Sunday, February 20, 2011

Okay, So It's Not Handwriting That's On My Wall!

      Any of you who read my post yesterday, the post I did about quirky things, saw the framed pictures with the handwriting in them. I was talking about how cool that idea was. Well, first thing this morning I was up and looking at my walls! I was looking at what kinds of things I have on them see if hand-written poetry in frames would work in my house.
    I'm going to share with you what things are on my walls now, and you can let me know if you think the framed hand-written poetry will fit in.
     The header photo is a glimpse of one of the oil paintings that's on my wall. This one...
     ...It was one of the first pieces of REAL art that hubby and I ever bought. We loved the colors of the sunset in the back, and the mountains. At the time we bought it we were longing for a quiet place to live...solitude. We wanted to move to wherever this was!
        This was the 2nd one we bought...
       ...It was called a "Tondo", because of the way the painting is in a circle in the middle of the a tunnel. {The 'tunnel' wording is how I think of it!}
      As the years have gone by, I have become the art connoisseur in our family. And as I initially started to buy art, I never paid much attention to the name of the person who painted it. I just liked what I liked!.
      But today it's a different story! Although I'm still not a serious artist collector, I do pay more attention to what and why I buy art....or wall hangings. They all have a story or a personal meaning to me...For instance, some of you may remember me talking about my 'baby girl'. The daughter of my friend that was almost like my own daughter. I talked about her in an earlier post, HERE. Well, when she was, I think, 14 she painted this!!
       Isn't it pretty?! I have proudly hung it in my home every since then. She's a wife and mother now, and I don't think she painted anything else since then!! She only painted 2 paintings. Her mom has the original. And I have the only other one she did!! It has very sentimental meaning to me....besides a NICE view of snow! :-]
      Speaking of snow, look at this painting. This one has a story too. It was painted by a girlfriend of mine many years ago. A local painter did some free classes to teach a group of friends how to paint. He was VERY good!! This was one of the paintings she painted during one of his outdoor classes.
      It has a lot of meaning to me because the place where it was painted was a local area where hubby and I used to live.  An area where brides would have their banquets and get their wedding pictures taken, in Connecticut. This wooded area is across the street from that famous restaurant.
     The painting has even more meaning to me though, because of how I got it! She wanted me to crochet her two sweaters. I did. She traded me the sweaters for this painting. I wasn't expecting to get it all framed and everything, but she found the frame at a flea market or something, and she cleaned it, painted the thin blue line in the crease of it all the way around, and then gave it to me!! :-) I've had it every since....and she is no longer painting!
      A friend of ours worked at the movie theater in Connecticut. All along the walls they would display art for sale. Whenever we went to the movies we would go early so we could wander around and look at what new art was available...but we never bought any from there.
     Then, on our anniversary one year, he gave us this...
       We loved it!! The detail in it is amazing! From the little chair the kitty is sitting in, down to the detail in the carpet underneath him!...By the way, the carpet in the movie theater looked JUST LIKE THIS!!! :-))
      As you can see, my art possessions, while probably not very financially valuable, are almost priceless emotionally.
    And not everything on my walls is all that serious either. I have this on a bedroom wall...
     It was an anniversary gift on our 20th anniversary!! They gave us butterflies and sunshine! :-)
     This is on that same wall in my bedroom...
      ....considering my proclivity for napping, this one is pretty self explanatory! LOL
      I thought I'd share this too. It's not actually hanging up...although it could. 
     Another girlfriend of mine went out to California. She went on a tour at the San Diego Zoo. She saw these two tigers and said she thought of me and my hubby! LOL So she bought a post card of them and sent it to me. :-)
      I bought a frame, put the post card in it, and have had it on my dresser every since!! It makes me happy to know that her sweet words are also preserved under the glass, along with the smile I get every time I look at it!...It "IS" me and hubby too! Two fat cats! ^_^ I'm the one in the back...napping! :-]
     This wall hanging has a story too...The husband of a woman I was studying the Bible with was enthralled with doing puzzles, the ones with thousands of pieces. He had piles of puzzles he had finished and then glued to cardboard just sitting in his basement. After the puzzle was done he didn't care what happened to them!
     His wife said they 'had to go!' She was going to throw them all away...and he was fine with it! But when I saw them, I said to him: 'What a waste!' He said: "You want 'em?"...I did want some of them, but I didn't have anywhere to put them either! So, I took one. This one...
      ...and I framed it!
      Those desert rocks and blue sky have been hanging in my house now, for years. I think of him every time I look at it.
     I have one more wall hanging to share with you. And it is at the top of my list of favorites!
       This one hangs in my bathroom. 
    I could talk about it all day!! It was actually a poster I bought and framed. This is what I'm waiting to see the earth look like soon!
       Ducks and bunnies dwelling together....
     ....Children working to keep the planet clean, not littering and putting graffiti everywhere...
     ....Young ones, no matter where they live in the world, not having to be afraid of... anything!
      And life as simply ENJOYABLE!!! :-] ... Okay, making not everybody riding giraffes and ostriches, but you get my drift!! LOL
     So, what do you think?! Do my framed hand-written poetic words fit in with this menagerie?! :-)

Artist's ROCK!

Their eyes see what their heart sees,
and in colors on canvas or in yarn.
You can see it in their photographs of foliage,
or the red and brown that's painted on a barn.

Their heart says: "This bead color's perfect!"
Then you see the artist's work on jewelry stands.
They recycle, mix the media and show you,
and collect a lot of now adoring fans!

Whatever medium they work in,
Whether working with their hands or just their eyes,
you can be sure they'll get some ogglers and lookers,
who, like me, will give them "Ahhhs" and "Ooooos" and sighs.


  1. Well, I must say that handwritten poems won't fit in with these! You have some beautiful artwork! I especially LOVE the tiger and the cat (of course)! It's awesome! I love the postcard too! So beautiful! AND I love the last one! Looks like it belongs in one of our publications! LOL Can't wait for the earth to be so beautiful and serene!
    The poem fits in so well! Yes there ARE many kinds of artists out there...all who have many wonderful pieces of artwork to share with the world! One day we'll all be artists!!!

  2. CinLynn, I think you're right...I think I'd have to have a more romantically Victorian house or something in order to show off that can of wall hanging, the hand-written poetry I mean...And funny thing about the last picture. That poster. It was from a company whose family are Jehovah's Witnesses! :-) Explains everything, doesn't it?!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. I think it helps to appreciate art, artists, and the world we live in!! And I can see, you do too!

  3. I haven't time to read this properly as I'm supposed to be cooking but I wrote a comment under your super poem to me and your 'orange' post (Love orange) I'll be back later to comment on this one though :)

  4. Facing50, Go cook!! No problem. I'll check back later...I'm off to see your poem comment though. :-)

  5. Anonymous2/20/2011

    I have got to say that I LOVE.. L O V E ..the poem. Yes, I do!

  6. Michele, Thank you! :-) That could be because you're a ROCKIN' Artist yourself! ^_^

  7. You know, despite not being the 'serious' art, I really like your butterfly and sunshine!!! And a great poem too... :-)

  8. Creating Trouble, Thank you! I do too!! It's up there smiling at me every matter how much snow is trying to bury us outside! LOL...And thanks about the poem too! :-)

  9. I'm not an artist but I do enjoy the talents of others..I think that's the way the Lord intended...those with talent share and those with appreciation buy! And those lucky enough to read your poems, just plain enjoy!

  10. I think that you could have hand written poems in your home, you just need to find a little niche for them to go in! We have a crazy downstairs loo full of motor racing stuff (male visitors stay in there for so long it is funny) and this is where we can cram all sorts of stuff eg caps, pictures, tickets stubs etc that we wouldn't put in the lounge, dining room etc. So perhaps you can find that little place for some poetry in your home too?

  11. Cooked, slept, up again and here I am at last.
    I wanted to take time to enjoy this post as I'm
    also an art fan and have a varied collection (some of the pieces my son painted and are very good, very Jackson Pollock)I've painted a couple and Hubby has framed those even though I don't think they are brilliant. I must stop waffling - what I'm saying is that art is personal. You should definitely put up what pleases you and some of yours are wonderful. I love the stories behind them too. The snowy picture is fabulous and the springy deer so sweet. Your art collection is an extension of who you are and your hand written poems will fit in somewhere I'm sure.
    'Art is not just for collecting men
    who write cheques out with Dupont pen.
    Each painting is a gift you see,
    treasured by folk like you and me.
    So while some art sells for huge vast sums
    Some is priceless and displayed by mums'
    Hee hee this probably took me longer than it took Shakespeare to write his Sonnets :)

  12. yaya, Ahhhhhh! How nice of you to say that. But I think we all have a bit of art in us in some respect!...You too! :-) I know what you do for a living! That truly takes a good artistic hand to accomplish at times. I know. I was in that field before too! :-) Even your words to patients and their family have to be artistically said on occasion! And those with it!! :-))

  13. Rumtruffle, Too funny about the racing stuff!!! Ha! Ha!...And I do have one of my poems hanging up. I forgot to show that one. It's framed and everything, but it's not in my hand-writing. I think the personal hand-writing looks a bit more Victorian inspired or something. Reminds me of Jane Austen. I don't know if that look is ready for my walls yet. But I love it on paper. :-)

  14. Facing50, Once again the poem is fabulous!! :-] And I think you're right. Art is personal. And almost anything can be art, depending on the "beholder" or creator! I think people who actually have an eye for painting...abstract, modern, or whatever...are amazing! As are artistic people who do bead work, fiber items, sculptures, paper machete, etc...I think anything you've put your heart into can be appreciated by someone. Even poetry! And I thoroughly appreciate yours!! ^_^

  15. Love this post! :D Thanks for sharing your artwork with us, I was very interested. Love it all, especially all the tiger art of course ;) Maybe I'm being selfish but someday maybe I could make you a custom order of some of my animal (or nature) pics and put your poem beautifully next to it. I'm just thinking out loud here because most of your art is from animals or nature. That way it would fit in nicely :)

  16. Mariann, Oooooo! That sounds so nice!!! :-) I'm definitely gonna keep that in mind!!!


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