Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm A 'Soft and Dri' Girl!

    I know you're probably wondering: "What in the world is she talking about now?!!" ^_^  Well it's all about a conversation hubby and I had yesterday about what kind of "People" we were! I'll tell you about it in a minute, but first I want to show you the fingerless glove I finished yesterday!!
       I made it very small, petite.
     The wrist and forearm section are only about 6 or 7 inches (15.2 to 17.8cm) around, with a bit of stretchiness beyond that. I don't know if anyone will ever buy them, but I started them more for experimenting purposes, to see how the doily pieces would look on them. So I'll just have to wait and see if there's any tiny armed buyers out there. ;-]
     The doily circles though, will not be finding a home on these gloves! No matter how I looked at them, they were just exuding "TACKY"! LOL 
     I tried one of the doilies near the cuff.....Nahhhhh!
        I tried it a little further down.....
       Nahhhhhhh! It just looked like a big out-of-place pinwheel circle, waving at people! LOL
       I found some other, smaller, more colorful crocheted circles in the little cup she gave me too. I hadn't noticed them in there before...So I tried them, to see if 'smaller would be better'.
       The smaller ones were cuter, but.....Nahhhhhhh! Not on THESE gloves. The color is all wrong for these. Maybe yellow gloves, or blue even! I'll have to look into that later.
       So, back to the drawing board for this flower doily circle idea.
         I'm gonna just put some buttons on the cuff of these gloves...and call it a day! :-) {I still have to finish the other one first though....don't want to leave it before the project is done! Noooooo! LOL}
       Now, back to my story about what kind of "People" we are!...I was down to my last can of spray deodorant...and yes I said SPRAY CAN! I'm not a roll-on person. Well, I used to be a roll-on person...until I started stinking up the place every time I wore it! LOL I think it had something to do with my hormones changing on me in later years....Whatever!...I would smell like a pair of freshly washed linen sheets...for about an hour! And then....P-U!!! ^_^
     Well, hubby couldn't find my deodorant.....ANYWHERE! Not in the grocery store, the convenience stores, the dollar store, or anywhere!! Not even on one of his Mall walks...and you know how many nook and cranny stores are in the Mall!!
     So, he suggested I switch to another brand.....WHAT?! I'm not that kind of person! I have been a 'Soft 'N Dri', original scent, spray can girl for most of my life!! 
          {I used to be a roll-on 'Soft 'N' Dri' girl...before the stink-fest began! LOL}
      He didn't think it was that big of a deal, considering the fact that he wears whatever hits his fancy at the time, and whatever comes within the price range he's willing to spend that day! {If he ever died and I had to go and identify his body....Sorry. Leftover thought from talk about the murder mystery yesterday *Shiver*...let's just say, I wouldn't be able to identify him by smell! LOL} 
      This started a conversation about which deodorants I've used and why I ended up stuck on 'Soft 'N Dri', original scent...In a nutshell, here it is, 'Mum' {the inexpensive cream deodorant that came in a small red and white jar} was too messy; Some of the roll-ons just didn't work; Others, I was allergic to the flowery smell...traitors, considering how much I love a flower! LOL...Some gave me big knotty bumps under my arm after using them; and some were just too expensive and too hard to find.
    Once I found my beautifully smelling, original scent, long-lasting, not too expensive, non-allergenic  to me, 'Soft 'N'Dri' I was hooked....for YEARS now! I reveled in the clean smell, and the complements from friends about how GOOD I smelled all the time! {Partly because of 'Soft 'N' Dri' and partly because of my White Linen perfume by Estee' Lauder.....but I digress! LOL}...And now this!!! I can't find it anywhere! What am I going to do?!!
     For days now I have been wearing my husband's latest find, 'Degree' deodorant FOR MEN. {I don't know why they feel the need to put FOR MEN on a stick of deodorant anyway! Women have armpits just like MEN! How does the deodorant know the difference?!....And as I was using his deodorant, it dawned on me that these companies must think that all women have narrow, paper thin armpits...whereas men have wide thick armpits, because his roll-on stick is so wide compared to the female versions!...That's a subject for another day though. LOL} I think the underarm intrusion is getting to me! LOL
     I can't be the only person that has been using the same deodorant from childhood. Can I?!...My dad is a 'Right Guard' man. For as long as I can remember, he always has been!...I found out the other day that Oprah is an 'Arid Extra Dry' girl. I mean, with all of the money in the world, and the ability to MAKE and SELL her own deodorant if she wanted to, she's apparently still using the same deodorant she used as a child!! :-]
     Hubby can laugh if he wants, but I'll be Googling 'Soft 'N Dri' today to see if the company has gone out of my rope sausage company did! ;'_';...and if they haven't, no matter where I have to ship it from, I'M GOING TO GET ME SOME 'SOFT 'N DRI'!!! ^_^ That's the kind of person I am!!! ^_^

Quick Ditty About "Change"

No! I don't do "change" well.
I like things just the way they are.
That's why I wear a man's deodorant
and drive an old  beat-up car!

My clothes are classic, retro style;
I still shave. Will not use NAIR.
Until my hair falls out...
then I'll be off to buy some hair! 

The above image, entitled You Stink, is from a wonderful Etsy shop called  dangerpeach. Thank you to them! Please go by and check out all of their vintage inspired creations, with a modern day urban twist.


  1. We have 'Soft and Dry' here in the UK - is that the same stuff?
    'We can't have you smelling or wondering why?
    You cannot find your 'Soft and Dri'
    If we have it here in the shops where I go,
    I'll purchase the lot and then let you know!'
    No, I'll leave the poetry to you. Yours are much better :)

  2., Ha! ha! I loved the poem!!! It very well may be the same. They always spell things a little different in some places...unless I'm spelling it different!!! LOL It's been so long since I've seen my deodorant that it's highly possible! ^_^

  3. Your crocheting skills AMAZE me!
    And...I have changed SO many times my deoderant...I just go with the smells...and like trying new.
    Have a great week.

  4. We Blog Artists, Awww! Thank you!!! How nice!....Ah! So you and my hubby have something in common. :-)) Have a great weekend yourself too...with your smelling good self!! ^_^

  5. i had to laugh!! i'm a dove girl with the smoothness factor. love that stuff and it doesn't make me break out either.

  6. Char, Uh huh! I've had problems with Dove soap in the past, so I never even considered the deodorant...But I'm glad it's working for you! Go smoothness!! :-)

  7. Nice fingerless gloves and I love the color you used.

  8. Thank you Priscila!! :-)

  9. I've always switched around too. First I was Teen Spirit, then Secret, Suave (for a long while), Dove, and now I am AVON! lol Cool Confidence Baby Powder to be exact! It is a roll-on, but it keeps me dry and it smells good.

    There are stronger ones that helps balance/eliminate sweat. Oh and they have a liquid deodorant too. My friend has sensitive skin and that is the only one she can use. Hopefully you can find your Soft 'n' Dri. I'm sure it's somewhere in Holyoke ;-) Keep hope alive lol!

  10. Denise, Ha! Ha! Ha! The 'Keep Hope Alive' comment had me cracking up!!!...And I think I did find it! Or at least I found it Walmart, of all places. :-) I'll have hubby making a run later today. I'll be sweating until he gets back, but only a 'Degree'! ^_^ {By the way, thanks for the suggestion of what you use too...just in case!}

  11. I have gone from one to the other over the years. I'm now on Secret Invisible solid! I love that one! Otherwise I tend to feel "sticky" throughout the day and other deodorants leave white spots on my clothes! I hate that!
    I love the color of your new gloves my friend! Can't wait to see some more of them! :)

  12. CinLynn, WOW! You're a "switcher" too?! I'm surprised! LOL And I don't think I've ever even seen Secret Invisible solid. I'll have to check that one out too....if....! I know I can't use the regular 'Secret'...By the way, the fingerless gloves are all done. I'll show them to you tomorrow. :-)

  13. We have soft and dry here post a picture of it and if its the same i will post some to you if you would like that. I have used the same roll on for years to well the same make i should have said ;-)) dee x

  14. delia, The one I use is in the photo above. The original scent one though...I think I may have found it. I found it online in a store near here, so we'll see if they actually have it in the store! Thank you so much for being able to help me out though. So nice! :-)

  15. Anonymous9/05/2011

    Have you had any luck with finding it? I'm a devoted user and noticed the supply dwindling about a year ago, so I bought every can I could find. Well, then about 2 months ago I saw a freshly stocked supply of Soft N Dri at Walmart with a sign that said "IT'S BACK!" so I only grabbed a couple of cans, assuming production would the normal and the world would be right once again.

    Well, I guess I was wrong...I'm once again noticing that Soft N Dri is becoming scarce. I'm going to hope and pray that the can that I saw at Happy Harry's a couple of weeks ago is still there. Good luck in your hunt!

  16. Anonymous, Yes...I just bought the last 4 cans from a local pharmacy...just in case! LOL At least I'll be 'soft 'N Dri' for another month at least!! ^_^


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