Monday, January 20, 2014

It's A "Show And Tell"..."What Are 'YOU' Up To?"...Kind Of Day!'s Monday.That's right, right?!...It is Monday?! ^_^ I've been kinda distracted and mentally M.I.A. lately....But, I'm back!!! :-) And to prove it I wanna do a little show and tell. :-]
      I wanna 'show' you this cute and creative mirror I found on Etsy!...from Rachel of MoonRayDesigns. Her shop intro says she loves art...loves to create...and loves to make her own things!...

     And looking at this beautifully done mirror I would say Check...Check.....and CHECK! :-) It's like a mirrored and buttoned piece of handmade art!! :-) I love it because of all of the color too! 
     And if you're into art and color, like I am, let me 'tell' you about an artist I love...whose also a blogger! :-) It's Diane, over at Duda Daze! Check her blog, and Etsy shop, out. She's great!!

     If that doesn't fill up your 'color cup'...let me 'show' you these!... can't wear them everywhere!...but everywhere you wear them you'll be like.....WOW!!! ^_^
      Something else that's like WOW! the easy caramel sauce I just saw on The Pioneer Woman blog!...I just had to 'tell' you about it!! ^_^ 

     Moving right along!...I'd like to 'tell' you about the cold and icy backyard I'm looking at right now. Ugh! And it's cloudy too! O_O AND we have another snow storm coming tomorrow!!...I know where I''d like to put some of this cold and ice! Florida!!! :-)) ... or here!... this Minnie ice bucket! ^_^ ...Okay! It wasn't that smooth of a transition! LOL But I had to 'show' you this little cute bucket, and I was stretching myself to try to make it fit my theme. ^_^
     Making this mug fit won't be as hard...

     ...we don't have any rain...So we needed some! :-)) a mug, but not from the sky!! LOL...How was that?! :-)

      Be patient. I've only got one more thing to 'tell' you. I'd like to tell you THANK YOU for being so kind and patient with me over the last few days. Your comments of encouragement have been truly appreciated. :-]
     Today I'm gonna be all about schedule!...and that probably will include some crocheting! :-) I'm not promising anything though! NO PRESSURE!!!...Besides, I have enough inventory in my 'EXPIRED' section to keep me going for...Ohhhh...another year at least!! LOL

     One more thing to 'show' you...

     ...And to 'tell' you...*sigh*...Time gets away from you real fast!! Take time to appreciate every moment...and make it a good day!! ♥

Feeling Better

There's no card for "Feeling Better"!
But I think that there should be,
when my friends have sent good wishes;
and been loving up on me.

When they've sent good food to eat,
flowers, cards, emails, and calls.
When they've made it bearable
watching T.V. and 4 walls.

I'd like a card to send them back,
with a smiley face there too,
saying: "Feeling so much better;
and it's all because of you!"

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