Sunday, February 27, 2011

From A Slouch To A Slug!

      Oh! I had such big plans yesterday!! I finished my knitted Slouch hat on Friday, and for my Saturday it was gonna be me and the taxes....a date for the day!!...But, as depicted by this fabulous Take It Easy Drawing by animalgam, what actually happened was that I ended up acting like a slug yesterday.
     What is a slug, you ask?!...I found two definitions online. (1.) A slimy mass of aggregated amoeboid cells from which the sporophore of a cellular slime mold develops...and (2.) an idle slothful person.
      And what is a sloth?! ^_^ Any of various slow-moving, arboreal, edentate mammals of the family Bradypodidae of South and Central America, having long hooklike claws by which they hang upside down from tree branches and feeding on leaves, buds, and fruits.
       Okay, my toenails aren't THAT long...yet! But if I stay in this state of inactivity it won't be long!! LOL Oh Yeah, I was definitely 'Slothful'!!...The point is...I got nothing productive done yesterday!! Me nor hubby!...So, what did we do?!
     This print of an original mini painting by graysparrow tells the whole story...After a large breakfast of cheesy grits, sausage, a western omelet, toast and coffee, the day became a big blur of naps, reruns, and old black and white movies! It started with the rerun of "Parenthood" (the new NBC T.V. show depicting the way parents of all ages are parenting these days). {Have any of you watched this show?! I find it almost scary how many real life situations are depicted in this show! Real life situations that I've seen myself, in my real life!!}
    Then the day moved on to Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night...
      ...Humphrey Bogart and The Maltese Falcon...
        ...just because I didn't remember what it was about...and it was on. LOL...
     ...And last, "Fanny" with Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, and Charles Boyer.
      ....and then it was time to get my 'fannie'...(the U.S. definiton, which is my 'Rear End')...up, and start planning what I was going to do for today.....because yesterday was G-O-N-E!!! ^_^ 
      And yes, once again, I've got big plans!! NOT the taxes today though. Now that has to wait until later in the week. I've got a meeting today. And I have some things I need to list in my Etsy shop. These 4 beauties.
     They've been made for a long time and I've just been dragging my feet about getting them listed. is the day!!!!.....Hopefully. :-/ *Note to self: DO NOT TURN THE T.V. ON!!!* ^_^


It was weekend Folderol;
Lollygagging, having fun; 
It made working up to Friday
worth the paperwork you'd done.

Your job, all week, came first,
but now it's time for a little jaunt;
or to lay around the house
and just do nothing, if you want!

Weekend with some friends,
or simply finding things to do;
Because Monday will be back
and you'll need something to look forward to!    


  1. Cute poem and so true too! Sounds like you really did have a slothful day! We kept busy for part of the day after service. Home Depot in a nearby town was going out of business. Had fun there. Then off to Sam's club. I got feta cheese, ground beef, calcium tablets and coffee. Nothing more, nothing less....just what I went for! Hope today is a bit more productive for you. The meeting should give you a perking up. Ours is at 1 and it's hard for me to concentrate. I always want to doze off. It's nap time at that time! Going to take a huge adjustment for me.

  2. We had one of those days here too! lol I cannot wait for the weather to improve so I will actually enjoy being outside! :)

  3. Thanks Cindy, about the poem! :-) Looks like you're having a great weekend! We're just snowed and iced in and having all kinds of indoor fun, while you're having MORE fun in service and in Sam's!! LOL {By the way, I' proud of you, sticking to the list! ^_^}..About the meeting today, I'll say to you, be thankful you can get to yours!! Looks like the snow and freezing sleet...Yep! It's still coming down!...might get our meeting canceled!...And a little hint from 'The Napper of Massachusetts'...*Teehee*...take a nap before the meeting. I ALWAYS do!! If not, I'd be a noddy-headed mess!! ^_^

  4. Anonymous2/27/2011

    Just love it Deb and the poem too. Sometimes we need to just sit back and spend time with family and friends. Monday comes way too fast. You have plenty of time to get your taxes done. I would much rather be called a sloth instead of a slug. Slugs just sound way to gross. LOL Love and Hugs....

  5. Cathy, Sorry about your weather too...All I keep saying is THANKFULLY I have old movies and something to crochet!!!....and someone to share it with! :-)

  6. Peg, Ha! Ha! I call em' like I see 'em...especially when I'm tallking about myself! LOL Slug was appropriate yesterday. ^_^ Thanks for the nice words...And you're right. I've got plenty of time to do the long as I don't use that reasoning every weekend!! LOL

  7. i love movie days like that! hope you enjoyed.

  8. Sounds like you had a great, sluggish, slothful day! =)

  9. Char, I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I did!!! LOL

  10. Elle, I did!!....Oh yeah! I sure did! ^_^

  11. Weekends are for relaxing. Sounds like you had a most wonderful lazy day. Great poem! You still have plenty of time to work on those pesky taxes. Always a joy to view your fabulous blog!

  12. Julie, You're right! I don't feel bad at all about 'Slug Saturday'...anymore! :-) I had a much more productive day today. That's why! LOL Saturday is just a sweet blurred memory now. ^_^

  13. Maybe we're all getting our periods? This was EXACTLY how I felt today. Exactly. Except I didn't have cheesy grits :)

  14. I try to cram so much into Sat. because Sunday is a day of rest for me..but every once in a while, it's just the perfect time for movies and naps! Hope you had fun!

  15. Deb, It looks like your plans for the weekend did not turn out just like mine. My husband had traded a buddy of his some items (a 100 gallon fuel tank and pump ) for some iron and his buddy needed it today before he left for Idaho so we took a little trip to do the exchange and there went the whole day. Hope you can get back on track tomorrow. Your poem and flowers are wonderful just like always. Hope you enjoyed those movies.

  16. Sometimes it does you the world of good to have a nice, slow relaxing day. And if its a movie day its even better. I am sure that we all need more of them. It gives us time to recuperate so we can get onto the next lot of tasks we need to face.
    I watch Parenthood too. I really identify with Max's family. Having a child on the Autism spectrum sure makes life interesting!

  17. I think my weekend was as busy as my week was! I was GLAD it was Monday today! LOL!

  18. Holyoke Home, Ha! Ha! I'm glad to hear that I wasn't alone feeling like that!....Too bad I couldn't send you some grits though, neighbor. ^_^

  19. yaya, You're so right about trying to cram a lot into the Saturdays...and that was the plan! :-)) But somehow it went awry!!...Nicely! ^_^ And YES! It was fun...and relaxing. It energized me for Sunday!

  20. SowflakeDreams1, Awwww! Too bad! :-( I was here relaxing myself to death and you were driving, probably spending ridiculous amounts of time squirming and shifting in a car!...I hope at least the weather wasn't bad, and you had good scenery to look at. Did you turn the music up and "car dance"?! LOL That's what I call fun! Making the best of a bad situation...And yes, the next day got better...MUCH better! :-) Thanks for the nice words about my flowers and poem too!!

  21. Jo-anne, You're so right about needing to have "slug" days! I could tell on Sunday that it was just what I had needed, because I felt so good! I got so much done! and I was in such a good mood, even though it snowed, sleeted, and rained almost all day!....And isn't "Parenthood" good?!! I have 3 friends with children with Autism...all at different degrees. Max's family do so good showing the frustrations and the victories that come along the way. Even though I have friends dealing with their situations daily, I was able to learn some things from this show. It's made me more empathetic and patient. Sometimes T.V. is a GOOD thing! ^_^ {I've learned plenty, and shed some tears, over other parental relationships on that show too!!}

  22. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! Well, let's hope Monday balances things back out for you...I'm already off and running today! See what relaxing will do for you?! ^_^


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