Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mourning An Old Car?!...I Got This!!!

      Sorry I was late with the post today. A lot of other things took first, for instance, mourning over our old car. Yep!...It's gone. :-( They came and picked it up today...*sigh*...Another car....GONE!
      Oh Well...I'm sure another 'hoopty' of some kind or the other will come along soon. Or else we'll go back to the mode of transport of 'The Flintstones'! ^_^ You know...'two-footing-it'!! LOL
      On a good note...sticking with my'always-something-to-smile-about-on-this-blog' theme...I got a gift out of the money they gave us to haul the old car away. I got a meatball sub sandwich... ^_^ ... orange Crush soda, and a bag of Doritos!! :-)

      Thanks to my hubby I'm not mourning for the old car too much right now. ^_^ ... {By the way, thanks goes to the fabulous Etsy shops that allowed me to share their items today, so that I could tell my story. ♥}

      I didn't spend the whole day eating though! I also did some crocheting. I finished one of my artsy hats, and started another one. :-) I may finish this one by tomorrow. In which case I'll take photos and show you! Then I'll list them in my wuglyees shop! :-) After all, I'm not crocheting hats for my health! LOL

      Actually that's not entirely true! :-) If I didn't crochet, my 'mental health' I mean...might not be so hot!! LOL There's something about the mindless rhythm of crocheting that sets my brain cells right....Don't call the psychiatrist though. I got this!! LOL
      In this regard, I think MaryOriginals' mind must be GREAT!!! :-) Look at how cute her crochet hats are!!... I go to mourn just a little bit more. And take a nap. Whichever one comes first! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥

Some Days

Some days the things that happen
leave you craving for some more.
Some days the things that happen
heave you running for the door.

Some days it's good to know
that you are stronger than you think.
Some days it's good to know
your eyes will automatically blink.

Some days you need some color
because you're done with black and white.
Some days the color comes
and flies you higher than a kite!

Some days just leave you wanting
something more and something new,
while others make you happy
that you do the things you do!
And make you happy you're just 'YOU'!


  1. Anonymous1/07/2015

    Thank you so much for sharing my Upcycled Doritos Notebook. Sorry to hear about your car.

    1. It was my pleasure to share it. And what a great idea! ^_^

  2. I felt bad when Jack's old van had to was dangerous to drive! We'd done a lot of traveling in old Bessie over the years and haulded tons of stuff and Boy Scouts. I hope you find a good replacement...something as cute as those hats!

    1. Listen at us, being all weepy over inanimate objects, right?! LOL But sometimes when you love just love it!!! ^_^ It's funny that you called her old Bessie too. That's the same name my dad called his old 1970's Cadillac!! LOL We rode many a southern mile in old Bessie...and it was fine and floating down the highway! :-) ... Anyway!! LOL I'm sure a replacement will come along eventually. It somehow always does!! ♥


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