Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Motown Music To Soothe The Wug!

      Today, I'm pulling out "the big guns", so to speak!...It's been a rough few days between my hormones, "my friend", that's not a FRIEND at all!! {You know what I mean ladies}, and this heat wave! And if that's not bad enough, now I have to keep on the lookout for "Hurricane Earl"!!! UGH!
   Tennis is taking my attention quite a bit, but I NEED MUSIC!!! And not just any old music is going to do. I need Motown!! But before I share that with you, let me share a couple of other things. First, "Woohoo!" It's time for the September calendar that we get free from LittleFoxPhotos!!! It's FREE on her Nature and Wildlife Photography Blog! I got mine! (That's what the header picture is today!)
    You CAN leave her a small donation if you like, but it's not required...It's so pretty, isn't it?! It reminds me of long backroads in my home birth state of Georgia. *deep breath*
    And if that wasn't good enough news for me, I got some more! I was put in another Etsy Treasury! This time it was curated by Monika of MonikaDesign, the best crochet coaster maker ever!!! This is a photo of her "Crochet Pear Coasters-red set of 4"...
 This is the Treasury she curated, entitled "I'm Ready For Fall"...
    As usual, I'll give you the links to the other great artisans and creators I shared this Treasury with.

    If you're needing a good gift idea for a friend, you can't go wrong with any of these shops! It was my pleasure to share their company in this Fall inspired Treasury.
     Okay, back to my MUSIC!! I grew up as a child in a part of the United States where musicians were like air! In fact, music was so plentiful when I was a kid that I still have great songs in my head that never got to the public...or at least, I never saw them in record form! I even met a couple of the old Motown singers in person! One, James Brown, was from the town next door to mine, Augusta Georgia. And William Bell visited our house one time. Of course, I was too little at the time to appreciate who he was. I do remember my mom making me sing for him. (I don't remember what the song was now). He made a joke with her about wanting to take me out on the road with him. *Teehee* Of course my mother went along with it, carrying on about how she couldn't stand to be without me. DON'T GET ME STARTED ABOUT THAT SUBJECT!!! Moving on.....!
     Whenever I have ever really needed a pick-me-up music would do it! Stevie Wonder...
    ...was a particular favorite. But so were Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Jackson Five, Otis Redding, The Chi-Lites, The Temptations, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye,...
   ...Lou Rowls, Wilson Pickett, The Four Tops, Fats Domino, Aretha Franklin, The Isley Brothers, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Tammy Terrell, Martha and the Vandellas, Ben E. King, Ray Charles,...
     ...and many, many, more!
    I'm in the mood for Motown....and that's what I'm going to do today, listen to Motown!! And I'm prepared too! I bought this collection a Loooooooong time ago and have just about worn it out!!!
    But it's going to get worn out just a little bit more today!!! Hurricane Earl has me "Uptight"! I think the best musical place for me to start then, is with ♫ "Uptight" by Stevie Wonder! Don't you want to boogie with me?! ♫  ^_^

Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's  swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, one syncopated beat!


  1. hello ! I love all! Thank you for including my fingerless gloves.

  2. Hi, thank you for mentioning my fingerless gloves in autumn colors. Love you blog, I am now a follower.

  3. KIWANSDESIGN EBRUK and Nevita, You're very welcome! It was my pleasure to share it with you talented fellow crafters! :-)

  4. Thanks Wug, my friend!! I loved to share the spotlight with you!! Monika did a marvelous job! I also love Motown. Guess maybe it's cuz I don't live too far from there. Take the day...listen to your music...think good thoughts...and don't worry!!

  5. Not worrying right now..Just boogieing!!! I knew the music would work! ♫ "Yea, Yea....." ♫

  6. Congrats on the etsy treasury feature! Have a great day!! :)

  7. Great selections. I liked fingerless gloves.

  8. Wonderful selection lovely blog !!

  9. gusug, I thought so too! And those fingerless gloves ARE really cute! :-), Thank you! I'm off to check out your shop now! :-)

  10. Great of you to feature Monika! Her designs are always unique and functional! Good people! We recommend her daily ;-)

  11. Glass of Many Colors, It was my pleasure.

  12. Congrats on your treasury feature. My prayers will be with you and your safety.

  13. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you! I'm keeping my eye on the weather every time there's a commercial during the tennis matches. I'm trying to stay alert, but not drive myself crazy about it!! :-)

  14. Anonymous9/01/2010

    Ooh, thank you so much for featuring! Deb, it is very nice from you!

    best Monika.

  15. My pleasure Monika! :-)

  16. I've been listening to the Otis Redding station on Pandora all week. It makes me so happy. :]

  17. Hollie, They don't make music like that anymore, for sure! I'm a fan of a lot of different kinds of music, including country and pop, but nothing makes me happy and in a good mood like Motown! :-)

  18. I grew up with that great music too! Chicago was the place to be... Hang on tight Wug when Earl comes marching in! We're in for a cool down this weekend..high of only 67! Now that's how I spell "RElIEF!"

  19. yaya, Oh Yeah! Chicago was another music city!! Yep! Music has soothed the Wug beast for "MANY" years now, through some good times and some bad times!!!...And don't worry, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to tie myself to right now!!! LOL YIKES! It's going to be SERIOUS!!!

  20. I'm a Motown fan from way back too!
    I love Marvin Gaye and The Temptations and so many others.
    That was the music of my youth!

  21. Welcome aboard the Soul Train planettreasures! :-) It's great music, even all these years later when the singers aren't even around anymore! A true sign of good music. It stands the test of time!


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