Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Baby Wuglyee' Has A New Friend...Sorta Kinda!

       Say hello to Baby Wuglyee's new 'stomping buddy'. I nicknamed him "Slipper"! ^_^ The reason will be clear in a minute...{In case you're not a regular around here, 'Baby Wuglyee' is the name of my one and only crocheted stuffed animal. You can see him in this blog post --> HERE.}
       So, here's the story...I made all of the pieces for this little puppy crochet slipper, and then spent the most frustrating night ever, and this morning, trying to figure out how to put him together and make him look like an innocent little puppy, and not a frustratingly bad pain in my neck!! ^_^

      As I was turning the pieces, this way and that way, up and down, hither and yon, it occurred to me that, if I ever figured it out, this was DEFINITELY gonna be a candy holder when I'm done!! LOL Even the idea that I would have to make another one just like it in order for the two of them to be slippers....gave me cold chills up and down my back!!!...and hither and yon too!! LOL

      Yes, I know what you're thinking. "But he's so cute!!" :-) Actually, I agree! And if it was only a matter of whether he was cute enough or not I'd already have made the other one! But, for me, that's not the issue! ^_^ For me, the issue is whether I have enough brain cells left to destroy in order to make another matching slipper!...and the answer is a definite.....NOOOOOOO!!!! ^_^

      I have a custom order of a pink baby blanket to get to work on, and making it, with a name personalized into the blanket, is gonna take all the brain cells I have left!! Another crochet puppy slipper would take me over the edge into 'play-with-my-lips-while-drooling'-ville!! LOL And if I end up there you guys wouldn't even come and visit me. I just know it!! Ha! Ha!

      My husband...and 'Baby Wuglyee, I might add!...have fallen in love with 'Slipper'! :-) He keeps asking me...every 15 minutes or so...."'re not gonna make the other one?!...Seriously?!!" ^_^ Some things are so hard for him to the fact that I don't like catchup on my collard greens, and that tennis tournaments don't operate with weight classes! LOL

       I, on the other hand, have accepted the fact that 'Slipper' may become a new member of the Baby Wuglyee's puppy friend. :-) ... Or he'll be sold as a candy holder in my Wuglyees etsy shop! LOL I'm still trying to decide. And no!...Baby Wuglyee doesn't get a vote!! ^_^
      And before I go, I also would like to admit that I am aware that my 'Slipper' doesn't look like he's suppose to look according to the pattern photo!...

      But frankly, after figuring out where all of his parts and pieces were suppose to go, I was not in the mood for felt eye cutting, freckle sewing on, and pom pom noses!!! LOL Enough was enough!! So I found some buttons that did the trick....buttons that weren't looking at me with that disapproving demeanor! ^_^ ...and I let that be that!! 
       Hubby did make me consider the possibility, in the future, of making him a pair of football slippers. :-) ...

      Since they don't have eyes, ears, or noses, I think I might be able to manage them without too much brain cell loss! ^_^ But not right now!...And no...'Slipper' does not get a vote!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Everybody. And you too, 'Baby Wuglyee'! :-) ♥


I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna flutter...move real slow.
Wanna wander...mind and body.
Not be fast, and 'on the go'.

I'm feeling like I need
a quiet day to hang around.
Have everything wrapped up,
and just block out surrounding sound.

I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna lay in bed till noon.
Wanna have some time to morph.
Need a tree and a cocoon.

Tomorrow they'll be time
to change and modify.
To spread my wings, add color,
like a brand new butterfly.


  1. How cute are those little slippers-- they are just adorable. The football slippers made me laugh out loud:)

    1. Thank you, Vicki...but it's still just ONE puppy slipper...forever!! LOL I'm not making the other one. ^_^ I am making the football slippers for hubby though. :-) Superbowl time is almost upon us, and he deserves them! :-)


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