Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey! At Least It's Not Snowing....Much!

       I don't want to talk about the weather. Not one more word about it!!...But I can't help it. The header picture shows you what the local weather is doing around here today...UGH!...*sigh*...My bones are already arguing with me, my knitted Slouch Hat is screaming at me, and my nap is waiting for all day nap if I give in to it!! ^_^ No! No! I've got to F-O-C-U-S!!!!
     Focus on things I could be doing to help me get through the day, like....
      ...sitting in a tree, with a leaf over my head...Since in order to get to a tree I'd have to climb over 8 or 9 feet of solid packed snow covered with ice....this will be a NO!
     ...I could stare out the window, and look for some green blades of grass. Grass that will no doubt be coming up soon!...No! That won't be necessary, because the grass will no doubt be floating by at some point,...with little snow boats underneath them!!
      ...I could close my eyes and dream of tiny flowered trees and blue skies...Okay, this would really be a stretch today!!!  ^_^
     ...I could sit quietly and visualize how beautiful the flowers are going to be after all of this rain!...I can do that! Flowers are easy to think about at any time!....But the fact that they'd have to fight their way up, and then swim for their lives,  is gonna get in the way of that thought today...for sure!!
    ...I could just throw caution to the wind and dance in the rain!!......Who am I kidding?!....With these bones?! I'd be good to move my head to a dance beat today!! {Okay, maybe that's a slight over-exaggeration! I could probably manage enough mobility to move my feet and toes up and down too! LOL}
    ...Or I can just forget that there is such a thing as OUTSIDE, and put my head down and be determined to finish this knitted Slouch Hat!!
     Can you see that when I fold the piece over it's actually starting to look like a hat?!!
     Now I just have to figure how many inches wide I want the brim opening to be.
     I can see it's not there yet!!...Any ideas what a good size would be?!
    DING! DING! DING! I think we have a winner! I'm going to finish this hat today!!...I'm determined! I'm focused! I'm ready!!...
    Uh Oh! I looked up!....*sigh*....Why isn't there a law against overly exuberant weather people, weather maps, and cutesy raindrop pictures?! 

Happy Weather People

Weather people are so happy!
So excited with their maps!
Always smiling on the T.V.,
like there's sunshine in their laps.

They're a chitty-chatty bunch.
Talking radars and jet streams.
Strangely, when the weather turns,
their eyes glaze over, and face beams.

I don't know how they are so happy
when there's snow and rain and sleet;
When they do outdoors reporting,
smiling, while with soaking feet!

The places that they go
are where most folks are running from!
Are they brave, selfless informants, 
or just really, really dumb?!

I cannot imagine
how they hold their heads up high,
when most folks can't stand their forecasts,
and they make folks want to cry.

They seem so proud and happy;
Fancy ties and great hair-dos!
Disgruntled comments bounce right off,
as do our frequent hiss and boos!!

The conclusion that I've reached
is that they have a 'Happy Gene'.
But, no doubt, they would just say
that they're reporting what they've seen.

Hey! They were not there
when wind and force moved things around!
But they're happy to be able
to now tell us where it's bound!
(Images in this post? The header photo is from; The owl and mushroom is  Under The Weather print by arian; The blade of grass is from an unknown source; The Dogwood is by Montagyoo; The Tulips are from an unknown source; The ant Dancing in the rain, which is now sold, was by becmudd;)


  1. I hope that you have a 'focused' day today! It is raining here too! I hope that just means it is the beginning of a wonderful spring. Rain makes me daydream and want to take a nap too:)

  2. Well, it's the same here today, except much warmer with the rain. We decided to put off our Charleston trip until tomorrow. It's not so fun to go sightseeing in the rain. As to the slouch hat, with my super bulky yarn, I repeated those few pattern lines 19 times. That was the right size for my head. It's definitely starting to look like a hat!! Stay dry and warm!! Love, Silke

  3. Sorry you have so much rain today. I know how that bothers your joints. Keep your head down and work on that hat. It's coming along really nice! I'm luvin' it!
    I know what you mean about the weather people. We have one here that gets hyper when the weather is bad...go figure! You're poem nailed it for sure.
    Have a great breakfast and a great day!

  4. EvenAndy, Thank you...I'll definitely try to be focused. I'll definitely try....Wait! Did I say that already?! ^_^...Maybe I should focus on the nap FIRST!

  5. Silke, Oooo! I'm up to 18 times already!! I guess it won't be long now!! Thanks for letting me know that. I think I may have to do a few more rounds than you though. I knit with tight tension...same as I do when I crochet. :-)...Have a good time tomorrow!!

  6. CinLynn, I could be a weather forecaster myself, if I wanted too! My bones are right more often than they are!! LOL But it's a "painful Profession" to get into! ^_^ I'll stick with crocheting and writing poetry!...Did you notice that I didn't say knitting?! ^_^

  7. Thanks so much for including my photo here! And I love the poem! :)

  8. Sara, My pleasure!...and thank you! :-)

  9. It's a great day to stay home, watch a movie and bake something yummy!
    I love those flowers. So pretty.

  10. awww bless you, your post did make me smile and laugh with your lovely pictures and your comments underneath them ;-)) I hope your day was focused and that you managed to finish the hat, i learnt to do Moss stitch 2 days ago i was so excited it holds its shape so much better ;-)I will post about it next week, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  11. Priscila, It sure has been! It's a great night for a 'Stay-At-Home' date Night too!!.And we will! It's snowing like crazy right now STILL! And freezing rain on the way...Wonder what good movies are on?! We'll find out!...And I just found out that Ben & Jerry's has 2 new flavors!! ^_^

  12. delia, I'm glad you got a little smile out of my post! I did out of yours today too...your nice bedroom. :-) And yes, my head was down today, and I was focused. The purple 'taking-so-long' knitted slouch hat is FINISHED!! I'm going to share the photos tomorrow!..By the way, I never heard of a 'Moss Stitch'! They probably call it something else here. I'll have to Google it! ^_^ Or wait for you to show me!

  13. Your hat is looking great! I love the colour :D
    Another great poem & I am sure you are right they must have a happy gene!

  14. Jo-anne, Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm all done with it too. I'm sharing the photos today...And, *Teehee*, my weather reporters are practically giddy these days!! :-]


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