Saturday, January 10, 2015

Love Is In The Air.....And In The Box!! 

      Love is in the air! :-) ... I'm loving the fact that it's Saturday! I'm loving the fact that I no longer have that nasty headache I had yesterday! I'm loving the fact that hubby's sore throat and froggy voice only lasted overnight, and he has been fine since then!...{I'm taking some credit for it, and chalking it up to my 'doctoring'! :-) Good ole TLC (tender loving care), vitamin C, lots of water, soup, and hot tea with lemon!!}...and I'm loving the fact that it's football playoff time and my teams are all in and doing well! ^_^ ... {GO New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys!! ^_^}
      I'm also loving this little wedding ring box I found on Etsy!! :-) It's so cute and lacy!!...

      And this "We Do" box from the same shop is pretty cute too!! ^_^ ...

      I'm also loving the fact that I sold one of my baby blankets today. YAY!!! :-)
      I've had this colorful rattle in my supplies for quite a while. I bought it to give away as a free gift to anyone who bought one of my baby blankets. Then I stopped making baby blankets! ^_^
      It wasn't until recently that I made two more little blankets...testing the waters. :-) And, lo and behold, one finally sold!! ^_^ The customer says she's buying it for her newborn son. ♥ So sweet!! :-) And a perfect opportunity to send off my last free baby rattle!!...

       Love is definitely in the air!! :-] Speaking of which...I'm also loving my next door neighbor right now!! ♥ She came over and gave us a ton of groceries today!! She had gone to 'Costco'...(a large store that is a bulk shopper's paradise! ^_^)...and ended up with so much stuff that she just wanted to share! :-)
      Hubby says she took a peek at our grocery list that was near the door too. A while later she came back with some of the items we had on the list. You know.....coincidentally. *wink! wink!* ^_^ Now tell me, is it 'tacky' to write her a big thank you on one of the thank you cards she also gave us?! LOL...Uhhhhh...never mind. You don't have to answer that. :-)) I feel like I should do something for her though. Anybody have a good suggestion?! O_O
      Okay...I have to go and look at the rest of the football game and get myself in the bed! Our Kingdom Hall meeting is earlier this year. ^_^ And I need my beauty sleep!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥ {A quick poem coming up.}

Baby Sign Poem

I Liked It Noisy
In The Womb.
But Shhhh! Keep Quiet
In My New Room!


  1. Hello Deb it's been a while. I am truly sorry. Just when I was having a hard time with people you go and write something about people that truly care about others. So glad that there are caring people still out there. Congrats on the sale. Hope you are doing well. Take care.

    1. Yes, there are still nice people out there!! In fact, a lot of them! Most of us are just so zoned in on trying to survive this system of things that we don't take the time to notice each other! ^_^ The truth is I didn't really know my neighbor...except for the fact that I had crocheted a sweater and hat for her daughter's new baby a long while back. Her kindness was a sweet, sweet surprise! Now I'm trying to find a way to thank her. :-] ... Thanks for the congrats on my sale too. They're coming few and far between...those sales I mean...but I'm still trying to stay creative!...Have a good week, Vel!! ♥


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