Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday.......Frog Sitting, and......Brrrrrrrrrr!


      Brrrrr!....Brrrrrrr!.....Brrrrrrr! O_O That's all I really want to talk about this morning...because it's just so cold, and I feel like complaining about it!!!!!!! *sigh* ...But, Okay, I'll stop complaining...for your sake. LOL After all, this is suppose to be a 'smile-worthy' space here on the blog. :-) 
      Let's talk about something else, shall we?...Okay, what?!!...Oh, I know....slipper booties! ^_^ Aren't these (below) adorable!...


      I'm debating whether to get the pattern for them and make a few pair, using some of my beloved buttons! :-) I love the scalloping around the top!...And on another note, I also saw these planters below...

      ...and for some reason, the fact that there are three of them side-by-side in this triangle shape, they intrigue me! :-) Maybe it's my love of little cacti, or my love of neat designs, or...who am I kidding! I could be here all day trying to explain why I like one thing over another thing! The truth is, my likes and loves are always kinda random, and they change with the wind, with the color, with the design, with whether they have flowers on them or not, etc... ^_^
      And now that I've talked about slipper booties, earrings, planters, and the COLD! Brrrrr!...I'm left with only two more things to talk about...this little guy...

      His owner...the little friend I made the crochet blanket for recently...has left him with me for a little while...to babysit. Or should I say 'frog-sit'! LOL

      He's very attentive! :-) I don't think I have to worry about anything happening to him that much...unless some kind of stuffed animal fly comes by and catches his attention. :-))

      And lastly, there's snow in the backyard!...and darkness...*sigh*...

      And so, the circle of conversation comes right back around! ^_^ Brrrrrr!....I guess I better stop while I'm ahead! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! ♥


Tuesdays follow Mondays,
trailing chores left behind.
Tuesday is the peaceful offer,
when Monday wasn't kind.

Tuesday is the day that you
 concede your week's begun.
Tuesday is the hopeful plans
of weekends coming fun.

Tuesday follows Monday,
Always second in the list.
Unsure and kind of shadowed,
just like Gorillas in the mist.

Tuesday should petition,
that it becomes a known "Fun" day!
Right now I'm just quite thankful,
that it's not another Monday. 

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