Thursday, February 3, 2011

What We Did During The Storm....Ummmm......WOW!

     They say that 33 of the United States were dealing with some kind of effects from the big storm that tracked it's way across the country. I wonder what everybody else was doing with themselves while they were trapped inside their homes! Hubby and I had two completely different agendas!
     I took some naps, did some tweeting on Twitter, had a L-O-N-G conversation with one of my sisters {one meeting of the minds...ACCOMPLISHED!! :-)}, and crocheted my little fingers to the bones, making a pair of "Thank You" flower bedroom slippers for my girlfriend!
     She likes the brown yarn. :-)
         I like the brown too. And while I love putting flowers on everything, I also like these slippers simply like this, with no embellishments. I mean no buttons, designs, or flowers. I KNOW! Who said that?!! LOL But they're not for ME! They're for my girlfriend, and she likes the ones I made for my shop....the ones with the flower on the front. So I went to work on putting a flower on these "babies".
       And when the flower was on...I added a button!
     I hope she likes them!
     Now, my hubby had his own agenda. Part of it included going back and forth outside to that he didn't end up with huge frozen snowball Popsicles on our cars! Because there was so much SNOW!!....
     .....and ICE!
        But he also ended up with another task...One of the cars, the Old Ghetto Mobile, wouldn't crank. It wouldn't even click over! He spent part of the day, after the snow finally stopped falling, checking wires, calling my dad, the mechanic, to find out what to do...Then trying to jump the battery in it. Nothing worked. It was DEAD!! So then it was just a matter of trying to figure out where to park it to get it out of the way!! He knew he'd be going to work today...and that snow plows would be coming!
      We talked about whether we should have it towed to the car repair shop to get it fixed because it DOES have some good qualities! It has front-wheel drive, which you need in New England winters! And it's been really reliable...more so than Green Bomb...our other BIG car.
      But it also has a few drawbacks. Like it's got brown primer all over it,...brown on the blue paint!...And the heater takes forever to start working! It usually just gets warm as you're getting to wherever you were going...There's a hole in the trunk...Some of it's silver molding along the outside is missing...You can only roll down 2 of the windows...even during the summer. And that's a problem because the air conditioner, while it knows how to play Boleros Sonata, only emits fumes, no cold air ever comes out of it!! LOL So, I think I'll be Old Ghetto Mobile-less by the end of today. :-(
     Now, you'd think that with all of that on his plate, it would be enough to do in a snowstorm! hubby's'd be wrong!! He also decided that, since the car wouldn't cooperate, he'd see if he could get the stove to! He decided he wanted to cook some cube steak...which is not the easiest to cook in the first place! And he wanted to bake some cakes!!...WOW! REALLY??!!!
     His cooking bug, and a snowstorm, were good reasons for me to close myself in the bedroom with my crocheting...and a quiet and calm heart. :-)) And I almost forgot he was in the house, until he would come in and present the fruits of his labor...with a big grin on his face. This was the cube steak!...I'm telling you 'This was the cube steak' because I don't know if you'd be able to figure that out by yourself!! ^_^
     I can't believe he let me take pictures of them, fully aware that I would write this blog post about it! He felt that he wouldn't be the only one that was proud of him!! {Being delusional runs in our family! ^_^}
     And then there was a cheesecake that came out with a little bit of an overdone crust, but otherwise looked and tasted great!...There's no fun in showing you his perfect work. ^_^ I want to show you the carrot cake he made in my bundt pan!!
      Yeah! It's a "little" burnt to a crisp overdone on the top. Apparently my 'Cooking 101 class' didn't include letting him know that when you bake something in the oven the oven should be on "BAKE", not "BROIL"!...YIKES!!
    When he disappeared to frost it and bring me a piece...I worried. But when he was gone for an hour and a half...I REALLY worried! I hollered: "Hey! Where's my cake?!" {Wives do stuff like this...We go headlong into the fire...for love!!...or suicidal support! LOL} He brought it like this!
      He said he had to cut off the burnt part....
      ...and patch up some parts, because it fell apart when he was taking it out of the pan.
       Hey! When he put the cream cheese frosting on it you couldn't even tell! And it tasted good too!
     So, all in all, our snow day wasn't so bad. I finished my slippers, he finished his cakes. I still have my calm, and he still has his eyebrows!...SCORE!! ^_^ But I think it's definitely time for the cooking poem again!


Flipping, Frying,
Flambeing, Filleting,
Burning, Browning,
Paring, Pureeing.

Boiling, Baking,
Mixing, Making,
Simmering, Scaling,
Sifting, Shaking.

Cooking, Crackling,
Cutting, Coring,
Sprinkling, Spattering,
Patting, Pouring,

Broiling, Battering,
Steeping, Steaming,
Timing, Tossing,
Cubing, Creaming,

Slicing, Scrambling,
Turning, Toasting,
Melting, Measuring,
Rinsing, Roasting.

Dipping, Dicing,
Skimming, Sauteing,
Poaching, Peeling,
Mincing, Microwaving.

Gathering, Grilling
Basting, Barbecuing,
Hacking, Heating,
Scoring, Skewering.

Standing, Stirring,
Rough, Tough,
Kitchen, Ditching,
Had Enough! 


  1. OMG, Deb, thank you for that laugh this morning. I was laughing out loud by the time I finished reading about your hubby's cooking adventures! He sure is a good sport to let you take picutres. I bet taht cake tasted just perfect, though!! Wishing you a good (and snow-free) day!! Love, Silke

    P.S. I'm so glad you had a good talk with one of your sisters!!

  2. Silke, It was my pleasure!! ^_^ He really is a good sport...and so secure in his cooking skills that he doesn't care if I giggle at him!...And you're tasted delicious!! :-) {Oh yeah, one sister down...Umpteen to go! LOL}

  3. Hahaha your hubby's cooking had me laughing so hard but you can tell him (if he wants to know what people said) that I was laughing at the way you said it not because he was cooking. I think it's great that he wants to experiment sometimes, not all men are like that!! LOL The 'Being delusional runs in our family!' had me laughing the hardest!!! Ha Ha! I'm sure it tasted good in the end!
    Cute slippers btw.
    Oh and imagining the two of you driving in that old falling-apart-car was fun too ;) I should say that I'm laughing with you not at you! ;)

  4. This post is hilarious!!!! I'm so glad you identified the photo of the cube steaks, because I had no idea...tee hee!! (Thanks Jeff for letting Deb post this!) The cake actually looked really good when it was all done! And I started to drool at the thought of the cheesecake!.....wait....I'll be right back.....I guess I was drooling a lot!! What a mess.
    I LOVE the brown slippers! The flower looks great on them!
    Looks like you got slammed with the weather too! Stay warm and I hope you have sunshine today like us!!

  5. Mariann, I'll tell him what you said. He'll be delighted! :-) And, F.Y.I., you can stop imagining the two of us riding together in that car anywhere! We he put the different colored primer on it and came to pick me up to go to our meeting I was horrified!! I hadn't seen it before then!! I refused to ride in it anymore after that! ^_^ That's when it became his work car...which he never finished painting, because..."Why?!" {His question, not mine! LOL} HUSBANDS!!! ^_^

  6. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I knew you wouldn't know what those cube steaks were...NO ONE would! Well, maybe the fire department would!!! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about my girlfriend's slippers...Sorry for the drool inducement...and YAY for sunshine. Yes! We have some today too! :-)

  7. Sounds like a successful storm to go down in the WUG history books! I wold have locked myself in my room too...but only because I can't stand the smell of food cooking!! LOL! Hope you are all getting out and about today!

  8. Art and Sew Forth, Ha! Ha! Yep! It was one for the books alright! ^_^ And WOW! Can't stand the smell of food cooking?!...YIKES! Good thing you've got eyes! :-) Have a good weekend upcoming!

  9. Love the flowers on the slippers! And your baking? It looks about as bad as mine! lol

  10. Elle, Thank you!...And Shhhh! He doesn't know his baking is bad! LOL

  11. awww bless him at at least he trys ;-)) Love those slippers and the flower just transforms it into a different lovely league of there own ;-)) Those icicle's are amazing. Gorgeous photo's, dee x

  12. delia, Ha! ha! You're so right. I think I take him for granted how easy he is with my strong outgoing personality. He somehow knows who he is and just goes with the flow...Burnt steaks, cake, and all! :-] And thank you so much for the input on the slippers. I'll keep what you said in mind, about the flower. :-)

  13. Alicia2/03/2011

    This really got me laughing....Poor Hubby! Bless his heart! He's such a good sport to let you post his efforts. I do love the slippers though. I wear a size 7.5 [wink]!

  14. Alicia, Ha! Ha! You feel sorry for him...and not me?! ^_^ ...Just Kidding...I still have a delicious cheesecake with cherries on top that he made perfectly for ME!!...And I'll keep the shoe size in mind! ^_^

  15. What a productive day you both had! Love the cozy brown slippers. So very pretty with the flower and fancy button. My, your husband was busy in the kitchen. Not just one recipe ... or two ... but THREE! What a trooper he is. Broil instead of bake ... oh my! At least you could slice off the burnt areas and still have a delicious dessert. Frosting always does wonders for a cake that is a little less than whole. I've got to admire his enthusiasm. Sweet gestures on his part. Thanks for all the chuckles. Fun post!

  16. Julie, Thanks so much for all of the nice words. Hubby is gonna be happy to see them too! :-) And you're right about frosting!

  17. Well bless his heart...what a nice hubby to cook and bake for you! What is it about snow that makes everyone want to cook? I love the slippers too..that's a great thank you gift. We had more ice than snow and I'll tell you it was a mess. I had to go out in it because hospitals don't close up in bad weather. Thankfully it was sunny outside today and some of that thick ice was finally melting! Thanks for the fun post that gave me a great laugh!

  18. yaya, Ha! Ha! What I think makes snowed in people want to cook is plain BOREDOM!! Needing something to chew on to occupy your poor trapped mind, so you don't try to chew your foot off to get out!!! ^_^ Hubby's feet are intact!!...Thanks for the nice complement on my slippers too!...BTW, we got ice too. Then we had sun today. Now the snow melted and it's gonna re-freeze solid tonight! Aargh!


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