Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Yes!...As Rich As I Can Be!!

                       (Knitting Robot 5x7 Print by leahmcr8)

      I won't bore you with the details...and I know you're thankful for that! LOL...but I've been having some really interesting conversations with friends lately. Conversations where I come away knowing that I'm leading a pretty rich life!
    It got me to thinking about all of the ways that I'm rich... And one of the big things I'm rich in, as of yesterday, is knitting time and purple suede yarn! :-) Yes, I said purple....The red slouch hat is GONE!  :-) I pulled it loose. It wasn't looking right to me, and....okay....it was just taking waaaaay too long to work on!! I couldn't take it any longer!! ^_^
    I knew something wasn't right! And then when I spoke with Silke {from the blog Metamorphosis} I realized what it was! My yarn that I was trying to make the hat with was too thin...So, a loose it came! 
    Now you'd think I would rack this up as my venture back into knitting that went awry....and just leave it alone! But Noooooo! I don't give up THAT easy! Instead I got out some different yarn. Some rich purple yarn...and started again!
     The piece of the red hat that I had finished was 4 loops of the pattern!! This piece with the purple is only one loop so far. Already it's as big as the red piece was!! I'm kinda excited to work on it today...Who said that?! LOL
     I guess I can say I'm looking forward to knitting today because of the fact that I'm rich in "time" today. I don't have anything pressing on my schedule....except eating and napping! ^_^ And "Oh Yeah!" I'm gonna do that today!!!
     Okay, before I go I wanted to show you the wall hanging of my poem that I forgot to show you the other day...
       I think I'm really going to try writing one of my poems in my own handwriting and see what it looks like framed....eventually. But not today. I've got some rich purple to sink my teeth in!! :-) What are you rich in today?!

I Am Rich

I am rich in loving friendships.
Rich in loyalty and love.
I am rich in deep emotions,
and in my love for God above.

I am rich in complications.
Rich in insight from my years.
Rich in belly folding laughter.
Rich in sympathetic tears.

I am rich as I can be,
in things not taken in a flash.
Not all abundance can be counted.
Rich is not always in cash.


  1. You have the right kind of "rich" for sure!! Great poem to get that thought across! I love the "rich" purple yarn! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see that hat! Makes me want to pick up my needles too! LOL

  2. CinLynn, Yeah! Pick up those needles!! Why should I be in this alone?! ^_^ I'm going to really work on the hat today. If it goes as fast as I think it will, I may finish it today. We'll see...And thanks for the nice words about the poem too. :-) You're rich too, I know!

  3. experiences - just got home for a road trip and i had fun!

  4. Oooo! How nice! Hope we hear about them! :-)

  5. LOVE Your poem and love that puple yarn!

  6. Thank you Kerri!!! :-]

  7. Cute robot!! Beautiful poem.

  8. Priscila, He's the perfect example of me today! I was determined to make some headway with this hat!....It's taking so much concentration!! And I can't see the end in sight!...{That may be because I keep stopping for refresher naps though! LOL}...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. :-)

  9. We are so richly blessed just to live in this wonderful country and I'm so glad for good health..I say a prayer of thanksgiving each morning for it..I know in my work day I will see so many who don't have it and no amount of money can buy it for them.

  10. yaya, I'm thankful for the measure of health I have too. I'm constantly aware that it could be so much worse than it is!! And once it's gone, there's not enough money in the world to buy it back! You're so right!!

  11. ;-))))) Im loving the purple yarn and i can the difference already between that and the red i would be like you if i wasn't happy i would unpick it and start again ;-)) Enjoy it dee x

  12. delia, It's the difference between night and day, with the thicker yarn! I'm actually enjoying knitting it...although it's still taking waaaay too much time and attention! I'm determined to finish it before I go back to my crocheting though. :-) Maybe I'll have this hat as one of the giveaways I do! :-]


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