Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter 'Kumfort'!

      Hello Y'all! :-] I don't have anything earth-shattering to talk about today...unless you call 'being woken up by my husband falling' something earth-shattering!...Yep! ^_^ He tripped over the hose on my C-Pap machine while he was trying to go to the bathroom quietly and not wake me up! Ha! Ha!....Uhhhhh...mission NOT accomplished!! LOL
      He was so funny too, because he was so embarrassed!! ^_^ You just have to picture in your mind's eye 'me, with a full C-Pap mask on, sounding like 'Darth Vader' from 'Star Wars', sitting straight up in the bed with a wide-eyed 'Who Dat?' look on my face...and then my husband, in his...*cough, cough*...'bed clothes'???!!!...crawling to the bathroom, because he thought that maybe the fall wouldn't wake me up!! LOL
      Needless to say, we were up for at least an hour after that, cracking jokes about how we might have explained the scene to the emergency ambulance that would've had to show up to help us out of our 'predicament'!! LOL...both of us on the floor, broken bones, me with a C-Pap machine half dangling from my head, and him with a 'did-I-do-that?' look on his face!! ^_^
     But...we survived!! ^_^ And with no broken C-Pap machine, or broken bones!! LOL...Now, on to what I really wanna share with you friend Kari's newest creations!! :-) ...

      I saw when she listed these on Etsy the other day, and I fell in love!! :-) Of course, I think I've told you in the past about my love of all things black and white and plaid! Her cowl scarves just fed into my love! :-) ... It's a shame that somebody hasn't figured out a way to make yarn that crochets into a plaid pattern. ^_^ In the meantime, sewers, like Kari, get to have all the fun! ^_^
      She also made these too!...

      So cute!...and so warm looking!! :-] My husband saw them and said: "Oh Yeah! I'd wear that!"...Spoken from a man whose kinda partial to his wife's crocheted scarves in the wintertime. ^_^
      As you probably noticed in the header photo though, cowl infinity scarves is not her only creation! She also makes cool fingerless gloves!! So, please stop by her shop and look around! :-)
      Okay...I'm off to do some crocheting! I'm working on some owl necklaces and some mittens. :-) Have a good day, Everybody! 

Busy As A Beaver

I've been waiting for this moment,
where my crochet shop's involved,
to be busy as a beaver.
Now that problem has been solved.

I've been doing custom orders,
listening to customer's every tip.
Writing notes and tieing ribbons,
readying packages to ship.

Yes, I know that things could change,
I could hear crickets any day.
But for now I'll just enjoy it.
Beavers pat their tail this way!


  1. Love those plaid gloves! I love the scarves too...and I'm not really a scarf person but I do think the black and white is lovely! I probably would have wet myself laughing if I did a "trip" to the bathroom! Too much Info? Sorry! But it was funny to read! I'm glad you both are OK!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Yeah, she makes great gloves and scarves, doesn't she! :-) ... And about the 'trip' wetting occurred!! LOL


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