Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get Out Of Here, Winter Storm Juno!!!

      Anybody want some snow?!...Come and get it!...PLEASE!!! ^_^ No worries, Y'all. I'm not gonna start this post complaining about the blizzard conditions of winter storm Juno! In fact, I've hardly noticed the fact that we're in the middle of a snow storm! LOL

      Oh yes, I've seen the wind whipping around, and across, the backyard most of the day...with a few hours in between of stillness.

      And I've seen the occasional 'critter' trying to get out and do a little prowling. ^_^ See the footprints?!...

      I think this was the neighborhood cat. :-) He likes to prowl across my patio area, and in and out of the woods.

      There was also an occasional bird flying by...very low. Struggling with the wind.

      And an occasional human! ^_^ But not 'us' humans!! LOL Hubby and I aren't the least bit interested in strolling around in wet...cold...white stuff!! ^_^

      We've been just enjoying our time together, watching tennis...playing Scrabble...doing laundry...crocheting (that would be me, not hubby!^_^) and eating! :-) In fact, part of what we were eating was a delicious bean salad that a new neighbor of ours walked over to us during the lull of the snow storm! :-)
      It just so happens that our new neighbor is a member of our congregation. (Jehovah's Witnesses) Her and her husband recently moved into our area! :-) How nice to have them so close by...within walking distance during a storm! We can support each other through it, if need be...But so far, we're just winter storm Juno eating and sharing buddies! ^_^

      As I said in the beginning of the post though, we've hardly noticed that we're in the middle of a snow storm! :-) If it wasn't for the snow piling up, we would think this was just a vacation in Florida!! LOL

      Okay...maybe a reference to storm Juno feeling like Florida is going a bit too far!! ^_^ 

       But it has been a really good day!...I've eaten Cheetos and bean salad until I'm about to pop! And I've beaten hubby...BADLY!...in a mean game of Scrabble! ^_^ In fact, so badly that I'm not sure he'll ever play with me again!! LOL...*slapping my own hand*...Bad Wug!!...I giggled my way through the Scrabble game. I couldn't help it. ^_^ Hubby was so funny trying to make up big words...only to have me come right behind him and get more points with my little words!! LOL If I get him to play with me again...which isn't at all certain at this point!...I'll explain to him more vehemently the whole double and triple letter scoring thing...instead of just taking advantage of a snowed-in victim!! Ha! Ha!

      By the end of our game I think he was wishing that he had chosen to brave the storm!!...Maybe sledding would have been nice! ^_^

      At the moment, while the snow is swirling again outside, we're sipping on green tea and watching a fabulous tennis match between Venus Williams and Madison Keys! They have a set a piece, and we're heading into the third! :-) The snowfall from the storm is suppose to be all over by 10 p.m. Tomorrow it'll be all about digging out!...We'll cross that bridge when we come to it! For now....GO Venus and Madison!!! ^_^ And YOU all have a good rest of the day too! ♥


TRAPPED! Another snow storm!
Will this "STUFF" never end?!
We've be wolloped, punched, and socked,
and now?! Another one on the chin!

'Adding insult to the injury',
there will be an inch of ice!
I guess winter thought we needed
just a little 'SCARY' spice!

Do I sound bitter? Sick of it?
About to lose my snowed-in mind?!
Well, that would be correct!
That is, the brain cells I can find!

TRAPPED! Sick of snow,
and it's icicles everywhere!
Good thing I have crochet!
It will replace my pulled out hair!


  1. Well it sound like our having a lovely holiday within your own home while the snow comes down ;-)) Thank you for sharing the photo's we are supposed to be getting snow tomorrow ourselves hopefully not though well I am keeping my fingers crossed but on the other hand it will be interesting to see what the dogs make of it :-) Enjoy the tennis, dee :-)

    1. :-) Hi Dee!...Yes, it's always worked for us that if you can't be in control of something...like the weather!...you might as well play along....and try to have a good attitude about it! ^_^ Truthfully though, it was just an excuse to spend some time together. LOL...And no worries, I'm sure your dogs will love it!...after the initial curiosity. ^_^ Have fun!!


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