Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wanna know what I'm making next?!!......*cricket sounds* :-) listen to me now. I know that most of you aren't the least!...about what my next artsy crochet hat project is gonna be!...I KNOW!! ^_^ But if you think that that's gonna stop me from showing you what it's gonna're waaaay wrong! LOL
      I don't have much going on in my life right now, except tennis...{"Congratulations 'Baby Boy' Rafa Nadal for pulling it out!! :-) ... And you too Maria Sharapova!!...Maybe next year, Lleyton Hewitt!" ^_^}...and some...SHHHHHHHH!...*whispering* slippers, size 12!! ^_^ Yes, I'm making them for my hubby! :-) But hubby has no idea. So...shhhhhhh! ^_^
      I still have a soft pink baby blanket to make, but I found out that she doesn't need it until around the end of February...Good thing too! My funds are kinda low, and I need to buy some yarn for it!... :-] ...But, for right now, it's artsy crochet hat projects by day, and covert football slipper crocheting by night...or whenever hubby leaves the house! LOL
      The next artsy crochet hat will be this color...

     ...It's 'berry blue'! :-) ... Why this color, you ask?! O_O Well, because I found a really artsy applique, and it has this color in it's stones! :-) ...

     My applique has chains and rhinestones...or at least that's what I think they are!! LOL {Wouldn't it be something if they were some expensive gem?!...No chance, people!! ^_^} The applique also has ribbons, wrinkled fabric, and tiny safety pins! ^_^ 

      Now, if that's not artsy I don't know what is!!! ^_^ I can hardly wait to finish it to see how it turns out!! :-) And then it'll be on to the next one...with pink, and a little 'Mona Lisa' inspiration! ^_^ ... I know...I know!! Ha! Ha!...But you know I'm gonna show it to you anyway!! LOL..."Hello!...Is anybody still out there?!"...*cricket sounds* :-) Have a good rest of the day...whoever! ^_^ ♥

You Probably Don't Care!

I know you probably don't care,
but I will tell you anyway!
I mean, I have to talk about it.
It's what I do most every day!

I know you have your own things going,
and my things? You could care less.
But I have to spill it, talk,
share, converse, chat, or confess.

Don't you have some days like that,
when you just 'let down your hair'?
Well, today was that for me,
and it's okay if you don't care!

As you see, it didn't stop me.
I'm still talking, cracking wise.
You don't have to read about it.
You can cover up over your eyes! ^_^


  1. Wont hubby be surprised! And that berry blue is such a lovely shade too.

    1. He sure will, Jo! ^_^ Shhhhhhh! I just got through working on them a little bit...then had to put them away!! LOL...And, about the berry blue, I agree. It 'is' a pretty shade! ^_^ Now I have to work on that hat!! :-))

  2. Ohhhh that beautiful blue yarn-- your project is going to be so beautiful!! It's hard to resist such lovely yarn-- you seem to always have a project going-- or like me-- two or three!!


    1. Yes, Vicki...I just finished the hat this morning. LOTS of sewing and crochet yarn and....STUFF!! LOL I'm sure it's not gonna be for everybody, but I LOVE IT!! ^_^ Now....on to the next project!! ^_^ Or next two or three!! ♥


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