Friday, February 18, 2011

This is Orange.......This is......!

      Yep! It's orange! Well, it's Island Batik Orange Fabric by fabricfreak43 to be exact! She knows her colors!...Me, on the other hand, I'm a little wishy washy about calling colors by their names. But she and I were on the same page about something....This!
      My new Salmon Orange Fingerless Gloves...The yarn packaging kept saying that this color was orange. But when I looked at it, I saw Salmon...Okay, I could see how someone could call them orange...kinda! But to me...there definitely was some Salmon hues. {Pronounced "Sam-mon"...I'm from Georgia people! LOL}
     So I used both colors in my description...And then yesterday I got a "convo" from her on Etsy, telling me that she put my new fingerless gloves in her treasury. And what was the theme of the Treasury?! 
     Sultry Salmon!!
       Look at all those beautiful "SALMON" colored items!! :-) I guess my color-picker is not as 'Off' as I thought it was!!...By the way, there are some gorgeous items in this treasury too! Look at these Melon, Coral Gold Hoop Earrings, glass globes by adornyou.
     And yes! I did see that she called them 'Coral'. Is that Salmon....or coral?! ^_^ Maybe my color-picker isn't exactly working as it should after all!
      Well, anyway! No matter what color we call them, they're really pretty!!
   Now, I know some of you won't believe this...because even I would think this was 'made up' if I didn't know the truth! But yesterday, before I got this Treasury notice, I crocheted something out of some leftover yarn.
     It was leftover yarn from......these same fingerless gloves!! LOL I made a scarf!
      A simple Salmon Orange colored Scarf!! ^_^
      I was inspired to give it a little twist, and sew the ends together, by looking at a scarf Silke, from the blog Metamorphosis, made a few days ago.
       Do you believe that?! :-) After I finished it, I went online to check out my shop and there was the Treasury!! Funny how things like that happen!
     The truth is, it happens to me quite a bit, because...and you may not believe this either (but it's true)...I don't plan out my blogs...AT ALL! Most times things just come into my head in the morning; or I'm looking around Etsy or your blogs at night, and I get inspired to do something! 
     There have been times when so much was happening that I spared you by making it more than one day's post!!...Like today! :-)) I also got something else to talk to you about. Something from last night...But I'll 'spare you'!! I'll show it to you tomorrow!! ^_^
    In the meantime, 'Spare me' a little indulgence with my poem today. I wrote it this morning when I looked at one of the comments below from yesterday's post. You'll figure out pretty quick who it was!! LOL
    Have a good day everybody!! Make it Orange....with just a hint of Salmon! :-)

Facing 50 With Humour!

"Facing50", I just realized
you're a rhymer, just like me!
At your blog I'm always laughing.
Now I'll look for poetry!

As a 50 (something) lifer,
humour has to be a goal!
If you can't laugh at yourself
you just go gray and wait for old.

Blogging at your aging
gives your mind something to do.
But it's nice to have a partner
you can laugh at sometimes too!
(And, by the way,, I spelled humour with a "U" just for you!! LOL)


  1. Well, thank you so much for the mention!! I love that salmon color - it so soft and warm looking. You know, I totally admire the way you design all of your creations - you are so creative and so prolific!! Wonderful!!! Happy Friday! Love, Silke

  2. Cute poem! I'm sure she will be pleased! I love the salmon/coral color! Congrats on the treasury entry! It's really a beauty for sure! On my way to leave a comment too!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. Silke, I had to say where I got the idea to do it from, didn't I?!! :-) I've done hoodie type scarves with the 'little twist and sew' before. (I have a couple in the shop in fact.) But I never really think to do thin scarves that way! But when I saw your scarf and thought about how it can be looped around the neck a couple of times to make a cowl..I had to do it!! :-))...Have a happy Friday yourself...and go forth and inspire somebody else now too, like you did me! By the way, I got the hat pattern too! A knitting project may be in my immediate future too because of you! :-)

  4. CinLynn, Thanks, about the treasury and poem, Bead. I had started a poem with a lot of you bloggers in it. Then I realized how long it would have to be...I get a LOT of support from all of you! I decided against it. *Teehee* Have a good day and feel better my friend!!

  5. Salmon is so in style right now and I love it!!
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope it'll be warmer.

  6. Priscila, Is it in style?! I didn't know that!! :-) It's about time I was 'with the times' for a change!!!...Have a good weekend yourself! Think sun!! :-)

  7. Salmon is such a pretty colour. Love the poem and your scarf too. The pattern in it looks great!

  8. Jo-anne, It is a pretty color, isn't it! And I'm all out of it, yarn-wise I mean. I used the last of mine with this scarf. On to another color!! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about the poem too!...Have a good weekend!

  9. I'm not an orange girl but I LOVE the salmon! very pretty.

  10. Alittlesprite, Thanks! I do too!...But I like orange too. :-)

  11. PoetessWug I officially love you!

    'Oh Poetess Wug how I love thee,
    You make up great rhymes
    for little old me.
    I love your wit
    Your flair and more
    Your clever words I just adore.
    Wordsworth and Keats I now must shrug
    As none compares to Poetess Wug'

    Ardent admirer :)

  12. Facing50, Ha! Ha! WOW!!! I'm stomping with the big dogs now!! ^_^ And so are you!...Thank you for such nice words. Made me smile the BIG smile!!


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