ Have a good day!!


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