Monday, January 5, 2015

So Far...It's Just A Brown Hat With 'Doo-Dads' On It!

      Okay...just hang with me for a minute or two. I know it looks kinda funky, but....I think it could look kinda cool too! ^_^ I guess I'll have to finish the hat, try a few 'doo-dads' on it, and see what I think then! :-)
      What can I say...I don't have any projects to do right now, and I'm feeling kinda 'artsy'! ^_^ So I was thinking that, in between making some beaded crochet necklaces, I'd make a few artsy hats!...I've had these 'doo-dads' for quite a while and haven't known exactly what to do with them. Now I do!! ^_^

      I'm using the brown hat for the photos today, but I'm thinking that maybe I'll crochet different colored hats and put the different color-coordinated 'doo-dads' on them. What do you think?! O_O

      Of course you know that was a rhetorical question, right?!...because...Oh Yeah!'s gonna happen, People!! ^_^

      It's more a question of 'when', not 'if'!! ^_^ That's what happens when a 'Wug' mind is left on the loose without particular direction creatively! ^_^ It goes 'hog-wild' and 'doo-dad' crazy!!!! LOL So, stay tuned for finished products later this week....or next. :-)) In the meantime, Happy Monday! Make it a good one, Everybody!! ♥

I only have one brain

There have been times when I felt that I needed
an extra brain to remember some stuff.
An extra noggin to handle the chaos,
when my life and my schedule got tough.

A much bigger cranium for non-essentials;
Somewhere to go when my brain wants to bail.
An extra universe inside my skull space,
where I could place all my 'Mental Junk Mail'.

But, knowing my thinking, there's no use
having two places for my mind to stretch.
Two places to toss around ideas.
Just more balls of ideas I can't catch!

My one brain is an occupied scramble.
A pink-celled, forgetful and frustrated mess!
Do I need another brain somewhere,
holding problems that I must address?

No, I have enough things to focus on.
Things so confusing and numerous to do.
So it's a good thing I only have one brain!
What in the world would I ever do with two!


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