Monday, February 7, 2011

I Know You're Not Going To Believe This, But...

      I know you're not going to believe this, but I actually enjoyed the weather this weekend!! :-) Especially yesterday! It was so sunny and nice! And things were melting....Wait! Okay, so the melting was a bit of an issue...Hubby was worried that all that snow and ice in our backyard was going to break down our patio door and try to sneak inside! :-))
      We kept hearing little crashes outside the window every once in a while, all day long! And if you look close at the header photo you can see why...Remember, this is what this tree was looking like on Thursday.
      All of the other ice, except for the piece hanging on after the wind redirected it, has melted off. This melting was happening all along the roof edge and everything also! As a matter of fact, there has been a whole lot of people in our surrounding towns that have had to evacuate their homes because of roofs caving in...or they were hearing the creaking of them about to cave in and thought they'd better head for safer accommodations!....I think that most of the roofs around here were made to hold about 5 to 8  inches of snow, but not 15!!
      But just so you can see that we still are conducted business as usual around here, for the most part, I had hubby take some photos of the area..As you can see, snow hasn't ACTUALLY buried us...even though it feels like it sometimes! ^_^ This is a little Strip Mall near our house. (A Strip Mall is a bunch of stores connected to one another, side by side) See! We can still walk up the little sidewalks to get to the Supermarket...
      ...and there's hardly any snow where you have to park out in front of it..
     You just have to dodge the snow banks around the gas station, and the Kentucky Fried Chicken place...And NOT go to the Kentucky Fried Chicken place early in the morning.....without gas. ^_^
     But you can easily get to the yarn store!...
     And the Dollar store...
     ....and isn't that all that counts anyway?!! ^_^
      The main roads and stores are really good about making sure people don't hurt themselves trying to get to their establishments, but in your individual're on your own! ^_^ And around our home this is what we're dealing with!
      Ice....and snow on top of ice!...YEAH!! I know you heard it before people!!! LOL
 (The crocheted square rug is a reflection from INSIDE the house!) And all around the outside of the house is a wall of snow and ice, hugging the building like a monkey baby hanging on for dear life!
     I know it's gonna let go soon. And when it does.....I'll STOP talking about it!!! ^_^ ... In the meantime, I amuse myself by saying: "Hey! At least it's not this bad!!" LOL..."Beep! Beep! Cars coming through!!!"
      This, apparently, is Newfoundland! YIKES!! ^_^

Just When You Think...

Just when you think you've got it bad
you see someone that's worse!
You complain: "My aches and pains, Oh boy!",
but some folks need a nurse!

Just when the weather's got you mad
and the snow's too deep to run,
you see the melting everywhere...
You look! and there's the sun!

Just when you think I'll just move on,
and find something else to do,
there's another blog post about snow...
and another poem too! :-]


  1. Ha ha ha!! You are sick of snow aren't you!! You're poem put a smile on my face! Thanks for the post!

  2. CinLynn, YEP!!! Sick, sick, sick of it! ^_^ Glad the poem made you smile though!

  3. At first I thought wow, is it spring already?! :O How can it melt so quickly :S Then I saw further down and the snow was still there. And then...when looking at the pics from around the mall there was no snow or ice at all! Oh boy, if they could clean it up the same here we would all have our health. I tell you, it's really deadly walking in town nowadays :( Sure, they throw small amount of pebbles on top of the ice but then the next morning there is more ice and it's sooo incredibly slippery yet again. I have helped my grandma many times to get her foodies from the store and once I even forbade her to go out :S The emergency rooms are also full of people with broken bones or other injuries from falling.

    And the last photo, I thought it was from Japan, it was sent to me in an email some time ago, but who cares where it is! It's awful and could also be photoshop! LOL

  4. Anonymous2/07/2011

    That looks like some sort of jellyfish up your tree!

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog lately my friend! ♥

  5. Mariann, Oh Yeah...the snow is STILL here! But the clean up people (for snow removal I mean) are out there all around the clock when there's a snow storm or whatever. They plow, salt the roads, and generally put the 'good old white stuff' somewhere else besides main roads and shopping areas. It can be pretty hazardous if you get in their way while they're doing it too! ^_^ I think that's the trick...doing it continuously during the storm. BUT a lot of areas are broke now because of town and city budgets being blown on snow and ice removal! This has been a REALLY tough year!!...And for that last photo, I asked questions and was told it was Newfoundland.

  6. Michele, Ha! Ha! I know, huh!! Me and hubby had a giggle at how it melted. The wind must have been blowing steady from the left because a couple of days before this it was hanging downward!...And it's been my pleasure to comment on your blog. :-)

  7. O My that last photo, you would not get me on that road for all the tea in China imagin if that all fell on scary for me ;-)) Snow is beautiful when it first comes down and for a few days ,last year we had snow and ice and ice again it lasted for a few weeks and it was so dangeous so i can understand how your feeling. But hopefully now its melting it wont be long. fingers crossed ;-)) dee x

  8. delia, I felt the same way when I saw that photo!! The part that bothered me was not being able to see what's around the next curve! :-/ The weather certainly has been a worldwide story this year!!...Off to keep my head down and keep crocheting!! :-)

  9. Glad you had such a great weather send it our way! It's snowing again outside and the ice is still an issue. I guess it's making me decide not to complain about the heat and humidity of summer!

  10. yaya, WOW! I'm sorry to hear that you're still getting inundated. If it's any consolation, we're suppose to get some more tomorrow and on Thursday too! I've got two crochet projects in the works, so I'm not even going to concern myself with it since I'm not going out in it anyway!!...That's it...PRETEND it's not snowing!! Pretend it's hot and humid out! ^_^

  11. Although snow may look pretty and make things look clean & fresh I am not too sure I would like to have it anywhere near my home. Not after finding out about how there could be ice as well. It seems a bit dangerous to me. I wouldn't mind visiting a place with snow but only for a day or so.

  12. Jo-anne, I'm sure you wouldn't want it near your house for this length of time!! And this much of it!! But I sure would like to see you on vacation in Ski Country somewhere! :-)

  13. Wonderful post and poem! So glad the sun came out this weekend for you!!

  14. Kerri, Thanks!...And I'm glad the sun came out over the weekend too...because right's snowing again! *sigh*... suppose to only be about 1 to 3 inches though. We'll see! :-))


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