Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Bestie.........

      This is one of those days where I won't be complaining about the weather...foggy and wet though it may be! In fact, if complaining about the weather was all I had to do today...I'd be okay with it. But unfortunately my life is about to get a little smaller, and the weather just isn't on my radar of importance this morning. :-(
      If you read my blog regularly you probably remember me talking about my 'bestie', the one that sent me back, a couple of months ago, my 'Roses Are Red' blanket that I crocheted for her as a gift a long time ago. She moved to Florida, and didn't think she would need this kinda warmth down there! ^_^ ...

      If you go to THIS link you can see the full story about it...

      She's been in Florida for over a month now, and my 'Roses Are Red' 'baby' has been living with me!...And we've needed it with the weather we've been having too!! :-) ...

      But I have to say...I thought something was up when my girlfriend sent it back to me, because she and another one of my friends almost fought over it the night she won it! :-) I think the argument ended with the two of them agreeing to share it. ^_^ Of course, my 'bestie' has never let it out of her far as I know anyway! ^_^ So, I was a little 'suspicious' when she called and wanted to send it back to me! I knew that meant that she wasn't feeling well...And, with her battling cancer, I was really worried. :-(
      But things were going along fine...far as I knew! And I was happy to know that she had loved my 'baby' well...although probably a little too 'tucked away' for my liking! :-)) I like blankets to be used...loved...beat up a little! :-) I mean...all of the hand-crocheted roses are still on it, and none of the colors have faded, or nothing! LOL
      Why am I talking about a blanket?!...I'm talking about 'this' blanket because I got some bad news about my ''bestie' night before last. :-( ... She had a massive heart attack, and is in the hospital fighting with a heart that's working only at 20% right now! ;'_';
      Ever since I heard I've been crying...then laughing through some memory or the other...and then crying some more. :-( I love her sooooo much!...Her daughter told me this morning that they have to take a step to make her comfortable now. She's tired. In pain. And ready to just go to sleep.
      Her daughter, also a dear, dear friend of mine, loves her soooooo much! I'm sure this is gonna be one of the hardest things she's ever had to go through. :-( Sometimes you wish that you could just cushion the blow of life for the people that you love...but you can't. :-( I've been doing the next best thing though!...I've been praying for all of them with all of my might!! I know Jehovah can help them through this.
      I'm also praying for me. :-( I'm having a tough time not being able to hear her laugh, or hear her talks. And thinking about not being able to work side-by-side with her out in the ministry, going door-to-door or visiting and teaching the Bible to people in their homes...makes me really sad :-( 
      Don't get me wrong...I'm not feeling hopeless. I know that, Jehovah willing, we'll have an opportunity to do all of these things again!...I count on it! :-] But when someone you love is in a dire situation like this, and death seems to be imminent, you can't help but feel a bit helpless when you can't be close to them to comfort them. :-( And that's what I cried to her daughter and said this morning...I SOOOOO wish I could be there to hold her hand, cry with her, help with incidentals like answering phones, cooking, and fielding people's sometimes thoughtless questions...but I can't. :-(
      I'm here in the fog and rain, being comforted by my hubby....I'm so thankful for him...but I miss my 'bestie'. :-(

Let The Poem Say It

Yes, you've been my friend.
For many years you've born that chore.
But we've really been 'heart sisters'
for what seems like many more.

I didn't know I'd love you so.
Although it seemed right from the start,
that we could giggle over nothing
and never want to be apart.

I was friends first with your daughters.
One, a Poet, just like me.
The love for you and your dear husband
poured from them, so soft and free.

But we were 'sisters', 'partners', 'gals'.
The apples of our husband's eyes.
(Good men who spoiled us both a plenty!
The skies from which our suns would rise.)

I've watched you, all these years,
be a friend no one could beat.
And yes, I've seen your anger flare,
No, not the flame, just felt the heat.

The two of us have talked for hours,
cried our way through movies...true.
Well, we've cried through many things!
So, tissue companies...we THANK YOU!

I've seen you faithful to your husband,
and to God. Nothing new.
And seen you faithfully strong through Cancer,
though it took your man from you.

I saw you take care of your mother
with such loving, tender care.
That's why I wish with all my heart,
that now, for YOU, I could be there.

You've lost your husband, mother, friends.
Lost your precious eyesight's view.
Lost ability to drive yourself,
or even see phone numbers too.

But through it all you're just as stubborn!
Like a rock, with fist held high.
With a wink upon your eyelid,
and, I knew,  a secret cry.

Now, the trial of life is bigger,
and the battle is anew.
All the support that you have given
will be given you.

I've always felt you could move mountains.
I've seen you do it many times.
So, get to work on this one, sister.
The fearful mountain, though, is mine.

I fear that you will be too helpless.
That the 'YOU' I know won't be.
That the situations coming
will steal your big personality.

If you could see me writing this
you'd probably yell at me and smile.
So, I just spanked my own left hand.
I love you...see you in a while.    


  1. Deb I am so sorry to hear about your best friend. You are in my prayers as well as your friend and her daughter. I know it's hard to take but glad that you have a strong belief in the Lord our God. Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much, Velma. :-]


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