Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Would You Like Some Ice Cream To Go With Your Hat?!

     Yes...that is the beaded applique for my latest FINISHED artsy crochet hat! :-) But no...I don't have the photos ready to show it to you completed yet. Hand sewing the applique on...bead by sewn on bead!...took longer than I thought. And the shortened winter daylight got the best of me.
      I'm hoping that I can get the photos done tomorrow, and show you how great the hat came out! ^_^ It kinda looks like a hat that would have been worn in the 'flapper' days of the 1920s! :-) Although I doubt that they were wearing 'persimmon' colored hats 'back in the day'! LOL
      Anyway! ^_^ Since I can't show you my hat, I'll just share a couple of art inspired hats from etsy! :-) You knew that was coming, didn't you?!...DIDN'T YOU?!!! LOL

      Okay...that's all I have. Unless you wanna hang around a share a spoonful of my Ben & Jerry's 'Everything But The...' ice cream! ^_^ Sorry. I just had to tell you. I just HAD TO!!! YUM!! ♥ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!..."Australian Open, I'm counting down the days!!!" :-)

...And Ice Cream

Butter Pecan ice cream
and Strawberry Jam;
Country Fried Chicken
and clove-studded Ham.

Banana-Split ice cream
and French-Fried Potatoes;
Macaroni and Cheese
and Fried, green Tomatoes.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream
and Shepherd's Pie;
Candied Yams and Marshmallows
and Turkey on Rye.

Chocolate Swirl ice cream
and Jelly Beans of all kinds,
Double Cheese Burgers
and Barbequed Pork Rinds.

Cheesecake ice cream
and Foot-Long Hot Dogs,
Lay's Potatoe Chips,
and Warmed up Pecan Logs.

Orange Dream Sickles
(and Fudge Sickles too),
Mushroom Chicken Breasts,
and Chocolate Charleston Chews.

Chocolate Chip ice cream
and Oven-Baked Pork Roast,
a Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel,
or simply a piece of Toast.

Ice Cream is always on the menu.
It always adds that extra "Zing".
No matter whatever else you're having,
it smoothly goes with everything!

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