Monday, January 26, 2015

'Hunkered Down'...And Mona Lisa Is Still Smiling!!
      Hello to everybody!...but especially to my fellow 'hunkered down' companions on the east coast of the united states! Ooooooo whee! We're getting hammered by this snow storm!!! O_O The forecasts as to the amount of snow we're gonna get has been going up, and up, and up for two days now! O_O
      I just saw the latest storm model on the weather channel, and it's not looking any better! O_O The storm front is strengthening...Ugh!...and to describe the storm they're using words like 'historic' and 'epic'!...*blink! blink!*...It's a good thing I don't have anywhere to go! ^_^
      The truth is, even if I had some where to go, I wouldn't be able to! A state of emergency has been declared, and no unauthorized vehicles are allowed to be on the road from midnight tonight until tomorrow evening some time!! O_O If they don't mind, I think I'll just stay inside with my 'Honey Bear' and watch the snow pile up out of the window! LOL
      We've got Jehovah God, batteries, Cheetos, yarn, Cheetos, napping pillows, Cheetos, music, and tennis!! ^_^ I think we'll be just fine!!

      By the way, the Mona Lisa reference, in case you didn't know, is to my latest artsy beaded crochet hat!! ^_^ ...  

      This one is truly, without a doubt, artsy!!...wouldn't you say?! :-)

      It's also quite soft and warm. A necessary requirement when it's 'snowstorm weather', and there will be blizzard conditions, with snow drifts and wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour!! O_O

      If we still have power, and I can still see out of my window tomorrow, I'll try to take and share some photos on tomorrow's post. But for is calling! ^_^ My 'Baby Boy' (Rafael Nadal) is about to play!! ♥ SPOILER ALERT!.......Maria Sharapova just took Eugenie Bouchard to the wood shed!! ^_^
      Hunker down, east coasters! It's not nearly over yet! They're predicting 15 to 30 inches of snow in our area!!!...*sigh*...Hmmmm...does this mean we should be puting on blubber?! LOL....I'll do my best!! Ha! Ha!

Snowstorm Sublimation

Here we go again!
Another calm before the storm.
Things seem perfectly serene.
Not a thing 'out of the norm'.

I'll enjoy it while I can,
because I know this calm won't last.
Soon we'll get another hit
from another arctic blast.

Now we need a few suggestions
on a place to store new snow,
because our backyard is all full,
and it's too much snow to tow.

Come on 'sublimation'!
Take this snow into the sky!
We have another snowstorm coming!
And our snow pile is waaay too high! 


  1. I was thinking about you when I woke up and heard the news this morning I hope it doesn't affect you all to much im cold just thinking about that amount of snow. Would love to see some photo's though when you were able. Stay safe, warm and cosy. Your new hat is lovely. Enjoy the tennis, dee :-)

    1. Hi Dee!...It's just 6 a.m. here, and it's still too dark out to see anything outside. But the wind is howling! I can hear it whipping around. The weather people say we only have about 5 inches so far, but we've got a long way to go!!...I'll try to get some pictures as soon as I can see!! LOL...By the way, thanks for the input on my new hat too!! ♥

  2. I've been watching the weather channel this morning and thinking of you! We got 6in or more and it's lightly snowing this morning but the worst is over. I hope you don't lose power. Looks like you have all the important supplies in and you're ready to sit and wait it out. The hat is super the pin on it...take care!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Isaw you said you got 6 inches this morning. O_O Did it come back around for you guys too?!...We got about that much during the first storm...and about that much this morning. But it started back up a couple of hours who knows how much it'll be in the end. They did say it wasn't gonna be as bad as originally expected though. GREAT!! LOL Thankfully we didn't lose power. Not even a flicker! It's practically Florida-like!! LOL....By the way, thank you for the nice words about the hat too!! ♥ Keep taking care of the knees, and NO SLIPPING on snow!! ^_^


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