Saturday, January 24, 2015

You Want Some Snow?...Or An Artsy Hat?!!

      If you look really closely at the header photo you'll be able to see the big snowflakes that are coming down in the backyard right now. And which, in fact, have been coming down all day!!...with only a slight hour or so long pause.

      It's not bothering me though...because I have Melbourne Australia tennis...and artsy hat crocheting! ^_^ I also have soup and applesauce raisin bread!...Thank You, Honey!! :-) ♥

      I also had a bit of studying to finish (my Watchtower magazine article for the meeting tomorrow), and some television shows I missed during the week...because of watching tennis! ^_^ I usually don't talk a lot about one of my favorite shows, 'Parenthood'. But it's been so good...especially the last few weeks...and it only has one more episode until it's gonna be off the air for good! :-(
      I think the storyline caught me from the very first episode, with one part of the show's family chronicling the trials and joys of raising an autistic (or aspergers syndrome) child; another part of the family showing the challenges of being an interracial family; and the grandparents showing the stages of getting older {all the kids moving out, moving into another, smaller, home, severe illness, etc.}...And there were other thought-provoking family challenges too.
      I've enjoyed the realness of the storylines...sometimes mirroring my own families trials at times!...and I've shed a few tears and laugh out loud moments along the way too! ^_^ Oh, if only families...including mine!...would just do things the way God intended!!! How much easier life would be!! :-) But...then what would this world do television shows about?!!! LOL

      Anyway!...I've got much more important things to occupy my time anyway!! ^_^ One of those things including my latest artsy hat project!! :-) ...

      Yes, it's finally finished! :-) And it was no 'picnic' either!! O_O

      This particular triangle-shaped applique was made of a crinkly material covered with all kinds of artsy beads, pins, chains, and stuff! :-] But I had to figure out some kind of 'artsy' way to attach it to my hat!! O_O

      If you look at the edges of the triangle, you'll see that I had to sew some crochet yarn through the material and the hat all the way around! O_O No small feat!!...and I've got sore fingers to prove it!! ^_^

      But, in the end, I like it!! ^_^ It's clearly not the kind of hat everybody will want to wear, but there's got to be somebody out artsy type!...that will just love the ease and one of a kindness of it!

      When I put it on Shequita, she kinda reminded me of the woman in my wall hanging! :-) I can't find the post right now, to link it for you, but if I do...I'll come back and link it for you...{UPDATE: I found the picture of the wall hanging!! It's HERE!}

      In the meantime, the new day of tennis in Australia is about to start and I don't wanna miss it!! ^_^ Also, I started a new artsy hat...the Mona Lisa inspired one I told you about a few days ago! :-) I'll keep you posted. ♥ Enjoy your tennis, fellow Australian Open followers!! ^_^


Yes, I knew you'd finally get here.
Every year you come around.
Even when you're not so punctual,
you always make it to the ground.

No, I'm not always glad to see you.
Every sighting leaves me cold.
Even when you're kinda pretty,
you always remind me that I'm old.

Yes, you make me kinda grumpy.
Every word of you brings woe.
But even when I call you "white stuff",
you still fall as poetic, snow


  1. I was watching the weather channel and it looks like a storm is headed your way..again! We're also under a severe weather and snow. I know it's almost the end of January, but I'm so over this weather! Your hat will find it's perfect home...I know there's an artsy gal just waiting to be wowed by it! I love, love, love "Parenthood"..I've always thought it was the best show on TV. I can't understand why it's never gotten an Emmy and the actor that plays Max should have had an Emmy also. He's portrays an autistic child perfectly. I will be sad to see it end this week and I'm thinking a few tears will be involved...anyway, stay warm and safe and I'll think of you when I'm watching Parenthood on Thursday!

    1. You're exactly right Yaya!...UGH!...Two storms, one following the other! We're gonna be buried for days!! LOL...But, as far as I know, we're not getting the ice this time....I feel sorry for you guys! O_O ... Thanks for the nice words about my hat... ♥ ...And enjoy the finale of 'Parenthood'! I know I will!!


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