Monday, January 13, 2014

Kangaroos On My Fingernails?!

      What do kangaroos on your fingernails say about you?!....They say that you really love either kangaroos...fingernail art...or Australia! ^_^ But considering that yesterday was the beginning of the Australian Open tennis tournament, I'd say that if you were wearing kangaroos on your fingernails while sitting in a very large sports arena in Australia, with ball boys crouching and running back and forth along a net, I'd say you love TENNIS!! :-)
      I'm not really a kangaroos-on-my-fingernail type of girl, but I do love tennis! ^_^ So I understand kangaroo nail Australia...while you're watching a tennis match!! ^_^ It's subtle, considering some of the outfits Aussie tennis fans have worn!! LOL
      I'm already up at five O'clock (a.m.), watching Serena Williams play someone I've never seen play before, Barty...I don't even know her first name...yet. And before I went to bed I watched Venus Williams lose :-( ... and Djokovic win :-) their first round matches. I think it's gonna be a great tournament...and a welcome distraction to the end of a long week and weekend.

      This is the time of year when I have to put a sports disclaimer on the blog. :-) Please forgive my distraction over the next couple of weeks. There may be lots of tennis and basketball jargon...and who knows what other kind of sports updating!...and a sad lack of crocheting going on! ^_^ 
      And my 'Friday date night' destination is already decided...on a Monday! LOL...

      In the middle of January, with 40 or 50 degree weather in Massachusetts, and no more snow in my backyard, (it was totally washed away by torrential drenching rain all day the day before yesterday) where else would I go besides Australia?!! ^_^ ... And who else would I bring along for the ride besides my hubby, but YOU...some of my favorite listeners and readers! :-)
      Have a good week, Everybody! :-]

My Favorite People

My favorite people listen well,
and talk almost as good.
They like to eat good food,
and hang out in my neighborhood.

They like a chuckle now and then,
and dance when music's played.
And give nice complements...
and no! they haven't all been paid!

Some 'favorite people' are, I'm sure,
still ones I haven't met.
But until then, my favorites are
ones owed a 'loving' debt.

They've loved me through some heartache,
and the hardest, roughest time.
They're my favorites for a reason,
and deserve this 'Debbie' rhyme.


  1. I'm so glad you have a distraction (tennis). As for the kangaroo fingernails...they're cute, but not for me. I did sell a kangaroo necklace on Sat. Not going to Australia though! Maybe someone else loves tennis!
    Enjoy your day. I'll be out in service all day today. Should be easier with rain instead of snow...NOT. I hate rain!! (on service days, that is).
    Have a great day!

    1. I'm glad I have a distraction too, Bead!! :-] And congrats on your kangaroo necklace sell! I must've missed that....Have a good day in service. I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today! The snow in the backyard is all gone. And so are the rain puddles! It's all sunshine and birdies!! LOL


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