Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Creative Hat-Making Mind...A Mother Of Invention! ^_^

      Okay! I said I would be back...and here I is!! LOL I finished my sunshine yellow artsy crochet hat...below...but first I wanna show you the two other hats I saw in VendulkaM's etsy shop! They totally pushed my 'CUTE!' meter off the radar!! ^_^

      The above crochet hat has ruffles, colors, buttons, and bows! What's not to love!!! ♥

        And this one (above) has a slouch to it, and a colorful flower-like brooch!!! :-) I'm telling you...these are the cutest crochet hats ever!! ^_^ I only wish I had thought of the design myself!!

      Speaking of thinking of the design myself though....I did think up this design (below)!!...

      I'm afraid my photography hasn't gotten any more creative though! LOL And the icy darkness of today's Holyoke Massachsetts sky isn't helping!! ^_^

      Oh Well, I did the best I could, and that will have to be enough today!!

      The rain steadily falling on our Kingdom Hall parking lot today, with temps below freezing turning the whole thing into a skating rink, caused our meeting to be shortened even!! In the interest of safety, I think it was a wise decision!
      It caused a detour away from the grocery store too. Hubby needed some flour to make his cube steak....BUT he couldn't go. Creativity to the rescue again! ^_^ We had corn meal! ^_^ ....In a few minutes I'll find out if that was a good substitute or not!! LOL
      Anyway!...It was a good weather day for crocheting!...and hopefully {I'll find out in a couple of hours! ^_^} a good day for football! ^_^ The New England Patriots are playing the Indianapolis Colts! :-) ... By the way, the Australian Open tennis tournament starts tonight too {, if you live in Australia!! :-)} Oh Yeah! It's gonna be a good couple of weeks upcoming for me!!!!! ^_^

      Okay...that's enough talking! ^_^ And that's enough showing off of stuff too! I have some cornmeal fried cube steak to try!! :-) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥

Hungry Stomach

My empty stomach's grumbling
was as noisy as could be!
So demanding in it's urging,
and it's "Hungry" symphony.

I awakened to it's music,
and the fluttering that it caused.
I tried to just ignore it,
with its twist and turning gnaws!

Like a 'stick-in-hand' conductor,
setting music to a riot,
I'll direct some food into it,
so that it will just be QUIET!


  1. Those hats are sooooooo cute!! I love the yellow one you made too! Thanks for showing them off!

    1. I agree, Cindy!! I love the colors she chose for them. If I had a little girl, she would be in these kind of hats all the time!! ^_^ And I would be in my artsy hats!! LOL...Thank you so much for your loving input my friend! ♥♥♥


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