Friday, January 2, 2015

'Virtual'...'Reversible'...Friday Date Night!

      Well, another 'virtual Friday' date night with the hubby is upon me! :-) Last week we went to Acapulco, and we had a great time! The weather was 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humid though. So this week we decided to head somewhere with some beautiful weather, but with some cooling sea breezes. :-) 
      Belize was also a perfect choice because we saw on the list of vacation destinations that it was number one....for every reason! Yep! "HERE WE COME, BELIZE!!!" ^_^

      Beautiful skies, beautiful water, and beautiful temperatures is also on our mind because a friend of ours just shared her vacation photos from a recent cruise to the islands of the Caribbean! :-) There's nothing like a friend's photos of good weather, good food, and good fun on a cruise ship to get you dreaming about fun in the sun for yourself!!.....and, Oh Yeah, your loved one too!! ^_^

      So, I've got to pack my sandals, bathing suit, and sunglasses right away! ^_^ But first, a little reverse of this conversation...

      Or should I say...a reversible conversation about a beautiful doll! :-) She was given to me by my friend who went on the cruise!! ^_^ Isn't she beautiful?!!!! ♥ ...

      I love all of her colors, and sparklies, and head wear!!! :-)

      She even has an adorable bun hair-do! ^_^

       But her best feature is that...

        ...when you turn her upside down, and let her skirt go over her head...

     She's a whole 'nother' doll!!! ^_^

      She has a different dress, with different colors and a Bahamas sash...a completely different head scarf...a different colored shirt...and a whole party attitude! ^_^

      The bottom of this dress las a whole island scene on it, and FLOWERS!!! :-)

      Now, I ask you, when was the last time you were able to turn yourself upside down and have a whole makeover in a second?! LOL I would venture to assume....NEVER!!! ^_^ ... I'm still trying to think up names for her....Uhhhhh...I mean THEM!! ^_^ I'll keep you posted. :-))
       My beautiful 'doll girls' have me in a vacationing party mood now. I guess I better turn on some island music and get to packing!! ^_^ Have a nice Friday date night, and weekend, Y'all! ♥


News of war and near disasters,
Lots of folks who are to blame;
A world that's ever slightly shifting,
and yet still remains the same.

You can turn off your T.V.,
Unplug your phone. No one would care.
But soon you'll need to be connected,
and the news will still be there!

We have to streamline all our focus,
no matter what we use,
and keep our minds on what's important.
Now, Baby, that's some news!

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