Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quirky, Quirky, Quirky!!

    The caption says that "People are now more comfortable embracing quirkiness and individuality". Do you think that's true these days?! And do you think this room view fits that description...quirky, I mean?!
      I saw this picture in the new March edition of the Country Living magazine that I got day before yesterday.
      I didn't think it was quirky at all! I mean, it has beautiful butterfly prints, a beautiful lamp, and a vase full of pretty flowers. Where is the quirky part?! It just looks like a cute and comfortable reading space to me!...Does that make me quirky, that I don't see the quirkiness of it?! LOL
     Oh well...I've been called worse than quirky in my life! ^_^ In fact quirky may be a step up!!!....Quirky or not, I love it! And I love some other things in this month's magazine too! I just have to share!!
      You probably could guess that one of the first places I would turn in the magazine would be the section where the new recipes are! :-) I do love a new food recipe!!...But, while there were recipes for Macaroni and Gruyere (accent over the first "e") Cheese, Savannah Red Rice with Shrimp and Smoked Sausage, and Grits Fritters with Country Ham and Cheese, they weren't the first thing that caught my eye. It was this!
      Arugula and Baby Lettuce Salad with Soft-Boiled Eggs and Roasted Oyster Mushrooms!!!...WOW! My first drool-fest was over salad and eggs!! What does this say about me?! Maybe I really am quirky!! ^_^
      Anybody that really knows me...and has cooked for me...will tell you that I have "fowl issues"! I don't mean issues with "foul", as in foul language...although there is that! LOL I mean "fowl", as in chickens, turkey, birds....eating them! (mostly at only a certain time of the month! *wink! wink!*) So, for me to see this plate, with fowl eggs on it, and have a "Yippee!" type reaction is a big deal for me!!
     It just looks yummy for some reason! To me?! The girl with 'boiled egg, texture in the mouth, not good' issues?!!...Yes! it does! The reason may be because I love mushrooms, olive oil, vinegar, honey, and mustard. All of which are also in this recipe!! I think I'm going to try this one...I'll let you know if I was able to eat it! LOL If you don't hear anymore about it...don't ask! ^_^
      No worries though. Some good will come out of those eggs!! I could use them for this!
       For sprouting seeds in the shells!! Is that cool or what?! :-) It seems to make so much sense too! Whoever thought of it is a green thumb genius!!
       And being the "word-smith" that I am,...(I never called myself that before JUST NOW! LOL)...I love, love, love this idea!!
       Hand-written words in picture frames to hang on the wall!! What a great use of space!...Don't get me wrong, I did think about framing my poetry before, but I was thinking more about the frame than about the words. That's how my Fishing Life Poem in a Frame came about:
        I personally designed and crocheted the frame cover!...But I never thought about the words to my poems being in my own hand-writing, framed, and then hung on the wall....maybe in groupings!!...Again, kudos to the creative mind behind that idea!!...I wonder if it's a poet?!
      The only other thing that really caught my the recipe section again of course...was recipes involving beets!!
        Beets!!....Maybe I really am quirky! Or about to become a vegetarian...Or it's that time.....! I'm not going to say it out loud!!! Or write it out loud!!! LOL I'll stick with quirky. ^_^
      Now, I could end this post right here and not tell you about the other magazine I got,...but then I wouldn't be me!! :-) But don't worry, I'm not gonna go on and on,  page after page, about my Roaman's magazine. I'm just gonna show you the two outfits in it that had me thinking that maybe I really am quirky....or a real trend-loving type of girl, (in other words, REALLY quirky! LOL)...or I just love flowers waaaay too much!
         I'm not that crazy about the neck-line of this dress, but I just love the hem-line!! So pretty!
       And I know you think I'm liking this bathing suit, but no 'Honey'! I LOVE this hat!!! I wish I had that in my repertoire!! I am, after all, "The Hat Lady"!!! ^_^ You can see all of my hats if you click on THIS POST that I did a while back....This is a repeat of the poem from that post too!
     And have a good weekend everybody!! :-)

The Hat Lady

I have become 'The Hat Lady',
but that wasn't always the case.
I had tried for many years
to find a hat that fit my face.

But then, while searching for some shoes,
I saw my size hat in the store.
"I'm not a hat girl", I had said,
but I can't deny it anymore.

Now I have hats made of straw,
in colors, with beads and tied string on the trim;
with tassels and felt, like cowboys,
and lace and fur on the brim.

I have become 'The Hat Lady',
a silly description, I know.
Cowboys die with their boots on-
but with a hat, is not a bad way to go!       


  1. I definitely did not think that the room was 'quirky'. I do think that quirky is now a good thing. I love the egg shell sprouts!! Super creative!!

  2. EvenAndy, I didn't either!....Hmmmm....Quirky as good. I'm going to have to adjust another thought process. :-))

  3. Not quirky at all! Those butterfly prints are awesome!! But I did learn something new about you! You have a fowl fetish! Ha ha ha!!! I love fowl and eggs!! Here is a way that we are NOT alike!
    Love the hemline on that dress too! As you said, I don't care for the neckline either.
    I LOVE the hat and I think you should have it!! DID YOU HEAR THAT JEFF?????????

  4. Adorable post - it made me smile this am!!! Love the prints of the butterflies!! I also like the idea of the framed hand written words placing them around the house! You could do that with your poetry!! :)

  5. I seen no quirkiness in that room either! What is quirkiness anyway? Everything is in the eye of the beholder.

  6. CinLynn, That you for the vote of NOT quirkiness! LOL Since when did pretty, colorful, butterflies get to be quirky anyway?!...And yes, I have a fowl issue. It started about the same time the "change" started. But it doesn't really bother me unless my hormones are acting up! Then, I can't take the look of them, the smell of them, the texture, or nothing! And that includes their unborn, shelled, offspring! ^_^

    Jeff says: "ah, no!!!!!"

  7. Craftgal, Thank you Nat! Are you smiling at MY quirkiness, or that you're quirky too?! ^_^ ... And you're right. I'm already thinking about my poems, hand-written, in frames!! :-)

  8. Kimberley, You're so right about the eye of the beholder thing!! And we're not "beholding" no quirkiness in that cute little butterfly nook!! :-]

  9. I do like the crochet around the frame ---that could catch on you know!!!!
    jeanie x

  10. Hello Miss Quirky! :P You know I had to look from a dictionary what it meant! Haha Anyyywayyys I'm sorry i haven't been around lately. So much work to do! :S Am designing a new brochure for hubby's company and trying to manage all my businesses too.
    I love the eggs and plants idea!! It's genial! :D And that hat looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. mythreebeez, It hasn't caught on so far!! LOL Although maybe that's because I haven't marketed it that strongly though. I'll have to work on that!!...Thanks! :-)

  12. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Leave it to you to 'Call Me Out'!! ^_^ And dictionaries, aren't they wonderful?!!...Hey! Sounds like your businesses must be doing good. That's good, right?! Sometimes 'Busy' is a good thing! :-) So, I guess I can say: "Keep up the good work!" :-]

  13. I love the room with the butterfly prints.
    The salad looks nice except for the mushrooms!
    Do they mean beets as in Beetroot? cause its one of my favourite salad vegies. I like it grated raw. mmmmm

  14. Alittlesprite, Yes, beetroot. They're delicious! And mushrooms are too. But I can see how they could be an acquired taste...sorta like Vegemite!! LOL

  15. Everyone should eat vegemite! LOL!

  16. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! If you say so!!! ^_^

  17. HAHAHA- I am laughing at both of our quirkiness!! I am looking at the walls now and taking inventory of what I have on them....I do have one sign that says slimpify...I love that little sign. I did finally hang up one of my photos on the living's of tulips. Off to read your other post from today!! :)

  18. Craftgal, Your simply sign sounds like my napping sign. (When you read today's post you'll see it) And Ooooo! Tulips! What color?! Sounds pretty! :-)


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