Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Day Going Downhill...And Beaded Artsy Hat...#3!!

      I'm having so much fun with my artsy hats!! Or should I say...thanks to Yaya, of Whispering Pines blog! artsy 'chic' hats! ^_^ You should see me when I'm going through my colors and matching the right applique to the right color! Talk about toe-curling fun!!! LOL
      Choosing the grey heather yarn for this silver, black, and tulle applique was a 'no-brainer' though. It practically picked itself! ^_^

      There is so much bead work on the applique too!!!...

      I just have to find the right person to buy it!! ^_^ Is that YOU?!! If so, just click HERE and go ahead and get it!! :-)

      On a completely different note, have you ever had one of those days that started out great and then quickly took a left turn...or was more like a roller coaster?!...That's what happened to me today! O_O My morning started out with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon...

      What could possibly be wrong with that, you ask?!....Absoluely NOTHING!! ^_^ ...

      That was the start of my great day!!! And it was delicious!!! the third degree!!! ^_^ ***I almost said to the 4th or 5th degree, but it sounded like I was trying to quote the law, or sing a song by the 5th dimension!! LOL*** And with my half glass of orange juice and hot cup of green tea to wash it all down, my day started off just great!! :-)
      Then hubby and I got into one of our conversations, and...without telling you what it was about...let me just say that the mood of my day started to go downhill! O_O ... But then we had our meeting at the Kingdom Hall, and the day's mood went back up!! :-)
      After the meeting I went back to work on my latest artsy hat...

      Then I realized that I didn't have enough yarn to finish it, and the store was closed where I get the yarn!!...Aargh!!!...STOPPAGE!...I hate stoppage!!! LOL....Roller coaster...downhill!! LOL...So, I was left to mentally play around with how I was gonna apply my new applique to the hat, once I got some more yarn and was able to finish the hat!...Did I already say: Aargh!!???....I did?!...Okay, good! :-))

      My dilemma is about whether to have the dangling bead tendrils hang off the edge of the hat or not.....I'm still debating....Suggestions are welcome! ^_^

      By the way, there is no argument about the center flower. ^_^ It can go anywhere and be adorable!!! :-) ...

      And I love that center metal flower!!! :-) ... day started to go back uphill when I started to watch the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers! :-) I like both of the teams, but my long-time team is the Cowboys!! :-) ...But when my team lost!!..... :-( ...Downhill again!!....AND, wouldn't you know it, this was also about the time the conversation hubby and I started earlier came back up again!!!!! Aargh!!!!

      Thankfully there is always tomorrow! :-) ... Maybe by the time the sun has risen, and the temperatures outside have gone up, ***because it's been DOG cold!!...old southern expression. LOL***and my first morning green tea with honey and lemon has been sipped, and my morning scripture text has been mentally digested, this day will be a distant memory!!!...And we can try again...then...for a good day! ^_^ Although...O_O... it'll be Monday! Typically Mondays don't go so well!! LOL
      That's alright!! I have to have something smile-worthy to end this post with. And thinking about tomorrow going better than today is making me smile right now...So I'll take it!!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the night, Everybody!! ♥


This world is like a pond in which
you can't help but get wet.
We are like the fish snatched up
into the fisher's net.

The pond-it represents all of
our jobs and bills and debt,
that we swim in every day,
chasing the bait that's hard to get.

The world throws out a line
that we follow to the top;
Then we're pulled away from safety,
and on land we flip and flop.

Even if we get away,
we're now wounded, dry and tired,
`cause we've jumped out of the frying pan,
and now we're in the fire!

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