Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wuglyees In The Boudoir?!.....Really?!

      This beautiful VICTORIAN BLUE vegan suede journal, from moxy, is one of the items in a nice Etsy Treasury curated by pikespeakpillowco. Isn't it just beautiful! I can almost see all of my poems in a story. 
      The Treasury it's in is entitled For Your Boudoir.
     But she didn't put my poems in her "Boudoir" Treasury. She put my Wuglyee Remnant Flower Slippers in there! :-)
      Frankly, I didn't think my slippers deserved such a fancy place. Or at least that's what I thought when I saw the name of the Treasury. Whenever I see the word "Boudoir" I think of a room, next to a bedroom bathroom, with a vanity table and mirror, a cushioned footstool, pretty bottles of perfume all lined up in front of the mirror, and a pair of high heeled slippers with feathery puffs on top of the instep! And nowhere in that scenario do I see my 'Knock-Around' clompy flower slippers!! ^_^
     But Hey! She saw them who am I to argue! :-) The scenario I just painted about that fancy rich person's boudoir does fit some of the other things she chose for her Treasury though! Like this Personalized Letter Sign, with the word DREAM, hanging on 5 wood knobs, painted black, by NelsonsGifts.
       It would look beautiful on a wall in a boudoir!.......Or this Very Old Beautiful Floral Demitasse Cup by vintagebella.
       I could see me sitting there powdering my face with an enormously large  powder puff, and sipping on some mint chocolate julip tea, with just the slightest bit of cream in it. :-)
      I could also see this Maltese Glass Paperweight by 1001vintage...
       ...sitting in the boudoir too! Maybe right on the edge of the vanity, holding down a couple of my unfinished poems.
       And since you know how much I love a flower...there would have to be some flowers in there! And flowers on a pillow, like this Felt Pillow with Crocheted Flowers by ekofabrik....
        ....would be PERFECT!...You have to see the other pillows in this shop too...just saying!
     As a matter of fact, the curator of this treasury, pikespeakpillowco, also has some gorgeous pillows in her shop too! Look at these two...
       ...a Brown, Black and White Wool Blend Plaid Throw Pillow...So cute!
      And a Green Pleather Throw Pillow that could be as much fun to decorate with, as it is cute!
      So, maybe I don't see my slippers in a boudoir, but I can sure see ME in there!! :-) I don't have the money, but I sure have "boudoir attitude!" ^_^
     Thanks to pikespeakpillowco for including me yesterday!...And thanks to all of you for your wonderful support yesterday too! You pumped me up with your words, and your actions {voting for me in the DIY Fashion Award at Thanks to you all, I'm now in 3rd place!...Still a long way from winning, but I see your support and I thank you! :-)}
     As a note of unfinished business, yesterday I named the winner of my Giveaway. Well, guess what?...She's the same winner from last time!! In her own words, this is partially what she said:
     "I can't believe my name was chosen again!...I love the amazing afghan I won last month and it gets put to use every single night...with a puppy snuggled in. Because of Cindy's generosity, I was able to receive such a warm, beautiful gift. So, Cindy has inspired me to pass it on. I hope that someone else can enjoy your wonderful give away blanket as much as my family does..."
      She was speaking about Cindy of CinLynn Boutique, who won the Giveaway two times in a row, and the 2nd time passed it on to someone else....So Cindy, you inspired her to pass the gift afghan on to the next person....who is....Elle The Heiress!
     Congratulations Elle!! Please contact me with your address so I can send my "baby" off to you! :-) 
     Okay, that's it for today!....And don't worry, there won't be a poem about the boudoir below!! But there will be some living words of thanks! ^_^ 

Living Are The Words

All Poets through the ages,
from Poe to Maya Angelou,
have known the power of a word
and what the written word can do.

Words, alone, or in a sentence,
camouflaged or on their face,
are living breathing things,
occupying time and space.

Left within the mind
no one can hear them swear and curse.
When you release them by your speech,
their jab can go from bad to worse.

A complement is like the carving
of a golden apple's peel.
Falling gently on the hearer,
making shiny words a meal.

Cutting words are like a dagger
seeking out the mind and heart.
of the innocent and sure.
Pulling confidence apart.

Living breathing, in and out,
causing havoc every day.
You could be their vehicle.
So, be careful what you say.

Let good words inhabit spaces,
(which inevitably they do.)
And in receiving minds and hearts?
Let them flourish in there too!


  1. You are soooo good at highlighting other people's work!! What a fun post this was - I don't know if I can see myself in a boudoir - but I'd be willing to give it a try!! Love your slippers and I think they fit very nicely into this whole gorgeous treasury!! And congrats to the second lucky winner! And ... last but certainly not least ... I loved your poem!! Love, Silke

  2. Nice treasury....nice poem....nice person (Julie)! And thanks so much for mentioning me. I can't believe she did!!

  3. Congratulations for the feature! Lovely items in this one.
    I finally uploaded my new blog post! Phew! LOL

  4. Thanks Silke! One of these days I want to get some of your work in there too!...I'm glad you like my poem and slippers too. I need a pair on today. I'm just 'knocking-around'. :-] Have a good day painter/crocheter extraordinaire! :-)

  5. Mariann, Thank you!...Oooo! You got the blog post uploaded! YAY!! I'll be looking for it! :-)

  6. CinLynn, Thanks, as always, my friend! See! You inspire other people besides me! :-)

  7. Deb, I love that your poems speak to me in ways that you have no idea about. The words are always there at the right time to start my day. Love how you showcase other peoples work and how beautiful people can be. Julie and Cinlynn are so amazing giving a chance for someone else to be warmed in heart and body by your wonderful
    afghans. Congrats on moving to 3rd place hopefully we will see you in the 1st place spot.
    Hope you are having a Splendid day!!!!

  8. Hello!
    Congrats on being a 2011 DIY Fashion Award Finalist! Visited site and voted. I am so rooting for you Debbie!
    Thank you so much for featuring my treasury! I chose "boudoir" to describe a lady's private room filled with things that she thinks are beautiful. And there were a lot of beautiful things for me to choose from! I absolutely love your slippers! They reminded me of slippers my Mom used to make.
    Again, thanks for featuring my Pikes Peak Pillow Company throw pillows on your blog. You are so very kind. :)Terri

  9. SnowflakeDreams1, I'm so glad that you're able to find some encouragement in my poetry. That makes the writing of them even more special for me...And you're right about how beautiful people can be. And CinLynn and Julie are at the top of that list! :-)...And Yeah, I'm in 3rd place, but there's still not much of a chance of me winning!! Last I saw, it was like 2%, 5%, 9%, 31%, 41%. So, being in 3rd is still a whole world away from winning!! LOL But I'm grateful for the attention anyway...VERY grateful! They even gave me a button to display on the blog!! :-)

  10. Terri, Ahhhh! Thank you so much for the vote!!! Big smile over here!! :-) And thank you for featuring my "knock-around slippers" in such a special treasury! {And putting your pillows on the blog was my pleasure. They prettied up the place!! ;-)}

  11. Everything so pretty! I love the DREAM idea.
    And blue is always gorgeous!

  12. Priscila, Thanks! I agree with you too, about the hanging letters. It's a great idea, and the possibilities are endless!

  13. what a beautiful collection!
    congrats on being a finalist. I'm on my way to vote right now.

  14. ooops. I'm sorry Debbie, I misunderstood about the award.(voting ended feb 8th)
    In all honestly 3rd place is not too shabby!

  15. Elisa, Thank you!! Oooo! Another vote!! :-))

  16. Elisa, Noooo! The nominations ended Feb. 8th. The voting for the award ends March 8th!!! Look at the bottom of the paragraph.

  17. Beautiful items you have here and I think those slippers are fit for a queen! I enjoyed the poem as always!

  18. Anonymous2/16/2011

    Awesome poem! And congrats on being a finalist. You are too cool!

  19. Don't be so darn hard on yourself! Those slippers are certainly fit for a boudoir!

    Love today's poem, how true every word was!

  20. Kimberley, Okay Mommy!!! :-)) I like 'em! I just don't think of them as "being in the BIG TIME"!! ^_^ ... By the way, thank you for such nice words about my poem too!

  21. yaya, Thank you so much!!...Now if I can just find a queen with feet big enough to wear them I'll be set!! ^_^

  22. Michele, WOW! Thank you so much!! :-) And you're pretty cool yourself!

  23. The felt pillow with crocheted flowers is very cute!

  24. Alittlesprite, I agree! Of course, anything with a flower...I think is pretty cute! :-))


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