Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hmmmmmm...I Got Nothing....Again!
     Nothing to report today. I've been 'chillin'! ^_^ No snow....No busy schedule...No pressure. :-] Just reading...watching tennis...napping....eating....watching the snow in the backyard...and crocheting. Lots of crocheting!!!...Shhhhhh!...One football slipper is almost done. On to the next one!! ^_^ Hopefully there will be some pretty sunsets, some birds flying by, or SOMETHING to report tomorrow! LOL In the meantime, have a good rest of the day! ♥


Do you find that you have lulls?
Times when life just has no 'Pings!'
Times when all that you've been planning
has been done! ... and nothing 'sings!'

You don't know what you should do.
Taking naps seem so sublime!
Knowing, when you look around,
that No! You haven't wasted time!

Lots of things have all been done.
But many things that you could do.
But nothing 'Pings': "Let's do this next!!"
The lull just gets the best of you.

Right now I'll try to ride the wave.
No expectation. Just relax.
Keep flipping books for inspiration.
Enjoying colors, brights and blacks.

Soon I know I'll be off again,
deeply engrossed in some new thing.
I'll get such satisfaction from it.
And that familiar little...'Ping!'

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