Sunday, February 6, 2011

Women.....Strong Women!

                                 (Friendship Sisters Painting Art Print Block-Together We Were Strong by Sascalia)

        I saw the news this morning in our local area and they were showing the photos of a B-I-G baby that was born yesterday. The baby was 22 inches long and weighed 13 pounds!!! Yes, I said 13 pounds!!!!...and some ounces. But the extra ounces don't even matter...Well, to ME! (I'm sure the baby's mother would disagree! LOL)...because he weighed 13 pounds!!! The only thing I could think was "Us women...we sure are strong!!"
     This reminded me of a poem I wrote many years ago, based on Proverbs chapter 31, in the Bible. (I'll leave it below)...So, on this quiet Sunday morning I'd like to give some "Big Props" {Much respect} to women. You do it all to make life easier, more organized, healthier, balanced and fun for all of the people in your lives!! Woot! Woot! to you!!
     From sun up...
      ...{and F.Y.I. this was the REAL sunrise here in Holyoke this morning}........till sundown...
      ...women are waking everyone up in the house, cooking, wiping runny noses and getting smudges off of tiny faces using their own spit and shirt sleeves...{just saying!} Not to mention carrying babies for 9 months, while diapering other babies, breastfeeding, sitting and waiting while little Johnny learns to use the potty for the first time, running errands, dropping kids off at school, at work, at their endless number of recitals and ball games, making lunches, and helping hubby find......whatever it is he's lost or misplaced this time! LOL
        Then she goes to her secular job where she makes sure her boss and co-workers are put in first place, filing, making calls, and being a listening ear to whoever wants to complain about whoever, coming home to homework, snowed in driveways, raw meat that needs cooking, and hubbies who need lots of attention and love....WHEW!!!
     I could go on and on and on....but I won't. I would love it if you would add to my list with your own comments below........But I just want you to know today, that your hard work, effort, and enthusiasm, while you do all of these things with little sleep and little appreciation, are noticed!! :-)
     I personally have been married for almost 29 years, and I've never been pregnant. But I have cooked regularly, dropped off and picked up my 2:30 in the morning, I might add...when he worked for the Bread side of his company. I had to drive 40 minutes back and forth. I did it on lots of mornings with a huge coat (in the cold and snow), flip flops, and no bra!! Just because I was half awake when he woke me up and said: "Okay Dear, COME ON! I'm gonna be late!!" {I take a little while to wake up!...but thankfully in those days I drove on automatic. My conscious mind knew the way! LOL By the way, I would NEVER do this now!! I'm older, smarter, and REALLY wouldn't go anywhere outside of the house without my bra!! ^_^} 
    I also was the legal guardian for 4 of my siblings for a while, and had to do a lot of the things I mentioned above, including braiding hair and forcing them to brush their teeth and put on deodorant. And that took place every morning before they left for school! (Long story!) 
      What I had to do in later years, with only my one 6 foot "baby" to care for, is nothing compared to what many of you do every in and day out...whether you want to, have time to, have energy to, or not!! 
      So, from this married woman, with no kids and a husband who is as easy-going as easy-going can get (meaning he doesn't REQUIRE much at all!), I say to you: You are some STRONG women!! And  I say Woot! Woot! to you!! And I leave the poem below as appreciation to you, and acknowledgment to you, for all you do.
    First though let me just say to all of the Football fans here in the U.S. who are about to sit with your popcorn, hotdogs, and various chips and dips, and enjoy the Football Superbowl.....GO Pittsburg Steelers and Green Bay Packers!!!!! {I'm not rooting too heavily for either team this year. They're both seemingly very evenly matched, but they are no Dallas Cowboys!! ^_^ But since the Dallas Cowboys didn't make it this year, I'll respectfully just enjoy the game....and eat!!!...TOUCHDOWN!!! ^_^


A capable wife is hard to find,
says proverbs, chapter thirty-one;
And if you find her, hold on tight.
Because her value's next to none.

You can put your trust in her
as a mother, woman, wife;
and if you do, she'll  reward you
with only good for all her life.

She works well with her hands
at making clothes and other things.
She'll  search hard for a bargain.
What you need is what she brings.

When anyone is sick
she'll  check on them throughout the night-
bring chicken soup and juices,
from sundown til morning light.

She's  good at making deals.
She'll  buy a home and get a bargain;
And when the home is bought
you'll  find her working on a garden.

She's  the 'weaker vessel',
but she can be as strong as men.
If you try to hurt her babies
that's a fight you will not win.

As wife, mother, woman,
it is priceless that she is
in subjection to her husband-
and her goals are always his.

She is also there for others,
whether needy, or the poor.
The encouragement she gives
just makes her family love her more.

Her husband's  name is known,
because of how she makes him shine-
By her deep love for Jehovah,
and the love she's  shown, in kind.

Her mouth she has opened,
with the wisdom of God's  word;
She's  applied that loving-kindness
from all the principles she's  heard.

She's  watching all the goings on
outside, and in her house;
But she's not a meddling gossip.
She's as quiet as a mouse.

While charm may be false
and prettiness may be vain,
if she really fears Jehovah,
her husband's  praise is what she'll  gain.

All her works of love
will praise her-one upon the other;
and her husband and her sons
will love this woman, wife and mother.

Everyone who knows her
will pronounce her happy too,
as a capable wife and mother
and spiritual woman through and through.    


  1. Beautiful poem Deb! I have never had children and don't plan on it but as I got older I started to realize what my parents must have gone through raising my brother and I. I cannot imagine what a tough job mothers have! I can barely take care of a dog! lol

    Your poem is a nice tribute to all women! :)

  2. What a wonderful post, Deb and such a beautiful poem!! I am, like you and Cathy above, without children and often marvel at other women like several of my friends and my sister with small children. I don't think I'd have the patience... My husband, dog and cat are quite enough for me! But here's to women everywhere and you especially!!! Love, Silke

  3. Deb, In the mexican culture it is customary that the oldest daughter do alot of the cooking and child rearing when they are young because the mother in the family holds a job. So for me because I am part of that heritage having my three children was like having a second family. Then if you get grandchildren it's like having a third. My kids are grown now and I do not press for grandchildren which some people think I'm crazy. I'm tired and maybe a little selfish
    Not ready to tackle raising a third family.
    Your poem is wondeful as always. I would have liked for Dallas or Seattle to have been in the superbowl. So I will watch today too but I will root for Greenbay I have never liked the Steelers. LOL

  4. Beautiful poem Deb! Reminds me of some verses I've read in the Bible!......hmmmmmm! LOL You're right about everything a woman does. I didn't realize it was so much until I see it listed. But I'll bet that the list would be as long, if not longer, if we talked about everything a man does too! Just the way God intended!! Had a nice morning in service, and I'm looking forward to our meeting this afternoon too! Have a good one!

  5. Lovely blog post! Thank you so much for posting my painting!

  6. I love the painting! Isn't great that we can come together as Sisters with all our diversity and love to make this world better? Why can't the leaders of countries be as strong as the hand of a gentle, loving woman?

  7. Cathy, You're so right!...But I don't even have a dog!! So Woot! Woot! to you too!! ^_^ And thank you for the nice words about the poem too.

  8. Silke, Yeah, but you have a dog...and a cat!! They take some regular taking care of too...Not to mention, you also have another big baby in the house too {meant in the most affectionate way, Daniel! :-)} He needs care as well. And with your painting and everything else, you're roaring like only a woman can too! Woot! Woot! to you too!! :-) And a hearty thank you for the poem love too.

  9. SnowflakeDreams1, WOW! You have REALLY been a Strong Woman, raising, in effect, more than one family!! Woot! Woot! :-) And hey! You can do grandchildren too!!...By the way, if you're a Dallas fan, as I also am, OF COURSE you don't like the Steelers!!! They were our rivals from waaaay back!!! ^_^ ... And thanks for the nice words about the poem too.

  10. CinLynn, I knew you'd recognize those verses! Ha! Ha! And you're right about everything a man does too! But since I'm not a man, and not familiar with man things from a personal perspective, I guess I'll stick with what I know. ^_^ Maybe I'll get a man's perspective from someone eventually. Hmmmm.....maybe I'll encourage Mr. Wug to do another guest post on that subject! Enjoy your meeting too today...Zealously! :-)

  11. Sascalia, It was my pleasure! Thank you for allowing me to share it! :-)

  12. yaya, It is a beautiful painting, isn't it?! It caught my eye immediately...especially because it reminded me of my sisters...And I get your sentiment about the gentle, loving hand of a woman too...But let's not forget that the strong hand of a man does have it's place too! I mean, think of those nice backrubs, the snow removal, the shopping bag carrying, etc.! ^_^

  13. Hello,
    Gorgeous images. The sun makes everything much more beautiful.

  14. Priscila, Thank you! And you are Oh So Right about the sun!! :-)

  15. OMG 13 pound! My Tom was 22 inches long but thank goodness just under 8 pound!
    Us women are very strong I think we need to be to put right everything thats wrong in this world.
    I have added a photo of my weekend which shows your beautiful flower with my dress and mask
    Helen x

  16. Rumtruffle, Helen, you are too funny! Ha! Ha! Be thankful your Tom didn't tip this scale!! That baby looked like a little line-backer!! The Steelers or the Green Bay Packers probably could use him today!! ^_^ ... I didn't see the photo you spoke of. I'll have to go back and check again...

  17. Beautiful, Inspiring!

    Debbie, You are a Mother yourself, the fact that you were the legal guardian of your siblings makes you a Mommy! you deserve the credit. I salute you as well.

    YEY for strong women ALL Around the WORLD!!!!!

  18. Elisa, Awwww! Thank you...I was a mother...a temporary mother, for a short while. That's why I have so much appreciation for how much it takes!! Thank you for giving me credit for that! I knew these gray hairs were earned somewhere!!! ^_^

  19. Great post, great poem. I'm not a mother but I recognise my own mum in there!

  20. CreatingTrouble, Thank you so much!! :-)

  21. Awww what a lovely post, and so very true our jobs always go unpaid with cash, but we get paid with love and satisfaction. Wow 13 pound, My second son was 9 pound 1 and boy i can tell you that was painful enough as i am only little but i again did it with no pain relief so strong women indeed we are;-))enjoy your week, dee x

  22. delia, You're so right! Cash is nothing in comparison to the love you get paid for your hard work!! :-) And WOW! Talk about big babies! 9 pounds 'ain't nothing to sneeze at' either!! ^_^ You Go STRONG woman!!

  23. wow this goes right along with my blog! thanks for linking it to me on twitter!

  24. Ron, Yes it did! That's why I thought your new mommy wife would appreciate it! :-)

  25. Love your poem :D So true!

    After my sister's husband died some years ago, I see my sister raising her two boys by herself/working/taking care of home/oh so much more I can't list! Of course family and friends help out as much as we can, but it's still so much on her. She does well, though. I guess that's why women are said to be good multitaskers lol

    This whole post reminds me of a song by Jill Scott called "The Fact Is (I Need You)". She sings about how women can do just about everything a man can do, including killing spiders and fixing a floor :D

    Thanks for the lovely post!

  26. Denise, Thank you so much for the nice, nice words!! They really mean a lot in the light of the experience of your sister too. Women like her are really made out of tough stuff!! But she wouldn't be able to do it all alone either. She's very fortunate to have such a good support system backing up her strength!

    I'm going over to Youtube right now so I can hear this song. I never heard of it before...I don't think. I can't wait to hear it! :-]


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