Monday, February 28, 2011

I Don't Care What "THEY" Say!!

     I spent a little time on Twitter last night. I was sharing some things that caught my eye in other people's Etsy shops and talking about I do! ^_^ And then the 'stream' seemed to get a little nasty and mean-spirited once the "Oscars" started!
     I couldn't believe how judgmental people were! They talked about people's hair, their clothes, their relationships, their looks, etc... WOW! It immediately had me thinking about a poem. It took kidding...about 5 minutes to write! I almost couldn't write it down fast enough!! LOL {It's below, by the way}
     I think the reason all the not nice words struck me so bad was because I've been on the other end of people's judgmental words in my life. People who didn't know me. Didn't know what my challenges were. Didn't know what my past had been. Didn't know how much energy it was taking just to "APPEAR" normal!...Why don't people think about that kind of thing before they open their mouths in judgment toward someone?!  
     Anyway, these days I don't care what the THEYS of the world think about me. Really, I don't! That doesn't mean that I'm impatient with them, or that I say mean things right back at them...because I don't. Their opinion of me doesn't matter enough for me to do that! :-]
      It took me a while to get there, but now I wish more people could feel what it feels to be confident in who YOU are! Maybe then they wouldn't spend so much time trying to find out what other people think of them or what they're doing! What "THEY" think is the best color for Spring...What THEY think is the best handbag for the Summer...What THEY think is the best make-up, hair cut, length of dress, shoe, nail polish, jewelry, or WHATEVER it is they think that THEY know better than them!!
    Okay, rant over! ^_^ On to something nice! I want to show you what the un-opened gift was, the one in the header photo. It was one of the gifts I won just recently in the Giveaway on SnowflakeDreams1's blog!!!
     It's the cutest Thank You card! :-) 
    I already filled up the empty space inside with some nice words for my friend that did the meatloaf and cottage pie recipes for me! :-)
    There were some other gifts too!!
     Cute little silver heart-shaped measuring spoons!
     I never saw any like this before! So cute!...I even liked the cute little black and white gingham-type ribbon that was tied to the top of them! :-) 
     And then there was this little LOVE wall plaque!
     With ribbons and a flower...
     ...and a cute little bead dangle!
    But that wasn't all! There was also this...
      ...cute little clear beaded, double strand, necklace!
      It was hard for me to take pictures of it because it was clear.
     Thanks Velma!! I love everything!! :-)
    I got one more piece of mail too. A card from a dear friend. I won't tell you any details. I just want to show it to you and say....friends know JUST what to say, don't they?!
      God and True friends are the few of whom I care about what THEY think of me! ^_^ 

Be The Best You Can Be

I live my life every day,
trying to be the best I can,
so that I am not affected
by the degrading words of man.

If "I" know who I am,
then I don't care what others think;
I don't end up in some bar,
trying to hide my pain with drink.

Oh Yes! THEY have opinions
on what THEY think you should do,
on how you wear your hair,
where you should go, also with who!

I nod and give a grin,
respecting what they want to say;
but it's my own thoughts that count
at the end of the day.

It makes it so much easier
when I'm being the best I can;
Then I feel good about my choices;
I don't fear words from any man!


  1. This is going to sound weird coming from me but: AMEN!!! :D I hated school and everything about it because I was teased almost every day! And because of that my self-esteem was low and sometimes still is. I'm not completely over it yet but I know I will be some day, just like you. Great poem!
    You got some wonderful gifts but I especially love the last card, it's so simple and pretty! :)

  2. Mariann, Ha! Ha! What have I done to you?! ^_^ I like it!!...And yeah, the same thing happened to me as a kid. I remember spending so many lunch times alone because I was bullied. If it wasn't for my faith and my being able to journal my thoughts, I think I might be really in another 'head-space' now! That's one of the reasons I don't like to see people being so judgmental...without the credentials to back it up!!...Thanks so much for the nice words about the poem too. And that last card is pretty special to me too! :-]

  3. That poem should be on the front page of every tabloid newpaper, well said x

  4. Rumtruffle, Ohhhh! I don't know about that. I'd settle for putting it in the heads of judgmental know-it-alls!! LOL But I thank you for the thought, for sure! :-)

  5. Deb, so glad you liked all your winnings. Let me know when you receive your first magazines of the subscriptions. Love your poem. To bad people don't learn early in thier lives to not waste energy wondering what people think of them. The things that could get done to fix things here in our country if they just used that energy on that.

  6. Deb you are so right! I agree with you! And I second what your friend rumtruffle said! You go! :)

  7. SnowflakeDreams1, Yes I did! I had fun photographing everything last night too! :-) I'll definitely let you know when the magazines come...I'm glad you liked the poem too. You're right about people learning to have self esteem when they're young. I think it's a lesson people could do well practicing no matter where they live in the world!!

  8. Thanks Cathy!! Apparently I need to have you guys doing P.R. (Public Relations) for me!! ^_^

  9. i quit buying fashion magazines because i believe it is part of what has made society so harsh and judgemental. people believe people in magazines are perfect, never thinking much about all the work it takes to look that perfect. then judge everyday people about their looks, weight, social status....ugh. i just dislike it altogether. good for you that you turned it off.

  10. Char, Thanks so much. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to share fashion and trends...but as a choice for people, not as a judgmental 'high horse' to look down from! Hey! I sell crocheted necklaces...kinda trendy. But I wouldn't say that anyone that doesn't have one, or wouldn't wear one, is somehow inferior to everyone else. That's the feeling I was getting from the chatter on Twitter. That if certain people had their own sense of style, and it didn't go along with everyone else's, it was somehow wrong...and even more, "stupid looking". :-/ Easy to say when it's not your mother, cousin, sister, or friend that's wearing it!!!

  11. I feel like you and Mariann. I always had a bit of a chubby problem in grade school and was teased or ignored all the time! At that age, unfortunately, it DOES mean a lot as to how others see us. But as for Twitter...I don't go on there as much anymore. There's only a few people who are nice on there now. I love to tweet with those who are nice, but don't always time it right! LOL But I always love to tweet with you!
    Love the gifts! That thank you card is so cute! And the one you received is awesome!! Pretty much says it all, doesn't it.
    Your poem is so true!!! It's one we should read from time to time to remind us that what matters is what God thinks about us, and no one else! Bravo!

  12. CinLynn, I guess a lot of us have been on the wrong side of a bad comment! And you're right, when you're young everybody's opinion of you seems to matter more than your own. THANKFULLY we grow up! Hopefully we grow up and LEARN!!...The good thing for us older ones, is that once you get to 50 it appears that what other people think of you becomes the least thing you're concerned with!! LOL I guess getting older DOES have some advantages!! ^_^ ... As to Twitter, I enjoy tweeting with you too!!! We've been missing each other lately though. Life getting in the way. :-) But in a good way.

  13. I SO agree with what you said! Your poem is so perfect. personally, I don't have time or patience for people like that. I try to be the best ME I can be. If they don't like it, so be it. Their loss. I treat others the way I expect to be treated and always try to be courteous. And last, you lucky duck-those prizes are fabulous!

  14. trusk4u, EXACTLY!! Well said! It's always the best thing to just be the best YOU that you can be!...And thanks for the nice words about the poem and my gifts too! :-)

  15. I think the best part of growing older is feeling good in my own skin. I don't care what most people think of me..I need to think good of me. Good post! Congrats on the nice gift too!

  16. Wonderful poem! It seems judging people on a superficial level has become very popular these days. I truly wish this was not so. Rather than focusing on the negative or criticizing someone for being different, it would be nice if we could be more accepting and look for the positive. For me, what really matters is what is what is inside ... a persons soul and heart. Hopefully, with age and experience those mean-spirited commentators will take a deep look at themselves and realize their negative words do no good to anyone. So happy to read your have found your confidence and believe in who you truly are. It's not an easy process ... especially for woman. You are a bright shining example to us all!

  17. I have that heart-shaped measuring spoons! They're fun!

  18. I just love visiting your world here...and always leave feeling good and pondering about who,why...where...when.
    HUGS to you my dear.
    I love that necklace!

  19. yaya, I think you're absolutely right! Hey! Getting older has got to have something good about it!! ^_^ And feeling good in your own skin is a BIGGIE!!

  20. Julie, Awwww! You always say such nice things. :-] Yeah, my confidence has come through a long process of living and learning, and applying what I was living and learning! Considering the extremely shy, scared-of-my-shadow kid I was, I've "come a long way baby!" LOL I'm not perfect, but I strive to be the best me I can be every day, and to make my God happy with how I represent him. If he's happy, I'm happy! ^_^

  21. Priscila, You do?!! That's the first time I had ever seen them! I do think I'm going to have some fun with them!! ^_^

  22. We Blog Artists, Awwww! You gave me a smile! The 'who...why...where...when' comment reminded me that I learned something when I was in school about how writers and reporters need to answer those questions when they write a story...Nice being associated with "writers"! :-) It makes me happy too, that when you visit you go away feeling good. That's not my aim though. I usually just talk about whatever is on my mind at the time. And I'm just thankful to have a place to do it! :-)

  23. Your poem is absolutely true! More people need to focus on what they think & feel rather than what others think & feel about them.
    What lovely prizes you won too. Those heart shaped spoons look cute.

  24. Thanks Jo-anne! Yep! Why is it that people care more about what other people think of them anyway?! I'm kinda happy that I like who I am these days. It's a priceless feeling that everyone should have I think!...And yeah, I'm gonna have fun with these spoons! :-)


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