Sunday, January 18, 2015

Had You Seen These Already?!

      Sorry I missed my blog post yesterday. I have no excuse...except forgetfulness! ^_^ I kept thinking about doing it at different intervals yesterday, and then...kept putting it off because I knew that linking the shops was gonna take me a bit of time. And thing you know...Saturday turned into Sunday, and the moment had passed! O_O
      I didn't want the moment to pass today though, so I'm up at five...a.m.!...on this Sunday morning, linking and talking about my Etsy finds like a big ole mature, non-procrastinating adult!! ^_^

      You may have seen these around the net. I know I have! But I never put them all in one place and talked about how cute they were!! ^_^ The truth is, if I could have afforded it, I would have had them all in a pile on my cart here at home talking about them! :-) ... The bag in the header photo excluded. That wouldn't be on my cart. That would've had a bunch of my yarn in it, waiting for my next crochet project! ^_^

      The other items would have some of my keys hanging from it...or sticking on one of my hats.....or waiting for somebody to have a baby, so that I could give it to them as a gift...or just beautifully hanging around my neck! ^_^

      I do have another couple of crochet hats to show you from another Etsy shop, and one of my finished artsy crochet hats too! But since I missed a post yesterday...I'm doing two posts today! ^_^ So....I'll be back...with a cup of coffee in hand, no doubt! I need to wake UP!!! :-)) Have a good Sunday, Everybody! ♥


Why have I become
so addicted to your taste?
Why have I not noticed
what you're doing to my waist?

Why are you the first thought
that I have when my eyes open?
Why is your solution
part of how I now am coping?

I don't know the answers.
All I know is that I'm UP!
And I have to leave you now
and go and fill back up my cup!


  1. Cute poem! My sentiments exactly! Thank you for including my necklace this morning in your post! I love the other finds as well! Stay awake, and I'll stay tuned for the next segment on "The Wugs Backyard Blogspot!" LOL

    1. ^_^ I'm happy that you like my silly poem! :-)) And sharing your necklace was my pleasure! ♥ Have a good day, my friend!! :-)

  2. Love the coffee poem. I'm drinking my Marley organic ONE LOVE coffee now. Yummmmm

    1. Thank you, Jocel! ^_^ But I haven't gotten my coffee yet!! It's too icy outside to go to Dunkin Donuts. LOL...And what is Marley organic ONE LOVE coffee?!

  3. Love the crochet bag!! With your crochet skills-- you could make this in no time!!

    1. I love that bag too, Vicki!!! :-) And who knows, my version of a pocketbook inspired by this one may come along some time or the other! LOL


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