Saturday, May 25, 2013

Southern Banana Pudding And A Beef Patty...I Must Be In Jamaica...?!

        Yes, you guessed it. Hubby and I took a 'virtual' trip to Jamaica last night for our Friday date. :-) I have to tell you though, that I wasn't all that sure that Jamaica was the place I wanted to go!
       The reason I wasn't sure about Jamaica...which is where hubby wanted to go...was because I'd been craving homemade southern style banana pudding for days, and Jamaica is not the south...Georgia...where I could got to get my fix of southern style banana pudding!! ^_^ And I had to have some banana pudding. I just HAD TO!! Ummmmm!
      Now, I'm not ashamed to tell you that sometimes...okay, most times! dictates where we go on our 'virtual' trips. :-] And that is a very good thing! Oh, the fun we had in Italy, France, Greece!!!
      But when I think of Jamaica my first thoughts aren't of food. My first thoughts are of that gorgeous water, and sunshine...Now, with all the rain we've been getting here in Massachusetts over the last few days I'm surprised I wasn't thinking of Jamaica!...but I wasn't!
      Hubby was though!!! :-] ...

      Hubby was also thinking of delicious beef patties with coco bread!! :-) ...

       So, off to Jamaica we went!! :-) We laid in the sunshine like two colorful iguanas, and ate beef patties and coco bread until we couldn't move!! ^_^

      But guess what?!...I was in Jamaica thinking of banana pudding! LOL...

      And since Jamaica was south of where we lived, but not Georgia, we had to settle for some 'jacked-up' banana pudding! LOL In other words, not original homemade banana pudding...the kind you make from scratch with nilla wafers, fresh bananas and homemade pudding (with a pinch of cinnamon...the secret ingredient in mine. Oops! It's not a secret anymore, is it! ^_^)
      We  had to go to the store and buy some Jello pudding cups...and I got chocolate. I had never thought of making chocolate banana pudding until then...but now?....Ummmmmm!!!...

      I digress. Moving on!! ^_^ ...Then we got some bananas...

    ...and some Nilla wafers...And they had to be Nilla wafers!...because...I'm sorry vanilla wafer making people! other wafers taste the same!!...

       Then we got fancy cups and put our pudding in the bottom, cut up a banana on top....wished we had thought to get whipped cream too! UGH!...and then put Nilla vanilla wafers all around the top!!!! YUM!!!!!! :-)

       After wasn't so bad being in Jamaica in the sunshine!! :-)

      Of course, being wet and rained on in Jamaica during a storm might not have been that bad either! :-]

      It was a very good 'virtual' date night! :-) I hope your weekend turns out as well! :-)

The Night We Have A Date

We're  married many years;
Too old to go to bed too late.
We sometimes sit and laugh about it,
on the night we have a date.

Every Friday night is ours;
Time we long anticipate;
When we eat what we've been craving,
on the night we have a date.

We let nothing interfere.
(I recommend this with your mate).
Just focus one night, every week,
as the night you have a date.


  1. Sounds great! Oh...both Jamaica AND the pudding! :)

    1. Ha! Ha!...and it was my friend. It was!!! ^_^


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