Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Thursday Is An Open Book!

      It's Thursday. Almost Friday, but not quite yet. :-] So, wanna know what I've done with my Thursday?!......NOTHING!!! LOL Although I guess you can't really call waking up to sausages and homemade pancakes...slightly OVER-homemade pancakes, if you know what I mean and if you know the tales of my hubby's cooking skills on our electric stove! LOL
       But slightly charred though they might have been, they were very GOOD!! ^_^ Dripping with lots of love and maple syrup! ♥ YUM!! And don't let me forget about the absorbing conversation and the cup of hot green tea! ^_^ Ahhhhhhh! Such is the book of my life on this Thursday almost passed now. :-)

      I've got a meeting to get ready for now, to cap off the good Thursday I've had so far. So, there won't be a lot of talking going on here tonight. Actually, if I didn't have pancakes and sausage, and a few items I found on Etsy to share with'd be looking at a 'virtual Friday' date night post right now! LOL

      But, alas, the pancakes, sausage, shell book, acorn necklace, and granny square pattern quilt won out! :-)

      Except for some chilly weather, an oral Bible study review, a nice conversation with my personal assistant, some giggles with my hubby, and a well-earned nap, there wasn't much else to talk about anyway! ^_^ Have a good rest of your Thursday! ♥ I'll tell you where we're going on our date on tomorrow's post! ^_^

A Little Doze'll Do You!

I enjoy my sleeping, and a doze,
a nap, and such.
In fact I might enjoy a snooze
entirely waay too much!

At any time of day,
you'll find me like a weeping willow.
Head hung low and dragging,
looking for the nearest pillow.

No, there's nothing wrong.
I'm not depressed. I've still got bounce!
And I can stay awake and be
quite witty when it counts!

But I have been awake for things
when I could've been asleep.
And now my time's so valuable
I don't treat it like it's cheap.

My sleeping, dozing, napping,
is to my life a special key.
It unlocks and refreshes
and dispels anxiety!

Most people try to fill up
every hour in the day.
But me, I'd rather be asleep
and waste it all away.

There's plenty hours left
for all the flit and play and chore.
An hour for a nap right now?!
Why not?! There's 24!!

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