Monday, February 21, 2011

It's All Coming Back To Me Now!

      When you visit my blog, knowing who I am, you expect to see poetry, silliness, LOTS of talking, and...knitting?! No!!! You expect to see crocheting!...Well, not today!! ^_^ I saw a really cute slouch hat that Silke, from the blog Metamorphosis,  knitted. It was done using a pattern that was given to her by Vicki, of the blog 2 Bags Full.
      I thought it was so cute that I, through Silke, contacted Vicki to see if I could get the pattern. She said "No Problem!"...It's been quite a while since I actually knitted anything. About 15 or 20 years at least!! But I figured it would be just like riding a bicycle. You never forget...right?!
     So, I was excited to get started. First I had to pull my knitting gear out of storage.
       It's been wrapped up for quite a while!
     Then I had to get the right size knitting needles out...
     Then I had to go into the recesses of my mind and remember how to cast on stitches...the easy 'no-long-strings-in-the-middle-of-each-stitch' way!...Hurray! It all came back to me...after 2 or 3 tries that is. :-]
      Then it was just a matter of working the pattern!
      There's no 'purling' in this pattern. It's all knitting.
      Row after row of knitting.......Hmmmm...
       It's all coming back to me...why I no longer knit!!! LOL
      Is it starting to look like a hat yet?!!!....How about when I turn it like this?!!
      *sigh*.....No disrespect to Vicki or Silke, but I got so bored!! It's taking so long!!.....And my hands are so tired of holding 2 needles!!....And one needle kept sliding off the stitches. I had to keep re-putting it back on the needle....Yep! This is why I don't knit much!! It's too slow and tedious for me. My mind couldn't stay engaged!
      So, you know what I did?!....LOL...I converted the pattern, or I should say I'm in the process of converting the a crochet pattern!! ^_^ I already did this much of it!!...
     I can already see where some modifications have to be made. Like the brim band is too long...Am I terrible?! :-/ I thoroughly enjoyed doing the crochet one!!
    No worries. I'm going to finish the knitted hat...while at the same time working the crocheted break up the monotony! LOL ... I can see that me and my crochet hooks are going to be loyal friends from now on. 
     Does this happen to you?! That you go back to doing something in a way you used to do it....and then you remember why it was that you didn't do it anymore?! ^_^ I think that this hat pattern is going to solidify the reason in my head this time!! I love to CROCHET!!!! :-)
     Speaking of which, my customer that received the pink fingerless glove, sent me a picture with it on!!!
     She says they 'fit her hands like a glove'! ^_^ Good thing..since they are gloves!!!  She also says that they're beautiful and warm! She gave me such a thrill saying that because I was worried that she'd get them and they wouldn't fit. It's tough doing custom orders without the person being right there with you...But, and I have to give her credit for this idea, she drew an outline of her hand on paper and sent that to me so I could make sure they fit!!! I followed it exactly...and it worked!!
     Okay, I've got a slouch hat to finish!....*sigh* I'll think about showing it to you when it's finished. Will that be today?!...Stay tuned...I don't know either!! LOL...And guess what?...It's snowing again!!

        In someone's comment yesterday I was reminded that I do have one of my poems on the walls in one of my bathrooms. It's framed and everything...but it's not in my own hand-writing. But I thought I'd share with you what all of my bathroom visitors are reading! :-))

Love Fills The Holes

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live,
the holes we fill up
from the love that we give?

Even the hard times
make wonders abound,
because of the memories
of times safe and sound.

The good times, they come,
they fill us, they flow
and leave behind a smile,
like the hard rain's  rainbow.

So, its the love that keeps growing,
that adds wonder to life;
because no matter how peaceful,
or how full of strife,

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live!
Cherish it always-
for the holes it will fill.


  1. Nice poem! I can see why you don't knit. I don't much either anymore. Like you's just too time consuming! I can't wait to see the hat when it's done! I love the looks of those hats. As for the snow, we got about 9 inches yesterday and freezing rain too! No school today, and we're expecting more snow. Hopefully it won't hit you that hard. At least you have plenty of crocheted things to keep you warm! LOL

  2. Beautiful poem!! Oh, you made me laugh out loud with this post!!! I am in the process of knitting another one of these slouch hats - in turquoise with the same yarn. My yarn is MUCH thicker than yours (super bulky weight) and so it goes much faster! Can't wait to see how you convert the pattern into a crochet pattern. Of course, as soon as I finished my hat, it started getting warm... Never fails!! Happy Monday! Love, SIlke

  3. CinLynn, I'm so glad you like my poem! It's the only one I ever had published...And thank you for feeling my pain about the knitting too. I really do love the way knitting looks when SOMEBODY ELSE does it! LOL I'm gonna keep at this hat though. Patience Wug!...Patience! ^_^ And WHOA!!! 9 inches!! I thought you were getting about 3 inches!!! WOW!! I feel for you!...It's snowing here too. It's been snowing since last night. They say we're only gonna end up with about 3 inches too, but considering what happened to you guys...I'm not holding my breath for only 3!! YAY for crocheting to do!!..And knitting. *sigh*

  4. Silke, Thank you about the poem. :-) And HEY!!! That's my problem! I've got the wrong yarn!!! You know what...I'm going to take it apart and try again with a bulkier yarn! I knew it was taking too long!!! LOL....I'm gonna try some purple suede yarn I have!

    I paused your comment so I could tell you....I just pulled that red knitted hat completely apart. Ahhhhh! It felt good!! ^_^

  5. awwww a beautiful poem. I have to say i did smile when i started reading your post Knitting isnt it funny how we have a favourite thing to do ;-)) I am knitting away like mad at the moment i find it really relaxing and i haven't even looked at my crochet hook i will though ;-) i will look forward to seeing your finished hat though ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  6. Adore the poem, Wug!
    Nice pics of the knitting, I think I might start looking for my knitting kit too! LOL If I only had the time... I guess you are right on the time consuming part too ;)

  7. My grandmother was never without knitting needles in her hands. I think she found the whole knitting process very therapeutic. I can tell that your passion is crocheting. You are especially talented and create exquisite pieces! Lovely poem ~

  8. delia, Thank you about the poem. I'm so glad you like it...And you're right about the favorite thing "thing". And crocheting and poetry are definitely my things! I'm in awe of you who find knitting relaxing...Good for you! I guess knitting is your "thing"! ^_^ ...Although you have a 2nd thing too...sewing!...And Shhhhh! about the red hat...I pulled it apart...*giggling* The yarn was too thin. It was taking FOREVER!! I'm redoing it right now! I'll share tomorrow. :-))

  9. Mariann, I didn't know you knitted!! How exciting! You're going to have to make something and show me! On one of those "SNOW" days. ^_^ ...And thanks for the nice words about the poem too.

  10. Julie, Awwwww! I wish I could have seen your Grandmother with her needles. Maybe she would have inspired me! I guess we all have different forms of therapy...and different forms of frustration! :-))Thank you for the nice words about my crocheting and poetry too. I'll keep 'in my lane', so to speak. ^_^

  11. There are certain Greek recipes I learned from Mom that I only make once in a while because they never turn out as good as Mom's or I get frustrated and then remember why I don't make them! Not quite knitting, but I sure got your point! Good luck with the hats, and I'm sure they will be lovely because I've never seen you create anything that wasn't!

  12. yaya, Awwww! Nice of you to say that you never saw anything I made that turned out bad....BUT I DID!!! Trust me! ^_^ As a matter of fact, speaking of cooking, I made a cherry jubilee puff pastry one time that even "I" wouldn't eat!! Ha! Ha!...And there have been numerous crochet projects over the years too, that didn't come out as I initially envisioned!! But I can see that you "DO" get my point though! :-)

  13. I don't blame you for not knitting. It can take an awfully long time to complete a project. That's one of the reasons why I have tried so hard recently to crochet more (and your talent has inspired me to pick up the hook again) Its much faster and I love being able to make something in a day (or less) instead of weeks in some cases with my knitting.
    I also know what you mean about your hands aching after knitting. It can be so painful sometimes =(

  14. Jo-anne, Thank You!!! You do know what I mean!!! :-))

  15. I love knitting but I'm so with you! I get so bored so fast. No joke, I've been working on a red knit hat since October and am about 1/3 done. I just use it as an excuse to go hang out with my knitting friends but *yawn* haha! ps. I LOVE the gray yarn in your crocheted version <3 pps. my shoes are cute! haha!

  16. Lindsey, Ha! Ha! WOW! Since October?! PLEASE don't say that out loud!! I can so see myself still working on this NEXT October!! ^_^ ...MUST FOCUS!!! {Maybe it's the red yarn that's doing it to us! That's why I changed yarn. LOL}...And as to the shoes....Okayyyyyy! ^_^


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