Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspiration From Crochet

      These are Cassy's Cuffs Fingerless Gloves. The pattern for them is available for sale at a wonderful etsy shop called lynnevogel. I LOVE them!! In fact, if the pattern had been for crochet, rather than knitted, fingerless gloves...and she allowed me to make them for sell!...I would have them!! :-) But, instead, I'm using them for inspiration in making my pink crocheted fingerless gloves for a customer.
     I'm not copying them. That's not cool! But I think she's got the formula for soft and romantic "down pat"! Look at these other two patterns she has in her shop!
     This one is called ...Spiraling Leaves... Look at the detail!! It almost makes me want to get my knitting needles out, because I do love a creative challenge!...But I've got lots of other projects on my list of things to do...including the finished pink fingerless gloves that I'm still trying to do a pattern for! I don't have time right now to fool around with knitting needles and DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY!! LOL
    This is another inspirational pattern she has too...
   ...This is a PDF Tiny Triangle...Pattern. So pretty!
    I'm going to spend some time today perfecting my pattern. This is how far I've gotten so far.
     I'm not completely satisfied with it yet. Especially the scalloped end. I think the scallops are too big and too.....something! I'll figure it out....Oh Yes! I'll figure it out!! ^_^
    I'm also not happy with the yarn. I really don't like sport weight yarns as a rule. But because it's for a customer, I feel the need to make sure they fit. So I used the sport weight yarn because it has a little bit of stretchiness to it. I'm hoping that she likes them. I'm not sure she will, since these were her inspiration...
    These are not for sale anymore. And I'm not going to copy hers exactly. {And with my eye for patterns, and my flower making ability, I think I could!!} SELF-CONTROL Wug!!! ^_^ I won't! I won't because if they were mine, I'd be mad if somebody copied them to sell to other people without my permission...'Do unto others....'!! :-)
     Okay, I'm off to have breakfast with my hubby. We're spending a lot of time together this weekend. Making up for last weekend, when he had to make up a day he missed in the middle of the week...for SNOW!! *You didn't really think I'd do a whole post without using the SNOW word, did you?! LOL*
     We're old and boring though. We're just planning to read to each other, get some sleep, maybe look at a movie, and eat!! A repeat of last night's 'Date Night'! ^_^ I still can taste my fish and chips. And he can still taste his pizza. I love a family type restaurant that sells something for everybody...Saves me from eating off his plate! ^_^
    The poem that I'm leaving you today has nothing to do with yarn, but I was inspired to write it when I was watching something on television the other day. It was a show with a little girl who just didn't seem happy. I remembered that feeling from when I was a little girl. And I wanted to jump through the television and tell her what I wished someone had told me. 

Head High, Little Girl

Keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Think good thoughts of who you are,
so other girls can take a look.

Your self esteem, little girl,
should be pumped up wherever you can.
But shouldn't depend on prettiness,
or the sugary words of a man.

Your self esteem needs to be balanced.
Not arrogant or smug at it's core.
For the sun does not rise and set on you,
but nor is garbage dumped at your door.

So keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Your self esteem will then be lifted,
and the whole world will take a look.


  1. Nice poem this morning! Those gloves in the inspiration photo are gorgeous! I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something gorgeous too. You always do! Have fun today with hubby and we'll talk again soon.

  2. Beautiful! I adore your work.

  3. Cinlynn, Thank you my friend! I love it when a poem and something I'm crocheting are products of inspiration on the same day!!...*As if it happens all the time...NOT!! LOL* You have fun today too Girlie!!

  4. Mommy Tyme.., Thank you so much!! :-]

  5. What a fabulous poem....too bad more girls don't have a mom to reinforce that type of thinking.
    Your gloves look great! I like the pink - they already have the delicate feminine feel. I'm sure you will post the final product for us! Have fun today eating and sleeping - old people fun!

  6. Art and Sew Forth, Thank you for the poem love...and you're so right too!!...Thanks for the feedback on the pink gloves too! And just try to stop me from posting the finished results!! ^_^ That's if I actually can finish them!! *Agita*

  7. I love the pink of your gloves its such a pretty soft girly colour. I love those blue ones with the white flowers on. Another lovely poem and your so right, dee x

  8. delia, Thank you about the gloves and the poem. You're always so supportive. I appreciate it too! :-)

  9. I love the fingerless gloves you have here. I bought fingerless gloves this past fall for Christmas presents. I found some knitted ones at a craft show. They were not as fancy as yours here, but they were a big hit!

  10. yaya, I love them too! Especially the spiral ones. I just finished the pattern for my pink ones above today too. FINALLY! Whew!! :-))I think fingerless gloves are the "in" thing now.

  11. Those fingerless gloves look great. I especially like the spiral leaf one you found. I love knitting lace. Its always provides a really good challenge :)
    Maybe I might be inspired to make some for myself before winter comes along.

  12. Jo-anne, They are great, aren't they! And who knows, maybe by the time you do yours I will have been inspired to take out my knitting needles again!!...Yeah right!! ^_^

  13. What'd ya have for breakfast? I made Mr. Man blueberry buttermilk (whole grain) pancakes and Boy-oh-boy was THAT the right move! He was thankful all day!

  14. Holyoke Home, It was a whopping big breakfast of grits and cheese, sausage and raisin toast. YUMMO!! :-)...Blueberry pancakes would have taken it over the top though...and put me down for a nap too! ^_^


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