Sunday, February 13, 2011

"You Never Fail Me...!"

      Those were the words of the 'bestest' repeat customer a girl can ever have!! :-) That's what I saw when I went to check out my Wuglyees Etsy shop this morning! Feedback saying: "You never fail me...You know I'll be back!" {I hope she doesn't mind me repeating it! :-/ Didn't think about that before now...Too excited!}...This is what she was talking about...
          ...The red wire and yarn crochet butterfly dangle necklace she bought and received!...I love her! And I'd like 700 more customers just like her please!!! :-]
     So, needless to say, I'm in a good mood this morning! And, actually, for more reasons than just the nice words of a repeat customer!...Let me update you.
    First, the pink fingerless gloves that I've been working on for another customer...are finished!!
      They don't look like much in these photos...That could be because of my picture-taking ability, or because you need to see them on someone.
      "Hello Someone!"...I pulled the arm off of Tina {My headless dummy model} and used it to show off how cute the fingerless gloves came out!...If you'll remember, yesterday I had another edge on them...
    I really didn't like it. It looked like I was trying to make a frilly claw hand for somebody or something!! LOL No romance or softness at all!...But these...
      ...are soft and romantic, cute and warm! I really like them! :-) Even without a flower! {Which I tried to put on them during my pattern fixing process yesterday. But the flower was just too much!} So, I'll let my customer take a look at them, and if she likes them, they'll be off to a new home before nightfall.
     Other news?...The snow remains!!
        It remains....EVERYWHERE!!!! UGH!
         And the snow clouds remain too...because we're due to get more snow today!
     But the hope of Spring also remains...."Hello poor little barbecue grill!"
        "We'll see you in a couple of months or so!"...You probably can't tell that much from the above photo, but the snow right next to the patio is covered with ice!
    This is kind of a close up of it. {Don't look too closely at the photos....I' sorry, OKAYYYY! My photo taking has not gotten much better as regards SNOW and ICE!!! LOL}
        UGH!...But at least somebody is enjoying this stuff!!
    See the little animal footprints?!....What kind of animal....*cold shiver*...I don't know.....And I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!! ^_^ I'll stay in can stay out there!!!
     More news.....a reminder. The Giveaway for my blanket  (pictures of it here) will be on Tuesday coming, February 15th, 2011. Get your comments down below, and if you're not a blog follower, click "FOLLOW" please. I'd hate to draw your name and then find out that you're not eligible because you're not actually a blog follower!
     Two more bits of news...One, my dad is physically feeling better. The pain meds have kicked in...Woohoo! Bad news...they kicked in just in time for him to feel good enough for surgery!...which will be on March 1st now. He's already gearing himself up for it. Me too! :-/
     And last, but not least, remember my post about my search for my Soft 'N Dry deodorant...original scent?
     Well, the search is over!!!.....:-( I couldn't find it. The only thing everybody had was the Soft Powder scent. And since I'm NOT a powder scent kind of girl, I paid very close attention to all of your comments about the different and varied deodorants you all use.....and tried....and tried.....and tried them. 
      The conclusion I came to?! Me and Oprah really are alike!!! ^_^ I'm now an Arrid Extra Dry girl!!!
        I've been using it for a few days now and I absolutely LOVE it!! Not only does it just smell just smells wonderful at night, after a LONG busy day....and it just smells wonderful in the morning, after a long hard night of menopausal sweating! {All my menopausal women...HOLLER!! ^_^} 
    Instead of trying to get away from my clamminess in a hurry in the morning now.....sorry for the frankness all of you who still say "perspire" instead of "sweating"...hubby has been waking up and smiling and cuddling for a while before he gets up....YAY!!!!....Of course this also has it's drawbacks. Breakfast in bed has been slow in coming! ^_^ Oh well, as long as I smell good!!!
     I like my new 'best bud' so much....I wrote a poem about it! ^_^ I'll leave you with that, and say: Have a Smelling Good Day Everybody!!! :-)

 Arrid Extra Dry

Where have you been all my life?
When I was sweating over things,
running after basketballs,
and nervously auditioning?

Where were you through my youth,
When other kids would make me cry,
when they'd tease unmercifully
while I was unsure, and un-dry?

Where were you hiding at
when I was falling deep in love,
when whether I smelled good to him
was all my poor mind could think of?

Where were you all my life
when all I knew was Soft 'N Dry?
Yes, Originally scented,
was the only one I'd try.

Oh, Mr. Arrid Extra Dry,
Now that I've given you a try,
I no longer will smell bad
and my armpits will be dry!


  1. I am still chuckling over your poem... I am glad you found each other!! And now to your creations - that flower pendant is gorgeous!! Truly wonderful!! And I love the soft and romantic fingerless gloves - they look simply dreamy... Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. Lots of good thought for your dad! Love, Silke

  2. Silke, Ha! Ha! I am so glad you can appreciate my silliness. ^_^ And thanks for the nice words about my necklace and my fingerless gloves. I'm already on to some more!! :-)... On a serious note, your good thoughts for my dad mean a lot to me.

  3. All my best to your dad and hope he recovers very quickly from his surgery.
    Hats off again to your poem. Very good, as always.Glad you found a substitute ;)
    Hope the ice and snow go soon...still it's prettier than this grey miserable weather we have at the moment.

  4., Thank you for the nice words. A bit of sad and a bit of good, right?! :-] And then there's ALWAYS snow!!! ...Have a good day! Wish I could send you some snow! ^_^

  5. yikes! sorry you're still dealing with the snow & ice up there! Ours has melted.. and it's already 70 degrees outside. Just think, summer will be here soon, and we'll all be complaining about the heat and dreaming of winter! :] I hope you have a lovely week & also that your father's surgery goes well.

  6. Hollie, Ooooo! You've got 70 degrees!! PLEASE send some of that our way, will ya!!...And I assure you, with the winter we have had, I will NOT be dreaming of winter any time soon!!...I might be complaining about summer...but I won't be dreaming of winter!!! LOL...Thanks about my father, and you have a good week too! :-)

  7. Deb cute fingerless gloves. Your poem was very funny today, I'm still laughing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, *Teehee*...I love that you guys get my humor!! Thank you! :-) And thanks about the gloves too. And the customer loves the too! YAY!

  9. I love your poem. It certainly made me laugh & smile =)

  10. Jo-anne, I'm so glad!!... *Giggling!*

  11. By the sounds of that poem, I'd say you are in love!! LOL Glad you found something you love. I love the gloves! So pretty! Glad your Dad is doing better and I hope his surgery goes well. I know you've had a fabulous day and I hope tomorrow is as good!

  12. CinLynn, Yes I am!! LOL Thanks so much about the gloves too. The customer likes them too! Now I just have to list them tomorrow...I'll keep you up on dad's surgery. He seems to be more at ease about it these days...and I'm glad.

    Feel better my friend. I'll say a prayer for you.

  13. Those clothes are so pretty i love the new edge you put on them they are so floaty and romantic looking she will love them im sure. More snow o poor you i keep my fingers crossed it doesnt arrive. Glad you sorted the deordant problem out to ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  14. Thanks delia! And unfortunately I'm afraid we are getting the snow. We already got some flurries. But I don't think it's going to be much accumulation. So that's good...You have a good week too! :-)


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