Friday, February 11, 2011

Hmmmm...What's Going On?!

      I'm taking a chance that I'll make "Baby Wuglyee" upset today, by putting another bear on my blog. But I just had to! This bear is the cute Bear of Few Words print that Kerry is giving away, along with a Heart City postcard, on her blog seventy tree!
     She's celebrating 500 sales in her shop, and saying Thank You to her followers. All you have to do to enter is comment! The drawing will be next Friday, on February 18th. So, go on over and get your name in! And check out her cute blog while you're there. :-)
    I had my head down all day yesterday. I'm working on some crocheted fingerless gloves for a customer. I don't have the formula 'down' yet. I'm doing a lot of starting and starting. But when I figure it out, you'll be the first to know!! ^_^
    In the meantime, I wanted to show you some other things that are going on around my bloggie world...On the blog CinLynn Boutique, you just have to see my friend Cindy's venture into the wonderful world of poetry! :-) Her poem entitled If I Were A Bear is so cute, accompanied by etsy shop photos. And guess who has a starring role?!...Baby Wuglyee!! :-)) 
       (He's the mascot of my Wuglyees Etsy shop)...She did such a great job with it! It had me smiling from ear to ear! :-) ...And since Baby Wuglyee is making an appearance on her blog, I'm hoping he'll give me a 'pass' about having the Bear of Few Words here! ^_^
     Jo-anne, on the blog Blooming Lovely, has been learning to crochet flowers. And she's gotten really good! These are her latest accomplishments...
     I remember when I first started making flowers. I don't think mine looked this good. There's been a lot of trial and error over the years to get to the flowers that I make today! Looks like Jo-anne is not gonna need to take as much time as I did to perfect hers!
     I saw something really cute on Forrestina Vintage
      When I was reading it I realized that not only could you describe your used furniture with this list, but a whole lot of other things too!! :-)) {This is a cartoon by lunchbreath via core77.} 
    And if you want to see some of the cutest photos ever, you have to go over and check out the blog Oh What Fun! Baby Frye...i.e. 'The Baby Bump'...^_^ coming along nicely! And Piper dog is looking pretty good too! :-)
     And last for today. guess what?!...Velma, of SnowflakeDreams1, drew the name for her Giveaway. And it's ME!!! I can't believe I won another one of her Giveaways!! I'm still enjoying my year's subscription to my Country Living magazine from last time! And this time I won another subscription!! I get to choose from these: Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Garden, Everyday Food, Redbook, Bon Appetit, or House Beautiful. It's not an easy chose, but considering how I love new recipes, it's got to be Everyday Food! {Some things I leave to those who do it best, like Bon Appetit and Martha Stewart!!:-)}
      Some other things in my win are:
A thank you card that's blank inside 
  Eight packages of mini stamps
  A necklace
 And a wall plaque!
       I'd say I did pretty good, wouldn't you?! :-) 
    Okay, I'm all rested up from yesterday, even though I didn't get much sleep last night. I've got some studying and a fingerless glove to finish. And another girlfriend is coming by later this morning, to do some cooking! Too bad I don't have my new book of recipes! :-) But before then I have some new blog posts to check out!...What would I do if I couldn't keep looking around?!...and talking about it?! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!!


They're blogs of folks I hardly know.
Why do I like looking at them so?

I watch their children laugh and grow,
and every bead and artwork crow.

No, I don't do it for the 'dough'!
On my blog there's no money flow.

I like to scroll and take it slow.
An easy read, and 'Peep and Go'!

Updated blogs, all in a row,
and a new day. What will they show?!

I'm not some kind of stalker though.
I'm just a blogger/looker pro!


  1. You definitely are a blogger/looker pro! I look at some, but not nearly as many as you do! Nice poem. Thanks for the mention of my blog too! :) Wugylee fit so well in it! I'm glad you like my poem too. I'm no poet for sure! LOL Have fun with your friend today and get a nap. Sounds like you may need one!
    Can't wait to see the glove!

  2. CinLynn, *Teehee*...My claim to fame...I'm a LOOKER!! ^_^ And I wouldn't sell myself short if I were you. That poem is pretty good!!...And you're right. I'm definitely gonna need a nap...or! :-]

  3. Pretty images. And, the poem is beautiful

  4. Priscila, Thank you! You're always so nice! :-)

  5. Sarah, I'm glad you liked it!! :-)

  6. hehe, Very nice rhymes!

    congrats on the win, I would probably also choose the Everyday Food magazine.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    (you are probably right, it's a cardinal bird, poor thing, it was sooooo cold that day that I was glad he at least found a bit of food on the ground.)

  7. Elisa, Thank you very much!...Maybe I'll share a recipe or two if there's some good ones! :-) I'll have to check and see if there's any "bird" food too! ^_^ You have a good weekend too!

  8. Its always nice to see what other people are up to ;-) And well done you on your lovely win. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  9. delia, I know, huh! I'm always checking on you too! :-)) Thank you, and have a good weekend yourself!

  10. That Bear of Few Words is sooo sweet! And of course Baby Wuglyee is, too! Love the poem!! Definitely got me smiling!

  11. Wahoo, you definitely raked in the prizes on that win! I just can't get over your poems, your words just flow!!

  12. ag., I agree. I like that he's made entirely of words. I kinda like words! ^_^ Speaking of which, thanks for the nice words about my poem. :-)

  13. Kimberley, I sure did, didn't I! :-) And thank you so much about my poems. It truly is a wonder to me too as to why they come so easily. I just try to aim them constructively. :-]


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